Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 10 Feb 27

So here is stuff i liked this week, Enjoy.

1.The Crisis of Credit Visualized

So here is a nicely visualized short film about the credit crisis.
Check it out Here

2. Buffalo Bill finaly made his suit

Tee project by Simon Berg. If wear it, you will had nothing on.
Check out more work from Simon Here

3. Whats up Ashton

Check out Ashton & Demi's iPhone qik account!
See what they where doing after the oscar's click Yes, Yes

4. N.A.S.A Music video

Nice little Music video from the Pitchfork hated Hip Hop collective N.A.S.A - The People Tree, feat. David Byrne, Chali 2Na, Z-Trip, Gift of Gab. Dir Syd Garon & Johannes Gamble.

Check out the video Here

5. Music Brainz

Want to sort out all the unidentified stuff you have stored on iTunes! this little software can do it for you. Check it out Here

6. Pretty awesome sleeping bag

Check out more work by Eiko Ishizawa, Click the poop back and forward for ever sign ))<>((

7. Silhouette master pieces

For for great Silhouette master pieces click Here

8. Inglourious Basterds

Here is the Movie that will kill the immortal director Quentin Tarantino and shove Brad pits Career down the drain.
Check out the trailer Here!

9. Tron Light bike game

Great game for the iphone, fun for hours, especially on wifi mode!
Check out more about Light Bike Here!

10. Ain't life grand

Nice illustations! check out more work here!