Monday, April 9, 2012

Top 10 April 9

Here we go again, 10 new nuggets to kick off an all new week.


Mr. J

1. Billy Kidd

I was born in Panama City, Florida in 1980. When i was five, my sisters used to like painting my toe nails. At the age of six my family sold everything in a garage sale and I made 20 dollars. I thought it would be fun to put it in a small wooden box, and bury it in the front yard... I couldn't find it again.
We packed up the few things we didn’t sell and headed to the west coast in an RV. We drove through death valley before turning back around
and stopping in Phoenix. buying a bag of ice in DV cost 3 bucks, in 1987.
I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I sucked my thumb till i was 13.
In 1999 I had a son. He's made me everything I am today.
In 2007 I went back to Panama city for a family reunion. we drove by the house i
buried my money in front of. Still can't find it...
My friends and family have been the greatest strength in my life.
I love bow ties. especially shiny ones.

I was shot by Billy Kidd

2. Oriol Angrill Jordà - Blendscapes

Oriol Angrill Jordà studied Illustration in Palma de Mallorca, Spain -where he has lived almost his whole life-, at Escuela Superior de Diseño de las I.Baleares. He has lived in London UK where he increased his skills doing a course of printmaking at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and life drawing at The Art Academy. Moreover, he's looking for new experiences and finding out more technics to improve other ways to express himself.

During his studing period of Illustration, he tried a hugh variety of techincs like pastel, watercolours, colored pencil, white pencil on black canson paper, acrylics, graphite, charcoal and so on. Whatever he used, he easily found the way to reach the realism. His most identificative skill is that, whatever he use is able to produce an hiper realistic picture.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

3. Pedro Sacadura


Date of Birth : April 19th 1990
Education: Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon - Multimedia Art

4. Henrique Gendre

Henrique Gendre initiated his launch into the industry freelancing as a fashion illustrator at the age of 16.

He graduated from FAAP Fine Arts College in Sao Paulo and then moved to London where he started working as a photographer.

His fashion work has been featured in Vogue (Brazil), Vogue (Japan), L'Officiel (France), i-D Magazine, Grazia (France), Tank, Cosmopolitan (Germany), Tush, Sepp, The Sunday Times (UK), Vogue Homem (Brazil), and The Guardian (UK).

He has shot advertising campaigns for Adidas, Levi's, Nike, 'S Max Mara, Ann Taylor LOFT, Nextel, Animale, Santa Lolla, Ports 1961, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Amsterdam Sauer, Coca-Cola, A/O.

Henrique currently works and lives in New York.

5. Alexandra Klever

Alexandra Klever was born in Germany 1968. She has lived in the US as an exchange student and studied art in Germany and Scotland. She started working as a freelance photographer in 1998, dividing her time between Helsinki and Hamburg. Alexandra feels most comfortable living close to the sea.

She has worked for a variety of advertising clients (including Coca Cola, IBM and Nokia) as well as magazines in Europe and in the US. She loves to travel and to meet different people, that's why she mainly shoots people.

Alexandra especially enjoys working with children, since they live in a world of their own and she feels excited to have a look into this world. Bringing back memories of joy as well as feelings of immediate awkwardness. Feelings that we all still have, but which we have learned to keep to ourselves more or less well in our daily lives.

Even though her photograpy is staged to quite an extent, working with children she always has to be ready for the unexpected. She enjoys the challenge trying to capture that special honest moment which makes a picture worth looking at.

6. Benga - I Will Never Change

Directors - Us
Producer - Liz Kessler
Line Producer - Connor Hollman
DoP - Matt Fox
Gaffer - Ben Fordesman
Editor - Vid Price
Grade - Mark Corbin
Animation consultant - Alice Dupre
Structural consultant - Jorge Betancor
DIT - John Fisher
Runner - Tayo Rapoport
Runner - Paul Mckelvie
Runner - Chaelyn Allcock
Production Company - A+
Commissioner - Dan Millar

7. Richard Stultz

Richard Stultz has exhibited his photographs in solo and group exhibitions in the western United States. His work has been published in Camera Artsmagazine and Black & White magazine and is held in public and private collections. He is represented by Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto, California. He operates a commercial architectural photography practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

8. NAM

Gravity Defying Photography Chocolate Trail by art/design collective NAM.

9. Juan Iglesias

See more work by Juan HERE

10. David Toro - The Fabric of Dreams

Tied, gagged, blindfolded. Like living Matryoshka dolls, the models of "Pattern Recognition", shot by David Toro, reveal layers of texture and unusual postures. A mix of fabrics and brands to be explored.

Like the variety of scarves from New York Vintage, ironically used ad bondage ties, which reveal drapings that speak of traditional clothes at a considerable distance on the map, but close in the sensibility with which they compose brilliant chromatic universes.

Photos: David Toro
Models: Ruth Gruca e Jamie Simone
All the scarves: New York Vintage
A particular thank you to Tyler Benz