Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 10 Oct 8

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1. UFFIE - Difficult

 After the release of her highly anticipated album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, Ed Banger’s first lady Uffie is readying the release of her new single, “Difficult” which was produced by her labelmate SebastiAn. The accompanying video marks her return to her hometown Paris after an extensive tour that spanned the US, Europe and Australia. The visual was shot in Parisian suburbs on September 9th and was directed by three young aspiring French directors named AB/CD/CD.

2. Juliane Eirich

Juliane Eirich was born in Munich, Germany in 1979. After two internships in Miami and Munich she studied at the Academy of Photographic Design in Munich. After graduating she moved to New York City and Honolulu to work and pursue her own projects. She spent 18 months of 2007-8 in Seoul, South Korea on a scholarship. She now lives and works in Berlin and New York.
Her photographs have been exhibited in the USA, Canada, Syria, Tunisia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany and featured in many publications including: The New York Times Magazine, ZEIT Magazine and European Photography.

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3. Neil Kellerhouse

Neil Kellerhouse is a Los Angeles based designer who’s work you’ve probably seen before. He’s done posters for The Social Network, I’m Still Here and Antichrist, as well as a ton of covers for Criterion Collection movies such as The Man Who Fell To Earth and Seven Samurai.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

4. Robin Williams

Robin Williams was born in 1984 in Columbus, Ohio, and began making oil paintings before she had learned to sign her name. Soon after abandoning her aspirations of becoming a mermaid, she decided instead to become an artist when she grew up. Since then, she’s spent most of her time painting pictures, playing softball, and cooking. She’s a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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5. Jeremy Messersmith - Tatooine

Star Wars given the Paper Treatment! Watch the Original Trilogy retold via paper animation set to the lovely song 'Tatooine' by Jeremy Messersmith
Animated/Directed by Eric Power

6. Nando Costa

Succinct & Objective
I'm a Brazilian Graphic Artist focused in illustration and animation living in Portland, OR.

- - -

Long & Elaborate
I began illustrating when I was really young, but I started dedicating more serious time to it around the age of 15. For the longest time I was very obsessed with creating really intricate ink drawings, but over time I started experimenting with various other mediums like sculpture, painting and photography. I attended an art school called Parque Lage in my home town of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many of Brazil's top artists went through there so it was a very inspiring experience.

During this phase I exhibit a lot, mostly small group shows, but also a few solo shows. Luckily I had a lot of support from my family, some of which were also artists: my mother in sculpture, my grandmother in tapestry and painting as well as her partner in life who was a film maker and set designer. My brothers chose a similar path of graphic design and advertising. The field of arts in Brazil is quite competitive and difficult to get into. I was however surrounded by all of this artistic energy, so it was natural and inspiring for me to find my way into graphic design through art.

I began working at a print design studio in Rio in 97 and learned all of the basics. It was a very small but inspiring place called Sphaera Design led by two Peruvian brothers. At the same time I followed my Graphic Design course at a local university, which I later quit to pursue more work experience in the U.S.

Arriving first in Atlanta, GA I joined another print shop where I began exploring animation by experimenting with Flash. The interest for animation and the field of interactive eventually took me to New York where I joined WDDG to art direct and design various websites and other interactive experiences. While in NYC I was introduced to After Effects, which gradually made me want to explore the broadcast field. I later ended up moving once again to Atlanta to work for Iconologic, a branding agency that had lead the design efforts of the Olympic games in 1996 as well as other years. There, amongst other responsibilities, I was meant to help built a portfolio for the agency's explorations in animation.

At the end of 2001 I moved to Chicago as a Senior Designer for Digital Kitchen and began to learn more about animation and design for broadcast purposes. It was there that I met my very talented wife and after one year we moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to start, a small animation studio which Linn and I built from the ground up with the assistance of The Ebeling Group. During that period we directed various live-action and animated projects for clients in both the U.S. and Europe.

A little after two years, Linn and I were invited to join the staff of Modernista!, a Boston-based advertising agency know primarily for their work for Hummer. Linn and I worked again as a team to craft various kinds of projects, ranging from TV spots, to print campaigns and interactive experiences.

I later spent some time as a freelance graphic artist, designing for brands like Microsoft, Nike, Showtime Networks, Apple and FuelTV. Eventually we moved to Portland, OR and I decided to start another small animation company, At Nervo I built a small team to concept, design and produce animation projects for various advertising agencies and independent brands. We created a significant awareness around the studio's brand by experimenting with different animation techniques and had a lot of fun in the process.

In early 2009 Nervo and Bent Image Lab merged in an attempt to create richer visual experiences by combining the expertise of the two companies. "Whale Song", a music video for Modest Mouse, is a perfect example of what we were able to create during our alliance.

Nowadays I am proudly part of Superfad's team where I work as a director. I am very happy living in the Pacific Northwest and am excited to continue exploring the art field and plan on going back to my illustration roots. Let's all make more art in this new decade!

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7. Christopher ST Leger

Christopher on Christopher:
Location is fuel. I grew up in Indiana but now reside in a small central Texas town with my wife and two children. We make a trip each fall to a farmhouse in rural Hungary where village life, on the brink of change, still clings to the earth. Here, there, and in between I find inspiration for my work as a painter.

I respond to the elusive yet commonplace things I encounter en route to my destination. As I observe and render the outer, often banal aspect of the subject, I aim to extract a poetry that suggests a cherished and lively fantasy life protected within.
Experiencing otherness, even if only across one’s backyard, is elation: the feeling of entering the sphere of another’s life, of imagining a possibility where for a moment habits can be broken or longings fulfilled. Maybe it is romantic, or maybe it is simply automotive, to desire freedom of movement without physical exertion.

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8. Ray Smith

Ray Smith is a British illustrator based in London, producing work for a wide range of clients across publishing and advertising.
Clients past and present include:
The Eden project
Absolut Vodka
Channel 4 Television (UK)
Clarks shoes
Artful dodger clothing
The Guardian (UK)
The Financial Times (UK)
The Independent (UK)
Spin magazine (USA)
Rolling Stone (USA)
GQ magazine (UK)
Simon and Schuster
Scholastic books
Faber and Faber
Puffin books
The Norwegian educational loan fund

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9. Good Ol' Sailor Vodka

Now this is how you do plastic bottle Vodka!
"Sweden's first vodka in PET bottle. It's also one of the first vodka made of organically grown, Swedish barley. The new Swedish eco-vodka is distilled four times and has a clean, fruity nose with some spicy aftertaste and released in a Swedish-made PET packaging for minimal environmental impact. We have worked closely with Technologists at Petainer. Together we have produced a container which is  environmentally friendly, has high levels of clarity and great shelf appeal, whilst at the same time is easy to manufacture in high volumes. We wanted to exploit the phenomenon of PET in the best possible way.  The goal was to design would be integrated with the bottle."

Designed by Mattias Brodén

10. Eric Ray Davidson

Eric Ray Davidson lives in  Brooklyn, New York and Los Feliz, Los Angeles. 

Editorial Clients include W T:
The New York Times
Style Magazine
OUT Magazine

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