Sunday, May 27, 2012

Top 10 May 28

Boom and the list is back after a a small break last week.
But as they say,  he who waits for the good stuff....

Anyway here we go!

Mr. J

1. Noemie Goudal

Born in Paris
Lives and works in London
See more work by Noemie Goudal HERE

2. Woodkid - Run Boy Run

WOODKID - RUN BOY RUN - Video directed by Yoann Lemoine

Produced By ICONOCLAST with the help of Picseyes
Produced by Roman Pichon
Art director / Chef Decorateur : Pierre Pell
Post Production by OneMore Prod
VFX SUPERVISOR : Gregory Lanfranchy
FLAME ARTIST : Herve Thouement
FLARE ARTISTS : Laura Saintecatherine & Romain Leclerc
3D : Olivier Junquet & Priscilla Clay
MATTE PAINTING : Arnaud Philippe Giraux
POST PRODUCER : Raminta Poskute
Label & Video commissioner Pierre Le Ny

3. Marynn

Graphic design student, Marynn, 20 old, living in Nantes (France ). Curiosity led by street style and all the magazines on her desk. Likes to drink her tea in a pint.

See Marynn's blog HERE
Portfolio HERE

4. Jasmine Deporta

Jasmine on Jasmine
I‘m a 22 year old girl with exceptional eyes and fingers.
Inspired by colors, dreams and youth I‘m determined to not letting my view of the world go unnoticed.

The conversion of visions and the producing of masterpieces through inspiration,
ideas and intuition gives me wings. Everything takes place before my window.
I keep and save it in this photographs.

Jasmine is a design student born in Italy, in 1989.
She grew up in Southtyrol - a little paradise in the middle of mountains and woods.
In early 2009 she went to Berlin, made experiences for life and also did one term
of communication design at HTW there. Since 2010 she is studying Design and Arts
at Free University of Bolzano (Italy) trying to get new inspiration and to find her way
to create & work with art.

She worked as waitress, sales assistant, fashion assistent, model, maid,
commercial artist, host, photographer, actress (...)

See more work by Jasmine HERE

5. Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek was born in North Germany along the frontier to Denmark, and now resides in his homeland, London and New York. Whilst studying Graphic Design, Olaf quickly realized he did not want to be sitting in front of a computer all day and moved into Illustration. His formative professional years were spent in Amsterdam, where he threw himself into the social and freelance Illustration scene, and he has proven to be a strong asset in all senses to the Global Contemporary Art Community. He had taught illustration alongside the likes of Punk fashion legend: Vivienne Westwood, and his pioneering, altruistic tendencies have helped nurture much talent: young and old. His elegant, figurative, colorful, textural work holds a strong sense of character and fine art sensibility, he exhibits regularly in galleries all over the world, and appears ubiquitously in the awards: American Illustration, Images, Communication Arts, D&AD. Olaf's versatile and ever evolving work is well established in all areas: advertising, design, publishing and editorial, with the occasional foray into animation, and he looks set to be one of the superstars of the genre for many years to come.

6. Holly Wales

Holly Wales is an illustrator, educator and writer based in London, UK. Keen to learn new ways of making things look good, she explores a variety of subject matter through self-initiated and commercial work for a range of international clients, in a variety of mediums. Holly's non-commercial work plays on chance and process to produce a body of work which remains in a constant state of flux, where the process behind one image becomes the beginning of the next, focussing on the performance of chaos in a controlled visual structure and highlighting moments in time. She has exhibited work internationally in a number of group shows and has written projects and taught on illustration and design programmes at Winchester School of Art, University of Westminster, Central St Martins, Brighton University, Camberwell College of Arts and Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. Holly also illustrates a regular weekly column, “Lives” for The New York Times Magazine.

7. Tadao Cern - Blow Job

In spring of 2010 I wanted to try something new and stopped being an architect.

That 'something new' turned out to be photography. Wedding photography - to be exact (

Today I travel around the world with my personal projects and commissions knowing that there is a lot more exiting stuff to be tried out.

Don't be afraid to change something in your life, because for me that was one of the best decisions.

If you'd like to know me better or have any ideas about collaboration - please don't hesitate and contact me via email, facebook or behanced

See more of Tadao's work HERE

8. Celi Lee

I'm a multi-disiplinary artist and conceptual designer based in London.
I'm open to freelance and collaborative opportunities. Say Hi!

9. Elvis Di Fazio

Bright and ballsy, Di Fazio’s photos flash with kitsch erotica – a tongue slowly swirling in cheek. Di Fazio’s style has quickly unfurled, dancing from precise and emotive portraiture with a classic bent to something distinctly modern in its appeal.

In the last year, Di Fazio’s profile has undergone a rapid evolution. Commissioned fashion stories in the US and South America and Europe collaborations with artists, designers and stylists; invitations to work with leading performance artists and various published features in a number of high fashion magazines.

Di Fazio’s fine art background has served him well, with his artistic sensibilities freeing him from the technical boundaries that prevent so many young photographers from forging into new territory.

“I want to put the dick back into ridiculous. There is no better combo than sex and humour for me.”

High fashion gutter trash “smutography”, Di Fazio’s crazed documentary style is an exciting aesthetic that paves a direction to see Di Fazio join the ranks alongside some of the worlds most iconic and truly original fashion photographers.

His commissioned editorials include Harpers Bazaar, Guapo New York, Oyster Magazine, Attitude U.K and The POP Magazine.

Exhibitions nation-wide with the Opera House, the Chauvel and Museum of Sydney have all commissioned his work.

10.Vesa Sammalisto

Vesa is a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Vesa graduated from University of Art and Design Helsinki in graphic design.
Vesa studied architecture in Tampere University of Technology.
Vesa was honoured with ADC Young Guns award in 2011.