Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 10 Nov 12

Totopos de Maiz to all you Thin and Crispy!

Get ready for a No Trans Fats Action and a non Gluten Magic...
Mexican Style.

What does that mean? you might ask yourself, well...
All i can say is - This list might just be good for you!


Mr. J

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1. Lucas Simões

See more work by Lucas Simões HERE

2. Ball Nogues

Ball Nogues is a collaborative design and fabrication studio led by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues that produces architecture, art and industrial objects. The Studio has exhibited at major institutions throughout the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Museum of Modern Art; the Guggenheim Museum; arc en rêve centre d'architecture + Musée d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux; the Venice Biennale, the Hong Kong | Shenzhen Biennale; and the Beijing Biennale.  They have received numerous honors including two AIA Design Awards, United States Artists Target Fellowships and a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. In 2007, the Studio was the winner of the PS1 Museum of Modern Arts Young Architects Program Competition. Recently, their work became part of the collection of the MoMA. The partners have taught in the graduate architecture programs at the Southern California Institute of Architecture;the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California.  Their work has appeared in a variety of publications worldwide including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, Architectural Record, Artforum, Icon, Log, Architectural Digest, and Sculpture.
The studio is currently working on permanent public commissions for Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Los Angeles; a wildlife observation building in Saugerties, New York; and installations at the the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and several galleries. 
Ball Nogues Studio is represented by Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Los Angeles
See more work by Ball Nogues

3. Cedric Delsaux - The Dark Lens

Beautiful photography by French photographer Cedric Delsaux where he recreates the scenes of Star Wars characters and vehicles with urban wasteland background. The characters are actually model toys superimposed on to shots of Parisian architecture to create the illusion. Cedric Delsaux is an award winner in the newcomer’s France Bourse du Talent competition which stands for Young Talent Award for Photography.

See more pictures by Cedric HERE

4. Jessica Harrison

Jessica on Jessica:
The things I make are about the body: the body in space, the space within the body and the space in-between the two.  The body is something we all share in one shape or form, the filter through which we all experience the world around us and the objects in front of us. 
Using film, ink, resin, stone amongst other things found and made, I make objects that seek to examine how we can go beyond the traditional idea of the interior and exterior with some skin in-between, to explore a complex chiasm of surfaces and sensations that relate to and transgress one another. Rather than being a stable entity, the body emerges as one that is in constant flux, shifting, stretching, snapping, softening.

My work is based on physiological, philosophical and psychoanalytical research into the body and its senses, focusing in particular on the role of touch in our experience of objects and in the construction of knowledge; how consciousness and perception are choreographed by the senses and spatial form. This is about a perception beginning with the skin rather then the eye, a perception based on the tactile rather than optical space. Through making and sharing these objects, I am hoping to provoke questions in the observer about how their body fits in to the space around it, how space adapts and changes due to our bodies, how things are filtered and communicated through touch.

The things I make are a complex description of simultaneous unmaking and making, deconstructing an object or a body before putting it back together again – this could be interpreted as a violent process, but is often a very delicate and fragile one, a process of transplantation rather than dislocation. The works are an attempt to change the relationship of the object to the body, making visible the invisible, opening up something normally closed, softening a usually hard surface.

I am exploring the significance of surfaces in our construction of knowledge through making and experimenting, playing on our instincts and assumptions built from an historical optical hierarchy and propensity to touch what catches our attention. Our surfaces do not just act as boundaries between our inside and outside, between ‘us’ and ‘that’, but play the most vital role in our perceptions of the world around us.  The objects I make attempt to unpack these perceptions and interrupt these interfaces to bring our assumptions to the surface.

See more work by Jessica HERE

5. The Sandwich Movie

A hand-made animated documentary about a sandwich that my big sister made for me, which I then took around the world on my first trip overseas as a young boy.

Illustrated, Animated & Directed by Sean Christensen
Sound Editing & Mixing by Robert V. Wainscott
Sound Recording by Jon Taylor

Featuring "Sing-A-Long," written and performed by Uni and her Ukelele & produced by Zack Proteau

Visit Sean:
Visit Uni and her Ukelele:​uniherukelele

6. The LightLine of Gotham - Seeper

Introducing 'Light Lining' to the US. A technique of projection mapping 3D content. Working in collaboration with Vimeo to conclude the Vimeo Festival and Awards, the Frank Gehry IAC HQ provided the perfect canvas for our transformation of sight and sound. 

See more work by Seeper HERE

7. Nate Frizzell

See more work by Nate HERE

8. Scrabble : The Block Project

Agence : Ogilvy & Mather, Paris
Directeur de Création : Chris Garbutt
Créatifs : Baptiste Clinet, Florian Bodet, Nicolas Lautier
Production Agence : Laure Bayle
Directrice Conseil : Marie Charlotte Lafront

Réalisteur : Les Vikings
Production : Paranoïd
Son : Appolo 

9. Visual Effects by BUF for the movie "Enter The void"

See more work by BUF HERE

10. Luca Mantovanelli

Luca on Luca:
I’m a young Italian architect and illustrator.
For further information don’t hesitate to contact me.

See more work by Luca HERE