Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10 April 29

Roamer has it that Prince William was a bit nervous last night and blogged himself to sleep on this very website. All the best to both to you and Catherine.

And to all you others...hope you enjoy it as well.

Mr. J  

1. Adam Taylor

My fathers slide nights on our lounge room wall were my first introduction to the possibilities of photography.

At 15, I convinced my father to turn our basement into a darkroom.
I shot rolls and rolls of photos of my friends, athletes and landscapes.
I was and still am, fascinated with capturing dynamic movement.
In my later teens I became a little distracted by surfing and snowboarding.

At 20 I permeated a disc in my spine snowboarding. Ouch! But it was a hinge event. I gave complete focus to my photography, went to art school and assisted all the best shooters in Europe. Then I got out there and traveled the world with my camera, searching and crafting the way for my professional career.

I’ve made it my life’s goal to be as creative and inspired as I can be in everything I do. I’d go insane without photography, film, music and my family.

Creative innovation and storytelling drives me. I am intrigued by how people relate to each other and how we connect to this beautiful planet. I dive right on into a creative brief and muster all of my professional and creative experience to make a great idea, brilliant.

See more work by Adam HERE

2. Tell-Tale By Greg Williams

Starring Carla Gugino and directed by Greg Williams, "Tell-Tale" is a Contemporary Film Noir, is the story of  an erotic game gone wrong. Bringing together a critically acclaimed cast, renowned photographer and first time director, Greg Williams, delivers a slick voyeuristic tale full of psychological tension.

3. Mozart Guerra

Mozart Guerra  
Est né à Recife, Brésil, en 1962. Il a fait ses études en architecture à l’université fédérale de Pernambouc et a obtenu son diplôme en 1986. Il a travaillé comme décorateur pour le théâtre, cinéma et télévision au Brésil et parallèlement a développé son travail comme sculpteur.  Mozart vit et travail comme sculpteur à Paris depuis 1992 et a participé de plusieurs expositions individuelles et collectives dans les salons d’art et galeries au Brésil, France,Canada, Allemagne, Belgique, Portugal, Espagne, Luxembourg et Italie.

See more more work by Mozart HERE

4. Fredrik Raddum

Fredrik Raddum live and work in Oslo. He works with sculpture, installation, photo and performance related journeys. He has exhibited at various spaces since 1999.

See more work by Fredrik HERE

5. Heineken Star Player - App

Play live with the UEFA Champions League and anticipate the outcome of live match moments to score. Take on your friends -- and the world. Get in the game

6. Marc Da Cunha Lopes

Born in 1979, Marc Da Cunha Lopes worked and lives in Paris. He studied photography in Gobelins, graduated in 2005. He mainly works for advertising and magazines.

See more work bt Marc HERE

7. Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville (born in Cambridge in 1970) is an English painter, she is one of the Young British Artist or YBAs. Saville is known for her large-scale painted depictions of naked women.

See more work by Jenny HERE

8. F5 Titles

For the opening titles of the F5 Festival, themed this year around happiness, we created a children's variety show of sorts, designed to surprise and delight our creative colleagues in attendance -- and how better than with hand-sewn puppets, painted geometry, and full body spandex. Be sure to check out the Puppet Outtakes (rated R for explicit language and sexual situations). Conceived, written, directed, designed, shot and produced in house at Buck.

Directed and Produced by Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Billy Mack
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Audio: Antfood

Art Direction: Gareth O'Brien
Script: Gareth O'Brien, Victoria Grant
DP: Seth Ricart
Set Design: Gareth O'Brien
Puppet Design: Gareth O'Brien
Set Construction: Gareth O'Brien, Victoria Grant, Kitty Dillard, Andreas Berglund
Puppet Construction: Tim Lagasse, Victoria Grant, Gareth O'Brien
Storyboards: Gareth O'Brien
Edit/Composite: Gareth O'Brien, Justin Lawes
Sir Basil Myrtle Willoughby: Tim Lagasse
Noodles: James Godwin
Glove: Tim Lagasse, Adam Wentworth

Art Direction: Yker Moreno
DP: Seth Ricart
Design: Yker Moreno, Chad Colby
Animation/Composite: Chad Colby, Yker Moreno
Faces: Victoria Grant, Enrrico Contreras, Andreina Restrepo, Waleed Zaiter , Saadia Shiina, Justin Lawes, Chad Colby
Props: Confetti Systems

Art Direction: Thomas Schmid
Design: Thomas Schmid
Animation: Daniel Oeffinger
Painting: Thomas Schmid, Justin Lawes, Maceo Frost, Andreas Berglund, Kitty Dillard, Anne Skopas
Composite: Daniel Oeffinger, Maceo Frost
Voice Talent: Jude Tait, Griffin Van Rhyn

Art Direction: Daniel Oeffinger
DP: Seth Ricart
Design: Thomas Schmid, Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips
Animation/Composite: Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips
Bassist: Brian Kesley
Drummer: Stu Bidwell
Hand Models: Wilson Brown, Kitty Dillard, Daniel Oeffinger, Chris Phillips, Orion Tait
Blow Dart Construction: Daniel Oeffinger, Soomin Baik 

9. Zutto

Hello! My name is Zutto. 
I'm a freelance illustrator based in Russia. 
Basic information:

10. MTV - Gif me more

MTV Mobile Europe - "Gif me more" / Parking
Buzzman agency - Dir. Keith Schofield