Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 10 Aug 21

Another Friday has reached the internet and I'm proud to announce another "Top 10 List By Jon". I think we have some solid gold from the last week of browsing.

As a little special treat for this week, I have a couple of lists I want to share with you, people of the world wide web, instead of doing the normal dwelling-upon-myself list.

First up is the best 500 songs of this decade voted by
Lots of good tunes in there even though i think the jury went a bit ape shit by voting in Rihanna [ft. Jay-Z] - "Umbrella" at number 25!... but again i guess not even Pitchfork is flawless.

Check out:
Nr 500 - 201
Nr 200 - 101
Nr 100 - 51
Nr 50 -21
Nr 20 -1

Also check out Tarantinos list of his Top 20 Movies Since 1992:

Hope you enjoy.

1. Billy Kidd

New York based fashion photographer Billy Kidd has done work for magazines like Bello, LA ‘G, and Plaza. Billy’s work is quite versatile, and everything he does is of high quality. Billy Kidd (what a cool name!) is definitely a name for the future!

Check out Billy's work HERE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2. Mew - Introducing Palace Players

First video out of 3 by danish rockband MEW from album 'No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories the World Is Grey I'm Tired Let's Wash Away', labelled by SonyMusic. Directed by Martin De Thurah, Adam Hashemi & Lasse Martinussen. Produced by BACON.

3. Windosill

Windosill is the story of a toy car, a little blue box with wheels and a smokestack, who one day dares to journey outside of its confining storage shelf. You, armed with the power to touch, carry, poke, prod, and experiment, will lead the toy through a cool blue dream presented in stages, a series of shadow-boxes full of curious characters and structures, each with its own puzzle to be solved.

WindosillThis is the new point-and-click (and drag and tug and spin) game from Vectorpark, a.k.a. Patrick Smith, who brought us the enigmatic Feed the Head, among other wonders. In fact, Windosill is very similar to Feed the Head. It lets you explore a surreal environment by touching things, watching their incredibly smooth animation as they respond to you, and unpeeling their internal logic. You do travel from place to place this time, but as with all of Smith's work, the focus is always, always on playfulness and discovery.

Unlike Feed the Head, Windosill costs a few dollars to play the full game. The first half is free, however, and worth experiencing on its own.

Is it worth buying the second half of the game? Yes. Yes, it really is. It won't occupy you for long, but neither will it waste your time. Playing through it more than once reveals all kinds of connections you wouldn't notice the first time. Even the winking blob in the first room has new resonance when you know the fractal mutant it appears as later.

Analysis: It's a joy to play Windosill, because although the tone is dreamlike, the population is so physical. Each object has its own weight and material, its own squishiness, sproinginess and yield. When you click on some widget or worm, your cursor disappears as the object reacts, and every time, you feel like you just reached into the screen and grabbed hold of something solid.

Smith offers a world where everything is magical, where you can discover the rules from scratch, like a child. The laws of physics are more or less familiar, but everything else is new. You play with Windosill and it plays back, sharing its secrets in baby steps, never cheating, never even betraying the presence of puzzles or goals. It feels like before you arrived, all these geometric plants and bird heads and giant moons were just sitting there lonely, blue, waiting for a playmate.

Windosill may be short, but it feels complete. The beginning is just like any other morning, right down to pulling open the curtains to check the weather, but the ending is downright spiritual. This game will reward you and intrigue you, inspire you without preaching, leave you wanting more.

Play Windosill HERE

(Cheers to Miranda for passing this game on)

4. Ricardo Fumanal

Ricardo Fumanal is a talented Madrid based illustrator who takes on current or established images from the internet, fashion magazines and films and makes them his own.

Check out more work by Ricardo HERE

5. Romain Laurent

Highly talented French photographer, Romain Laurent is famous for his brilliant work with some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world and some great fashion editorial with Wad Magazine. His retouching skills are pretty impressive…

Check out his work HERE

6. Thomas Hilland - Sweat

In the Northern deep forests of Finland lives local hero Timo Kaukonen -the four times winner of the Sauna World Championships.

In temperatures up to 140 degrees Centigrades, the competition has one simple rule: He who sits longest, wins.

Check out the documentary HERE
Check out other directors at Partizan HERE

(Cheers to Demelza for passing on this video)

7. Seth Armstrong

Seth Armstrong was born and raised in Los Angeles California. He received his BFA form the California College of the Arts. He now live and work in Oakland, California.

Check out more paintings by Seth HERE

8. Andy Mcleod

Maybe not the best ad in the world, but this thing looks good, it makes me smile and that's close enough.

Check out Andy Mcleod's Robinson's ad HERE

Andy comes from an advertising background. Before joining Rattling Stick as a director he was Executive Creative Director and founding partner of Fallon, one of London’s most highly respected advertising agencies.

Andy is one of the few advertising creatives to have won the coveted D&AD black pencil. Other awards include five D&AD silvers, five British Television golds, three Cannes gold lions, three One Show golds, and the Creative Circle President’s Award. In Andy’s last year at Fallon, the agency won Campaign’s Agency of the Year.

Check out more directors at Rattling Stick HERE

9. Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway's images are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her medium. She delivers the remarkable - combining the highly technical aspects of underwater photography with superb creative direction resulting in extraordinary magical imagery. Working in the sea from a young age with photography and film Zena is completely self-taught.

She has taken underwater photography to entirely new depths. She has won numerous awards for her work and has been published in National Geographic, The Sunday Times, Dazed and Confused & more recently, FT How to Spend It magazine.

See Zena Holloway's portfolio HERE

10. Shoot It

Shoot it! LLC, announced the launch of its postcard messaging application for the iPhone. Available on the iPhone App Store, the shoot it! application allows users to take a picture, create a personal message and have it mailed as a REAL postcard from anywhere to anyone in the world (US & Western Europe open now - other countries soon).

Some of the key features of the shoot it! application are: -- Simple user interface uses photos from your camera or from your photo library -- Easy to pick recipient addresses from your iPhone contacts -- Type a personal message right from the device keyboard -- Fast production! Postcards print and mail the next business day -- Fast delivery! Postcards mail from the country closest to their destination -- Your photos appear in brilliant color on heavy card stock Available for just 99 cents at the iPhone App Store, shoot it! comes with one FREE postcard. Future postcard credits start at 99 cents for US addresses, $1.25 for UK addresses and $1.50 for other Western European addresses - with quantity discounts starting at just 10 postcards. Mobile postcards are great for travel, for military, business people and college students - anytime you've got a photo to share.

"We're excited to bring postcard messaging to the millions of iPhone users," said Tom McDermott, founder and president of shoot it!, LLC. "With our global print network, you can take a photo from the beach in Australia and instantly and simultaneously send it to your friends in London and New York, in about 30 seconds, all right from your iPhone. No more looking for cards, stamps or post offices and no more delays as postcards arrive in just days instead of weeks." About shoot it! Launched in 2009, shoot it! is a new mobile messaging service that allows users to take a picture, create a personal message and send it off as a REAL postcard from anywhere to anyone in the world. In the coming weeks shoot it! will be on available on several new RIM (Blackberry), Android and Windows mobile devices and eventually available for most all new smartphones worldwide. shoot it! blends old technology with new technology while giving the consumer a tangible alternative to SMS or MMS. Shoot It! is a privately held company based in Scottsdale, Arizona with distribution in the US and Western Europe.

Check out the app HERE