Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 10 Nov 20

Yet another Friday has arrived and so has another kick ass Top 10 List.
Not sure what's better; a Friday, the official beginning of the weekend or a kick ass Top 10 with the best of the net? Luckily for you dear reader, you don't have to choose.

Above is a list of my first favorite movies that sprung to mind. Anyone of them is worth checking out if you've missed seeing these classics.

...Enjoy the list.

Mr. J

1. Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser Works and lives in Amsterdam. His surreal digital manipulations are sometimes subtle, sometimes pushing at the boundaries of reality. His photos exude an alien quality through distorted notions of human beauty and behaviour.

Check out more work by Koen HERE

2. Alexis Anne Mackenzie


All of my collages are composed by hand - cut from books I've been collecting for years, and painstakingly pieced together as seamlessly as possible. They create themselves through a process beginning with a loose concept, followed by a series of trials and errors, subtle maneuvers, selection/elimination, harmonious unions, and happy accidents. It is a meditative process, and there is a lot of decision-making behind each element involved.

My general intent, throughout all my work, is to portray the world as a flawed thing of beauty - a place that shines brightly, but has a dark side to match.

3. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait

Official video of the new Charlotte Gainsbourg's single, in duo with Beck. Directed by Keith Schofield.

Check out more work by Keith Schofield HERE

4. Khuong Nguyen - Shoes-Up

About Le Creative Sweatshop

Le Creative Sweatshop is the result of the encounter between Ndeur and Make a Paper World in January 2009: a conceptual agency based of modern communication means and mediums, through the lens of the DIY culture, working on volume and space scenography.

NDEUR (Mathieu Missiaen) This French autodidact began exhibiting his paintings, sculptures and installations when he was 22, and then also worked on furniture design for several French clients. He moved to Canada in 2007, and founded NDEUR. From then on, he focused on the development of NDEUR shoes, based on the customisation of vintage stilettos. Numerous international magazines were then quickly fond of his work and wrote about it in their pages (WAD, XLR8R, computer art, Miss Behave, NYLON, MTV, Fashion Television etc.). The line quickly invaded several European and international markets such as USA, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Kuwait. Among others, he has collaborated with Fiat, Vans, Microsoft, and, Dein-Design, as well as Peter Gatien of the brand new club Circa, in Toronto, Canada.

MAKE A PAPER WORLD (Julien Morin) Born and bred in France, he studied communication and marketing and is also a street wear connoisseur, and just got into DIY. At the end of year 2007, he launched his first Paper Toy, influenced by street culture, and thus began working with several companies (Homecore, Projet M, 667, Totum) and focused his communication strategy on paper as his main visual medium.

The Creativ Sweatshop studio has already worked on diverse projects such as a demo pack for MAMZ’HELL, a French DJ (, the creation of several fashion accessories for the Canadian stylist Heidi Ackerman (link to her website) and the New York photographer Tchad Muller (wall paper magazine/ link to his website). They’ve also developed an interior design DIY pack in cardboard for a broader audience, in collaboration with Paristik (link). They’ll also be showcasing their work at the Prêt à Porter tradeshow in September 2009 in Paris, in the Shibuya area and will allow visitors to participate to an interactive installation made of 15 000 paper sculptures.

Check out more of their amazing work HERE

5. Esra Røise

Esra Røise about Esra Røise:
I'm Esra, a Norwegian freelance illustrator, living and working in Oslo, Norway. I started out with two years at Einar Granum School of Arts, and I am currently taking my bachelor degree in Visual Communications at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. I am available for jobs, so feel free drop me a line with any request, I'd love to hear from you.

See more work by Esra Røise or get in touch with her HERE

6. Chris Piascik

Check out more work by Chris HERE

7. Jin Young Yu Jin

Yu's scultpures. titled "A Family in Disguise".

We keep on living as we continuously meet many people and be apart, remember and be forgotten. In this kind of life, we disguise ourselves and live a hypocritical life to distinguish one's existence and to be recognized from the other. An instinct to find a free and true self, escaping from this yoke can never be concealed. However, the people have to make exaggerated gestures and stiff expressionless faces, and they live with contrary faces as they adapt themselves to this fast modern society. For each moments of being confused and controlled as we live with these numbers of people, we feel an impulse to identify a true face of oneself. 'What is the true face of me?'

Yu Jinyoung portrays truth and illusions of a family with a house, the hideaway of these people, as a background. The artist's previous work expresses a portrait of humans trapped in a society, and she has moved the meeting of her work into a fence called as home. Through everyday lives of family in very limited space called home, the inner world of family is closely examined.

The family wants to turn away their eyes from all discords and indifferences that are happening in a form of home, which should be intimate the most. They refuse an exposure to the outside by hiding themselves because they don't want to show their pretentious look as a friendly family. How the alienated family disguises themselves as friendly ones is portrayed through an uncomfortable meeting with guests who attend to family events like big holidays. The children, who came to terms with reputations and bluffs of adults from guest's visitation, automatically adapt themselves to hold down their emotions. The emotion spreads so far as to a dog.

The artist used a splendid flower on wall, clothes and even shadow in order to hide sad emotions of the family. The flowers in this work may look as a beautiful decoration for welcoming guests. But an intention of the artist is that the flower is more of a concealing tool than decoration. The pattern scatters one's eye from family's gloomy face to the splendid flowers and it produces a bright atmosphere. With this, it seems as the work has changed to a splendid image from the clear and simple works in past, but the artist's intention of what to express with that face is unchanged.

Check out more work by Yu HERE

8. Justin Lee Williams

Justin lives out side of the city in a tree house, he enjoys walking though the forrest in search of other hermits, his best friend is a wombat that visits him from time to time, they discuss news and current affairs.

These are paintings are from Justin's recent work, check out more of his work HERE

9. Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig like the contradiction, poetry, simplicity and complexity together and you can definitely see it in his art.

Check Ivan Puig portfolio HERE