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Top 10 March 19

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1. Sarah Illenberger

Defining one category for all the work of Sarah Illenberger is no easy task. The forms the visual translations of her themes assume are far too diverse. What initially sounds quite abstract, in reality, is mostly practical in that her creations are not generated on a computer but rather by meticulous handwork, sometimes incorporating the most mundane materials. A story about love-sickness is Visualised through design embroidered on.Variously colored tablets are used to compose portraits for a magazine. And in Sarah's hands, beauty products are given new life by being transformed into tourist landmarks. Whatever she creates, it is done with a humorous touch and a great love for detail. Each assignment leads to a unique work of art, sometimes visually enhancing the content of a feature, sometimes to be Considered a work in its own right. In her Berlin studio, Sarah Illenberger develops concepts for editorial as well as commercial clients. She mostly works alone, but occasionally teams up with a photographer.

2. Christoph Klutsch AKA Vermilion

See more work HERE

3. Justin Mezzell

Justin Mezzell is an illustrator and designer currently based in Orlando, Florida. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, he specializes in illustration, digital art, and UI/UX design. Additional samples from other bodies of work can be found below.

He rarely refers to himself in the third person.

I Dribbble here.
I Behance here
Sometimes, I Tumbl(r) here.
I sometimes dabble with space here.

4. Lily May

Funny photo mash-up, created by Lily May, a photographer and artist from Brisbane, Australia.

5. Anton van Hertbruggen

Anton van Hertbruggen was born in 1990, in the northern suburbs of Antwerp, Belgium. He is still studying graphic design/illustration at Sint-Lucas Antwerp.

6. DoYaThing - Gorillaz

Making of:

Converse has launched “DoYaThing”, an integrated advertising campaign Gorillaz, Andre 3000, and James Murphy. “DoYaThing”, part of Converse’s ongoing Three Artists. One Song series, fuses the animated world of Gorillaz with real life footage, featuring the animated Gorillaz members Murdoc, 2-D, Noodle and Russel along with graphic interpretations of Andre 3000 and James Murphy. The campaign, online at:, features the Gorillaz Converse shoe range and the downloadable track.

DoYaThing was produced at HSI London, Passion Pictures and Passion Paris by director Jamie Hewlett, producer Cara Speller, director of photography Simon Thirlaway, editor Seb Monk and VFX supervisor Neil Riley.

Animation was produced at Fortiche Studio, Paris, by directors Jerome Combe, Arnaud Delord, Pascal Charrue, producers Erika Forzy, Emilie Walmsley, Samantha Plaisted.

Sound was produced at 750mph by Gary Walker. Colourist was James Tillet at Moving Picture Company.

7. Kilian Eng

Swedish artist Kilian Eng has a unique visual style and language. He illustrates and animates images that verge upon the dreamlike, evoking curiosity and stirring emotion.

"I like to tell stories in my work and invite people to make up their own stories in response. Even if an image is shown as a single piece and not part of a series, the viewer needs to be able to fantasize about what might happen before and after the exact moment frozen in the picture, as do I. This creative engagement helps me give substance to the worlds my pictures illustrate, and lets me create new scenarios."

Kilian Eng has won numerous awards and has a Bachelor and Masters in Graphic Design & Illustration from Konstfack, University of Arts Craft & Design in Stockholm. He cites a large number of inspirational artists and influences such as Syd Mead, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Maxfield Parrish, Francois Schuiten, Philippe Druillet, Winsor McCay, Richard Corben, Swedish artist John Bauer, Ralph Mcquarrie, N.C Wyeth and a host of others from the film and animation world such as Hayao Miyazaki, Yuri Norstein and David Lynch.

Eng is currently working on an animated film project. He also creates his own music.

8. Dear New York by Luis Úrculo

The wizard of object artistry Luis Urculo is back, this time with a film titled Dear New York for Zara. This latest effort is a homage to the structures of New York City in celebration of Zara’s new flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Here, Urculo uses an array of unassuming objects to bring to life the buzzing cityscape of the Big Apple in all its forms and industrial fabrication—with buildings borne out of cardboard box toting human robots, an assortment of vintage glassware, or individual stacks of books, blankets and crates topped with a birdcage, iron or brush respectively. There’s also rulers and measuring tape to reflect Manhattan’s eponymous grid system of streets, text and notebooks evoking the linear patterns of buildings and even a trusty arm becomes an artistic canvas, tattooed with the East River bridge.

These carefully curated object assortments are set against blank backdrops, often using light, shadows and small movements to subtly animate them with aspects of daily city life—such as the shadows that move across the ladder arrangement to resemble a bridge or the crane dropping books—hinting at the ongoing transformation, production and energy all too associated with the city that never sleeps.

Zara are known for their collaborations with cult creatives like Todd Selby, so it’s no surprise they’ve cottoned onto Urculo’s distinct talent in their latest initiative as part of their ongoing commitment to fuse fashion with the very best in art and design.

9. Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso was born in Milan / Italy in 1976, but has lived most of his life on the island of Sardinia, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, in this corner of paradise has begun to take its first steps towards the art, computer graphics and photography.

Alberto has not attended school of Art or Design is a self-taught, began in the early '90s following the "Amiga" scene and start using graphics softwares like Deluxe Paint and mid 90s as a street artist, in the early years of the new millennium, he moved to Rome, where he began his career as a graphic designer / illustrator.

10. Wrecking Crew Orchestra

A new routine from the Japanese dance team Wrecking Crew Orchestra is lighting up YouTube with their Tron-inspired moves, which they perform in the dark wearing specially-designed glow-suits.
The glow-suits showcase a type of dance technology in which performers are strapped with wireless, light-emitting ribbons and tapes that can be controlled remotely.
The technology gained mainstream attention when Team iLuminate, a group of glow-suit dancers from Los Angeles, finished third place in the sixth season of "America's Got Talent."