Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 10 Nov 21

Here is 10 little things to brighten your Monday morning.


Mr. J

1. Joe King

At an early age it was apparent King didn't fit in societies design. School was always an up hill battle, but was tolerated for the chance to participate in art classes or any other creative outlet they would provide. Native to southern California he grew up skating the streets of Long beach and it's surrounding cities.

After high school he was forced to join the working class, doing odd jobs at skate shops and anything that required manual labor. Bored, tired and broke the seedy underbelly of life's desires reared it's ugly head and anything but the right decision was made.

Sometimes hitting rock bottom is what it takes to discover what you live for, art and skateboarding became salvation. After only a few semesters at his local junior collage it became apparent that illustration and design was going to become his career.

Joe wishes he would have found the answer sooner but like in creating art, or what ever the media, it's the process which should be the most enjoyable. Since 2005 joe has been taking his work more serious, and working with iconic brands such as KR3W, Crooks N Castles and OBEY and even ran his own label for a few years. Outside his intricate illustration world he still finds time to hit the stunt wood and is preparing to become a new father, thats a whole new chapter.

See more work by Joe King HERE

2. Alexander Kent

Photographic agency We Folk’s latest signing Alexander Kent has some blinding stuff in his locker. Black lamp light, scanned dogs, sinking chairs and a whole heap more – all of which looks better than it sounds, so get your eyes round it.

See more work by Alexander Kent HERE

3. Charmaine Olivia

My name is Charmaine Olivia. I’m a full-time artist living and loving in San Francisco. I am inspired by skulls, glass bottles and messy hair. I dream every single night and I never get bored.

I work in a variety of media, my favorites are oil and ink. I am currently preparing for my solo show at “Shooting Gallery“, San Francisco in January 2012. My illustrations, photography and paintings have appeared in magazines throughout the world. You can find my prints and designs at Urban Outfitters, Volcom Stone, Element, Nylon Magazine, Eyes on Walls, Envelop, Threadless, Bolia, Society6—and I am very excited to announce my own online shop, you can visit it, here.

The best way to learn more about me and my work is to follow me through Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and of course Facebook- or you can contact me directly, here.

See more work by Charmaine HERE

4. Slavery Footprint

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER and Unit 9 London partner with Call + Response and the U.S. State Department to raise awareness about slavery today. The site, called "Made in a Free World" allows you track how many slaves work for you, based on how many where you live, items of clothing you have, what you eat, gadgets you own and so on.

An accompanying app lets consumers encourage brands to investigate how many slaves are used in their own supply chain operations. A geo-location element allows you to check-in to the app while you shop at these stores, and over a 1,000 Facebook pages will show how each store and brand is doing on the slavery front. Consumers that take the survey and work on encouraging brands to look into their practices will also win "Free World" points.

The global slave trade is estimated to be over 27 million people working in supply chains for global products to create products like iPhones, cameras and running shoes. Often, the campaign says, major brands aren't even aware of the slavery footprint present in their own supply chains.

Visit Slavery footprint HERE

5. Nicolas Tual

I'm Nicolas Tual a French graphic designer and illustrator currently living in London, UK. Working at Nation studios during the day and sometimes working on freelance illustration commissions at night. Since 2008 I'm part of an illustration label called TOY and participate to exhibitions all around Europe.

See more work by Nicolas HERE

6. Joscha Kinstner

From his early days on Joscha has always been passionate about sports. In the year 2000 Joscha started his way into professional photography with an apprenticeship which he finished best of class in 2002.

For a couple of years then he spent his time working as a freelance photo assistant all over the globe and racing Mountainbike Downhill in his free time. Focusing on people and car photography he combined this with his passion about sports finding his own photographic style.

After finishing his last stage, assisting for Mats Cordt, he started his own photographic career in 2008 being represented by Marlene Ohlsson. Joscha is based in Hamburg working for advertising and editorial.

See more work by Josha HERE

7. Break ton Neck

While you already have to be pretty flexible to breakdance, Arthur Cadre takes it to a whole ‘nother level combining his bendy Yoga skills with B-Boy moves in this clip by Alex Yde. Song here.

8. Aaron Hobson aka Cinemascapes

I was raised in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in one of the poorest city neighborhoods. It has been described as "Appalachia in the city". I've had my back fractured by baseball bats, been picked on, and did too many drugs before I was 14 and then dropped out of High School in the 10th grade. It wasn't until 3+ years ago that I picked up a camera after a decade of living in a small town in the remote Adirondack Mountains and decided to mix my memories with imagination.

The cinematic style of my work intentionally mimics a society full of oversaturation to TV, cinema, youtube, video games, and more. The images pull inspiration from the most basic elements of human emotion; fear, sex, abandonment, and curiosity to name a few. The moments of each image are fleeting and never exact, but hold an untold story of what happened before and what will happen after. It is up to the viewer to decide how far or how comfortable they feel delving into them or even sympathizing with them.

See more work by Cinemascapes HERE

9. LEGO® Life of George

See more at:
Introducing LEGO® Life of George: the world's first interactive game combining real LEGO bricks with apps for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

10. Alexandra Gooch

Alexandra Gooch is a 19-year-old Moscow based artist and illustrator. She is currently working on her own illustrated album “Design of Nature”, taking inspiration, as she claims, from her own fears, nature and Dali.

See more of her work HERE