Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 10 March 11

It's top 10 day once again.
No fools and trolls on this list...just a bunch of winning!



1. Takeshi Kawano

These three sculptures and installations of the Japanese artist Takeshi Kawano aim to raise awareness on the issue of global warming. They are based on the animal world that is disappearing and literally melt.

2. Qiu Yang

Qiu Yang born in Beijing, 1981 live and work in Amsterdam.

See more work by Qiu HERE

3. Harald Geisler

Contact Info:

Harald Geisler
Gutleutstrasse 294 HH
60327 Frankfurt am Main
DE 209 244 186
Telephone: +49 (0) 69 410 77 834
Telefax: +49 (0) 69 26 95 88 69

See more work by Harald HERE

4. André Beato

André Beato on André Beato:
I'm a Portuguese Graphic designer & Illustrator, born in Lisbon and currently based in London.

I took a BA Graphic Design and a MA Design Visual Culture -Visual Production at IADE
(Instituto de Artes Visuais e Marketing) in Lisbon.

My work is mostly vector based graphics, illustrations, corporate identities and typefaces.
I've been working in the various creative fields of graphic, print and editorial, collaborating with clients from various industries such as record labels, magazines, clothing companies, advertising and others.

If you would like to discuss a project, a potential freelance work or collaborations please get in touch.

See more work by André Beato HERE

5. One Minute Puberty

written & animated by alexander gellner
track and sound design niklas a kröger 
poem by Johannesson James Maratown

Your life is on fire no cloud may harm you in the heavens you are in.
No frost may burn your harvest that you have not brought in.
No rat can bite you, in the deepest of all sleeps.
The fire is inside of you.
Truely, the fire inside of you.

See more work HERE

6. Vesa Lehtimäki

Vesa Lehtimäki on Vesa Lehtimäki:


I've been photographing my kid's toys over the years, Legos, fluffy animals and whatnot. The Clone/Star Wars action figures proved to be such a joy to shoot that I decided to put some of them on Flickr. They, as well as the pics of Legos, are there just for fun.

Oh, and so are the photos of the Action Man. I had one a long time ago, bought one (a 40th issue) for the kid. The Man apparently still is a very cool toy.

My photography has been featured on some nice websites, here's some of them:





Geeks of Doom

Brothers Brick


And a recent one from 16 Feb 2011:


They're pretty much all about the snowshots I've done. Speaking of which, I have a small selection of them and some other shots available thru my RedBubble profile.

All images are fully copyrighted, please do not use them without permission.

See more work at Vesa Lehtimäki's Flickr Page

7. Aimei Ozaki

 The insatiable thirst revealed in life for all that is beyond is the most vivid proof of immortality Paintings by Aimei Ozaki 
Title: Baudelaire

8. Deadbots

Directed by Danxzen

9. 55 Hi

Ross on Ross:
Hi there! My name is Ross and 55 Hi’s is my project. Many of the prints and cards are designed and screenprinted by me here in my living room. I love making things and smiling so 55 Hi’s is a combination of the two. Thanks for stopping by and your interest in what’s going on here. I have to write this sentence cause the paragraph was ending on a widow.

See more work by Ross HERE

10. SS+K Honest Tea

Ad Agency SS+K’s latest marketing campaign for Honest Tea is pretty brilliant. Raising awareness in the form of a social experiment to find the most honest city in America, Honest Tea set up popup stores in 6 U.S. cities, asking people to pay for tea bottles based on the honor system. The campaign proved that our country’s tea drinkers are 87% honest. Yay, humanity. And yay, hidden cameras.

See more work by SS+K HERE