Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 10 Oct 17

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

1. Yanni Floros

Yanni Floros is an Adelaide based artist that trained at the National Art School in Sydney graduating as a sculpture major. Since then he has shown his work around Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and has been a finalist in art prizes such as the Dobell Drawing Prize 2010 and the Lethbridge 10000. His work extends across the disciplines of painting, sculpture and drawing and focuses on the pursuits of man and how those pursuits impact our development.

See more work by Yanni HERE

2. Wouter Van De Voorde

Wouter Van De Voorde on Wouter Van De Voorde
I am essentially a landscape painter. When I started making images I was painting outside with my easel in the middle of the night, trying to capture the darkness in oil-painting. I explore(d) my urban environment by foot or by bike, carefully mapping my battleground. From day one it was all about capturing places that had an atmospherical charge to it.

Through a shit-storm of soul-searching and surrealist detours in painting, photography has brought me back to the essence of my love for image making: portraying fragments of (urban) reality, attempting to construct images strong enough to carry the mood I wish to create. I can’t restrict myself to one particular concept, although the vowels and consonants of the landscape’s alphabet dictate my phrases.

Moving from Belgium to Australia has made me into a photographer (painter) in exile. As a permanent tourist, an alien, I capture things on this side of the world. I seek refuge in my images, trying to create a sense of belonging for myself.

I live and work in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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3. Patrick Krzyzanowski

Awesome watercolor paintings of semi naked and bloody wrestlers in ironic poses!
See more work by Krzyzanowski HERE

4. Jessica Silversaga

Photographer and journalist, based in stockholm, sweden.
Born 1982 in sundsvall.

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5. Adam Magyar

Hungarian Adam Magyar is a winner of America’s International Photography Awards (IPA) in 2009 and receiver of Grand Prize at the Hungarian Press Photo Awards in 2004. A photo from his ‘Stainless’ series was auctioned at the Frieze Art Fair last year to raise money for The Prince’s Trust. He was commissioned for projects involving the new Birmingham Library and Stratford Tube Station in UK. His images appear frequently in many photo magazines including Photo Magazine and British Journal of Photography. His works are collected by the HK Heritage Museum and private collectors in Asia and Europe. He currently lives and works in Germany.
See more work by Adam HERE

6. Choi Xooang

Choi Xooang has a amazing capability to pull you into his work. Mixing amazing technique and utter blunt shocking images Choi is climbing my list of favorite artists. Half of his outlandish pieces are not done just for shock value but to bring awareness to human right abuses in Korea.

7. Frank Eddie: Let Me Be The One You Call On

The debut release from the mysterious Mr Eddie.
Video directed, designed and animated by Mr Kaplin & Airside Nippon.

8. James Clapham

James on James
I'm graduate of the Cambridge School of Art, where i studied illustration and now i'm about to start studying for my MA Illustration at the Camberwell School of Arts.
Originally i was born and raised in Birkenhead (near liverpool) but now i'm living in South East London.

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9. Randy P Martin

According to Martin, who is currently based in Chicago, his formal photography training is limited to the "high school dark room." Besides having had his first show at Hibbleton Gallery in Fullerton, CA, last fall, his images have been picked up by several noted blogs such as Booooom. To find out such things like what camera Martin uses or what music he listens to, be sure to check out this revealing interview.

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10. Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter aka Mr Buffalo is back, beyond Gifs and stills, check out this little video!
Mr.Buffalo Archive