Sunday, November 6, 2011

5. Tomozei Maximilian

Tomozei Maximilian on Tomozei Maximilian: 

I'm Tomozei Maximilian
I was born in Transylvania in '86 and grew up in Bucharest.
I moved to France in 2002 where i studyed photography for a couple of years.
I currently live in Paris here i work as a computer graphics technician and also as a photographer.


My work is based on the distance between reality and perception of reality.
The photographic gesture captures a slight and precise moment; this first step allows me to record an event and his visual context.

I' m interested into changing that moment, modelling it until it earns a totally new meaning or the amplified initial one,
Therefore I create moods and surroundings that allow me to get close to one precise moment that I once lived or may not be able to.

It's a surreal alternative to field photography witch I rarely have the occasion to deliver myself to, mostly because of my everyday activities as a computer graphics technician; being stuck in front of the screen one must travel to his own imagination in order to express himself.

I tend to transform everyday pictures into mood containers.
Often typology gathered to form subjects surrounding the initial state of mind; therefore my work cannot have a linear chronological cycle, but rather a chaotic one.

I use a vignetting because I like thinking that the visual memory storage woks that way therefore it' s easier and much more suitable to tell a story focusing on the canter and then exploring the rest,
Analogue photography offers me enough grain to separate my work from hyper realistic photography and gives me a more pictorial approach; film photography also offers me patient habits and an equal amount of discipline and chaos. I often use out of focus effects, the dreamy mood witch we cannot see by ourselves.

I was born in Romania, and moved to France a while ago, I am trying to gather the two pictures together on the same canvas in order to always feel like home...

See more work by Tomozei Maximilian HERE

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