Friday, July 17, 2009

Top 10 July 17

Jon proudly present the best of another week of surfing the internet.
Sit back relax and enjoy the list.

1. Nike x LIVESTRONG - What is a Chalkbot

Developed in partnership with DeepLocal and StandardRobot, the Chalkbot in appearance is similar to an ink jet printer, except at a much larger scale. The trailer mounted device is fully self-contained and pneumatically spray out either messages or graphics. The device will debut at the 2nd Stage of 2009 Tour de France on July 5th.

2. Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz

Casas paints large size oil canvases and Bic ball pen drawings where he reproduces images he takes with his camera, youthful and spontaneous domestic photographs of fleeting moments of nighttime fun. He is considered one of the more influential painters in Spain.

See more of Juan's work HERE

3. PETA Protests, Corrida in Barcelona.

A day before, in Pamplona… PETA and Animas Naturalis had a bloody campaign against the entertainment in the days of the festival of St. Fermin. Dozens of people on the central square of the city poured paint on their bodies like blood. The aim of the activists - to ban corrida and street race with bulls.
Meanwhile, on 5th of July a corrida has started in Barcelona, the traditional season which begins in March and ends in October.

See and read more HERE

4. Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real

Ogilvy, Toronto created this spot along with Sons and Daughters director Steve Gordon for the Hellmann's site

See more of Steve Gordon HERE

5. Axis Mundi unveils conceptual design for MoMA tower

manhattan based firm axis mundi has unveiled a conceptual alternative design for MoMA tower.
founder of the firm john beckmann sees this as the time to rethink the tall buildings that have become synonymous with new york city's identity.

See and read more about the project HERE

6. AUTOKRATZ - Stay The Same

Nice Music video for AUTOKRATZ - Stay The Same.
Director : Laurie Thinot. Reped by Partizan

"Stay The Same" available on the mini album "DOWN & OUT IN PARIS & LONDON" and KITSUNE MAISON 6 COMPILATION.

7. How Hetero is your twitter?

This site analyzes Twitter feeds to determine how the percentage hetero of the tweeter. It's meant to make users think about heterosexual norms and how they affect the gay and lesbian community.

see how hetero you are HERE

8. VB: The Regulars

The long awaited VB Beer campaign via Droga5, Sydney launches tonight in Australia with a two minute launch commercial before the first ball of the Ashes Cricket series against England.
The scale of the production demanded a cast that is a combo of professionals, CUB employees, punters straight off the street plus some well known faces. There are cameos from Australian sports stars and personalities including Michael Clarke, Wally Lewis, Paul De Gelder, Scott Cam, Molly Meldrum, Peter Russell Clarke, Dean Jones, Michael Klim, Billy Brownless and Greg Evans.
The TVC is part of a much bigger campaign that includes VB's first ever dedicated brand website ( There will also be print, radio, outdoor, on line and "The Regulars" will be brought to life in store through point of sale and refreshed packaging.
“At their heart, our new VB ads are about a beer at the pub with your mates but they're brought to life in a way that is uniquely Australian. There are the classic VB trademarks but it's definitely a new take – both from a creative and launch to market standpoint. This new campaign is another step forward for VB and will play an integral role in driving the brand's future growth,” said Peter Sinclair, CUB Marketing Director.
The new VB commercial was shot in Ballarat and is one of the largest beer commercials ever produced in Australia boasting a 1500 plus cast and a 150 person strong crew. Whilst still identifiable as VB through classic trademarks like the theme song, it brings to life VB's evolved positioning and unveils the new tagline “VB – The Drinking Beer”.
David Nobay, Droga 5 Creative Chairman said about the creative idea: “What was clear to us from the start is that VB is the great leveller - that’s what makes it such a quintessential Aussie brand. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or wear, when you pick up VB you become a part of something authentic. Our creative challenge was to amplify that in a way that is equally authentic, Australian and real. The result is the 'The Regulars' and as a team it's work we’re really proud of.”

(Apple C'ed Apple V'ed from

9. AR Business Card

Pretty cool business card by James Alliban.

10. VBS.TV - Rule Britannia

Rule Britannia scours the UK to partake of all the sorted offerings of this green and pleasant and messed-up land. In this episode VBS.TV visits Blackpool, once called "Las Vegas of the North". This documentary is filmed over a normal week, past Christmas, in North England's decaying fantasy island.

Check out the Documentary HERE