Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 10 May 6

4 years ago today, I got married in Vegas.
How do I celebrate this?
By giving you all 10 more internet nuggets to staire at.

Love all around.

Mr. J

1. Charlotte Lawton - Set Design

See more work by Charlotte HERE

2. Vincent Bakkum

Born in Holland and living in Finland for the past two decades, Vincent is a self-taught painter and illustrator. His illustrations, which deal with femininity, fashion, fruit, flowers and birds, have been used in editorials, packaging and advertising. His work is featured in various international publications such as Fashion Illustrator (Laurence King), Illusive 3 (Gestalten), Fashion Illustration File (Genko-sha Co.) and The New Age of Feminine Drawing (AllRightsReserved Ltd.).

See more work by Vincent HERE

3. Nicola Yeoman - Set Design


American/British/Italian and German Vogue, Wallpaper*, V, New York Times Magazine, Numero, Livraison


2010 'Higher Still' site specific commission at The Wapping Project
2010 'Home' site specific installation and part of London Design week at Tracey Neuls


Available upon request.

See more work by Nicola

4. Lee Jeffries


In what kinds of situations were most of these photographs taken?
My involvement with the homeless started after an encounter with a young girl in London. She was huddled under a sleeping bag in a doorway in Leicester Square and took offense as I stole a photo from a distance. I was tempted to turn around and leave but something prompted me to go talk to her instead. Her story broke my heart, and changed the way I perceived the homeless. Most of my images are of people I have met on the street, whether in the UK, Europe or the US. The situations presented themselves, and I've made an effort to get to know each of the subjects before asking their permission to take their portrait.

What else do you do besides photography?
I'm an accountant by profession. Photography is my means of expression. It embodies my beliefs and my compassion. I consider myself lucky at not having to earn a living from it as it allows me free reign to try and help others, and not the selfish needs of a client. I also have a passion for sports — a knee injury put an end to a potential career in football, but not to the love of what sport continues to represent to me, both physically and spiritually.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty by definition is made up of the qualities that give pleasure to the senses.  It's not just a visual quality necessarily, not just about the aesthetic. It encompasses sound, taste, smell and touch in any combination. It's an essence, or a combination of elements, that elicits an emotion and moves me.

What movies and books come closest to representing your point of view?
I don't know if any book or movie represents my point of view but I'm certainly influenced by them. Being self-taught, my instruction in photography comes from paintings, watching movies and documentaries depicting the world around me, in particular the human condition, seeing what other people have done, opening my eyes; If one person looks at any of my images and feels compassion, enough to maybe offer a helping hand the next time the opportunity presents itself, then the image counts.

What music are you listening to these days?
All sorts of genres, but I listen to a lot of classical music —  Arvo Part, Chopin, Morricone, pieces that allow me to free my mind up at the end of the workday. The music I listen to while editing images often guides and enhances the emotional process.

Where do you live and how does it affect your work?
I live in Manchester, UK. As much as I love to travel, it has always been my home. In the few years I've been doing photography, it has taught me to really 'see' people in their everyday environment and to not take the familiar for granted. You have to be aware of what's going on around you in order to be ready for those decisive moments, to pick up on the subtle and not just the obvious.

What does realism mean to you as a photographer?
To me, photography is realism. It is to do with what is, and not what I can conjure up. I take photos of everyday people in situations that move me.

How often do you photography?
If I have the opportunity, every day.

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5. Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

Beastie Boys member Adam "MCA" Yauch's long-awaited short film, "Fight For Your Right Revisited," has finally surfaced -- in an abridged form as the group's new video for "Make Some Noise."

Serving as an elaborate prequel to the group's hugely memorable clip for "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)," "Make Some Noise" features actors Elijah Wood (who's particularly on-point as Ad-Rock), Danny McBride and Seth Rogen portraying the Beastie Boys circa 1987. However, few could have anticipated the astonishing amount of well-known actors grabbing face time in the hilarious five-minute clip, which stands as one of the most star-studded music videos ever.

Just a handful of the famous folks who make cameos: Rashida Jones, Jason Schwartzman, Rainn Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Ted Danson, Chloe Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst, Maya Rudolph, Orlando Bloom, David Cross, Jack Black and John C. Reilly. Meanwhile, Will Arnett revisits his portrayal of Gob Bluth from "Arrested Development" with a hearty "Come on!" and Will Ferrell plays multiple characters, including one that's -- but of course -- cowbell-loving. There's even a vintage DeLorean!

"Make Some Noise" is the first single off the Beastie Boys' upcoming album, "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two," to be released May 3. "Hot Sauce Committee Part One" has seen a slew of delays following Adam "MCA" Yauch's cancer battle, which was still ongoing as of Jan. 2011. 

As for "Fight For Your Right Revisited," Yauch's 30-minute film from which the "Make Some Noise Video" stems, expect even more cameos from famous people. Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci open the film as the parents who get pied in the original "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)" video. "Fight For Your Right Revisited" makes its TV premiere on Apr. 27 at midnight on MTV2, mtvU, VH1 Classic and Palladia.

What do you think of "Make Some Noise"? Who was your favorite cameo? Tell us in the comments below!

6. Benoit Paillé

 Après l’excellent Stranger Project, l’artiste Benoit Paillé a passé plusieurs années à suivre et photographier des personnes lors de Rainbow Gathering. Cette communauté, souvent éphémère se réunie dans des endroits en plein air afin de vivre en harmonie et en paix.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

7. Dorothy - Casualties of War

Dorothy is a collective of like-minded people working on unlike-minded ideas.
Over the years we’ve made, designed and promoted things, winning Design Week, D&AD and New York Festivals – although winning the Co-op’s under 12’s drawing competition still ranks up there as one of our proudest moments.
We mix working on commercial commissions with developing, producing and selling our own ideas. If you like what you see, let us know.

Casualties of War

The hell of war comes home. In July 2009 Colorado Springs Gazettea published a two-part series entitled “Casualties of War”. The articles focused on a single battalion based at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, who since returning from duty in Iraq had been involved in brawls, beatings, rapes, drunk driving, drug deals, domestic violence, shootings, stabbings, kidnapping and suicides. Returning soldiers were committing murder at a rate 20 times greater than other young American males. A seperate investiagtion into the high suicide rate among veterans published in the New York Times in October 2010 revealed that three times as many California veterans and active service members were dying soon after returning home than those being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. We hear little about the personal hell soldiers live through after returning home

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8. Super real Giffing by Jamie

Super real Giffing by Jamie

Due to sucky gif funktions check out the linkes below to see her animations.
Hair 1
Hair 2

Hello, My name is Jamie. I am a photographer & I live in NYC. I collect vintage cameras and old typwriters & I still use film on occation.

I shoot beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and food photography. For professional inquiries email me at

See more moving gif's by Jamie HERE

9. Mr Bingo

Wha' Gwaan?
Some say he's the 'Master of pens'.
Some call him the 'Shoreditch Beat Busketeer'.
Some say he fucks about for a living.

Mr Bingo
Studio 11B | Kingsland Road | London | E2 8AA | UK
+44(0)7966 280431

Other places that Mr Bingo lurks on the internet
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10. BJ + Richeille Formento

BJ + Richeille Formento


1964 BJ born, Honolulu, Hawaii
1975 Richeille born, London UK

1982-1986 Academy of Arts University, California, BFA in Photography
1996-1998 Central St Martins College of Art, BA hons Graphic Design

BJ moved to NYC  1999 and assisted Mary Ellen Mark, Hans Neleman, Annie Leibovitz and studied under Eugene Richards and Arnold Newman.  Since 2001 he has set out on his own and has shot for numerous magazines and advertising clients as well as continued to mature in his personal work.  
Richeille worked as an art director and designer within the fashion industry, working for a large umbrella company responsible for visually communicating new season looks on all graphic works and brands like Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY and various other independent fashion labels.

The two met on a job in 2005 and got married 3 months later. Since then they have started a photo library called Eyecandy Images which is distributed worldwide.
They continue to grow and foster their love for photography both in the commercial and fine art world.

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