Friday, July 1, 2011

1. Timmothy Lee

Bio Timothy Chuck Hin Lee (Timmothy Lee) is a 26 years old Hong Kong (China) born Canadian hermit, with a graphic design diploma in his belt. He now currantly located in Toronto Canada as a full time student finishing his secondary bachelor illustration degree at Ontario Art and Design University. With a strong background of graphic design and illustration disciplines, Timmothy has self taught himself photography and have been shooting since summer 2007.

See more work by Timmothy HERE

2. Axel Peemöller

Axel Peemöller on Axel Peemöller:

I have studied visual communications in Düsseldorf (Germany), Hamburg (Germany) and Melbourne (Australia).

I love design, architecture, art, loud music, animals (especially my dog "bones"), the outdoors, oceans & mountains, surfing, snowboarding and sailing.
Currently I live and work on a sailboat in Barcelona.

I work as freelance designer, creative director and senior designer for design studios and clients around the globe.

In the past i have developed and designed way-finding systems, books, brochures, magazines, annuals, icons, typefaces, corporate identities, brand strategies, photo shootings, environmental graphics, posters, retail stores...

Over the years I have established a collective network of other designers, programmers, photographers and illustrators, who I work closely with if essential for the project.

If you are interested to find out more about me and my work, or are interested in working with me, please write an email.

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3. Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti is a photographer and director living in New York City and working worldwide. As a photographer Timothy has created scores of portraits of pop musicians from Erykah Badu to LCD Soundsystem to Pharrell. He balances his pop sensibility via avant garde print and music video collaborations with seminal experimental record labels including Warp Records and DFA. He has photographed and directed multiple commercial campaigns, including the mesmerizing and controversial “Playfaces” campaign for Sony Playstation, as well as acclaimed music promos for Battles, Animal Collective, and Blonde Redhead, amongst others.
In the fine art realm his solo show for the Diesel gallery in Tokyo, Japan, “The Garden” was a modern, twisted take on the creation story utilizing wall sized prints, sculpture and a short film. Recently the Japan Times described his work as “charting a classic quest for life's meaning within a sci-fi context”.

Timothy's clients include Diesel, Nike, Sony Music, Sony Electronics, Bulova, Audi, LandRover, Subaru, Alpine, Target, MTV, VH-1, Spike TV, Tampax, Pepsi, New Era, Corning, EMI, RedBull, Kiss FM UK, 4AD records, Green Label Sound, Modular Recordings, Island Records, Warp Records, Mute Records, XL recordings, Ghostly International, Domino Records, Black Book, Glass Magazine, Spin Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Anthem Magazine and DFA records.

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4. Marion Bolognesi

See more work by Marion HERE

5. RJ Shaughnessy

P.O. Box 292057 Los Angeles, CA 90029 USA

+1 323 660 1996

See more work by RJ HERE 

6. Daniel Friman

Daniel Firman Born 1966 in Bron (France), lives and works in Paris.

7. Jaques Bagios

Jaques Bagios is a photographer specializing in fashion, beauty and accessories photography. It was in 2003 when he bought his first camera he discovered his passion for photography. Until 2005, he operates in the fashion photography as a semi-professional, it’s at the end of 2008 that he decides to concentrate solely his work in beauty photography. He has since been published in several magazines Berlin, New York and London. More pics after the jump or on his website

8. Borja Bonaque

Albert Hanks, Clara Olavarría and Paul Rosenberg are Animal Agency.
A branding and advertising studio based in New York.
The idea was to adapt the multicultural origin of the members represented
by animals from their countries.


Valencia ( Spain ) born Borja Bonaque developes a personal and remarcable body
of work. Looking for creating projects with some kind of visual atmosphere, he
is inspired by pure lines and geometric shapes. Always motivated for getting
the best possibles results.
He has produced artwork for companies such us Elwood, Financial Times,
Wallpaper, Zoo York, New Scientist, Rioja Wines, Bancaja, House & Garden
or Wired Magazine.
His work has been published in Germany, United States, England, Mexico,
Switzerland, Japan, Singapure..
If you want to know about his news projects, follow him on Facebook.

See more work by Borja HERE

9. CamBox


"Turn Your Friends’ Irritating Catchphrases Into a Beatboxing Loop of Hell" Kat Hannaford, Gizmodo
"CamBox for iOS turns you into an awesome beatboxing machine" Matt Brian, The Next Web
"CamBox is undoubtedly the most unique video application I’ve ever seen for the iPhone" Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

Have you ever been camboxed? CamBox is an amazing app to put your life in a box! We have worked hard so that you can do the craziest videos!

Each sound you make stores a piece of video into a box. You play the boxes to make an insane remix of your life.

Make music with anything, have fun with anyone: you can cambox alone, or cambox friends, family, cats and dogs, or anything you want. Make noise and be creative! Share your videos on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.

CamBox works on iPhone/iPod 4G, iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.

** Note to Verizon iPhone Users: iOS < 4.3 is not supported reliably yet, please
wait for the actualization that will support your OS**

Check it out in iTunes

Thursday, June 30, 2011

10. Shotopop

Shotopop recently teamed up with JWT Shanghai to take cardboard cut-outs to the next level. The project won us an Outdoor, as well as a Design Lion at the International Cannes Lions Awards 2011.

We were asked to help develop and build 3 pieces, made up from the cardboard of ANTA shoe-boxes, to represent 3 prominent Chinese Basketball players, sponsored by ANTA.

The "Chinese Beast", Li Xiaoxu's playing style is fast, fearless and powerful. His sculpture, made up predominantly from elements of wings, feathers and lightning, shows exactly that.

With exceptional low post skills, Tang Zhengdong is an "Irremovable pillar in the sea", which indicates an ancient Chinese proverb for hero. The spiral staircase of courts represents his rise in the CBA, from the young age of 16

Zhou Peng has already won 6 CBA Championships, represented by the golden stars on his sculpture. His relentless defences and explosive ferocity makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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