Friday, June 26, 2009

Top 10 June 26

Dear readers, here is another 10 ten list for you to indulge in, hope you like.

1. Alyssa Monks

Alyssa's paintings are of a representational narrative genre. She portrays a specific place and time with simultaneous empathy and detachment.

Monks is part of the Continuing Education Faculty at the New York Academy of Art, where she teaches Flesh Painting. She currently is also an instructor at the Montclair State University.

She earned her BA from Boston College and an MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art, Graduate School of Figurative Art. At the New York Academy of Art, Alyssa studied with Vincent Desiderio, Jenny Saville, Wade Schuman, Brenda Zlamany, John Jacobsmeyer, Harvey Citron, Deane Keller, Edward Schmidt, Steven Assael, and Lisa Bartolozzi. She additionally studied at Montclair State College, the New School, and Lorenzo de'Medici in Florence. She completed an artist in residency at Fullerton College.

Alyssa has been awarded the Grant for Painting from the Elizabeth Greensheilds Foundation three times and has had recent solo shows in New York and Anaheim, California.

Alyssa is currently represented by Sarah Bain Gallery in Anaheim and DFN Gallery in New York. Her work is available at David Klein Gallery in Michigan and Hespe Gallery in San Fransisco.

Check out here Portfolio HERE

2. Free Beats

Two days after Obamas historic election you had the opportunity in N.Y.C. to M.C. with free back up beats, simply awesome and very cheap!

Check out the video HERE

3. Hydroelectric power station Avce - Fixed gear heaven

"We were very lucky to had an opportunity to ride inside the accumulation pool before it fills with water!
Surface is very smooth hydroisolation coating, so perfect for riding.
That complex is reeeeeally huge.
/ Muslauf Slovenia ; Prvi Slovenski "fixed gear" blog.

Check out the blog HERE

4. Incase | HunterGatherer | Arkitip

The woodgrain-inspired products for Incase are based on a design collaboration between St. John and Gary Benzel, a frequent HunterGatherer collaborator.

Video by Felipe Lima & Phil Pinto

Check out the interview HERE

5. Modern Cabana

Get your "sommarstuga" on!
Modern Cabana makes small well designed little huts / houses for you or your dog to escape too.

Check out their Cabanas HERE

6. Get Your Basketball On

Leroy about Leroy
"In tenth grade, I beat out MJ for the last spot on our varsity basketball team, igniting a fire that inspired him to greatness. Since then I have motivized countless people with my inspirational DVD series and workshops. Now, with the launch of my revolutionary website, I’m finally able to motivate the world, including Canada."

Check out Mr Leroy's website and countless youtube clips HERE

7. Passive Aggressive Notes

Print is not dead and, compliments of Kerry Miller's collection of passive aggressive notes via the Internet, the fine examples of the physical interpersonal communication going on around us are free for our enjoyment.

In the same spirit as Post Secret and the NamelessleTTer Project, Passive Aggressive Notes chronicles the various ways we convey frustrations with roommates, soul mates, coworkers and others in that polite but not-so-polite manner.

A collection of the forthright notes that Miller assembled over the past few years are now on display at London's Kessels Kramer Outlet, a double-functioning gallery and innovative communication solutions agency—the perfect venue for such loquacious fodder.

Miller uses the term "passive" loosely. Some of the submissions are downright nasty while some actually play to the tactful route, but almost all are thoughts and concerns we've all experienced, making this exhibit painstakingly amusing.

Check out the site HERE

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8. Cannes Touchwall

Minority report meets Cannes.
It's cool, a bit scary and yet fascinating.

Check out the Touchwall demo HERE

9. Ydk

"I am ydk, or morimoe.

check out her portfolio HERE

10. Gadget Packaging at its Finest

Samsung releases its latest 12.2 megapixel, HD-shooting camera next week -- the WB1000. Being a Monday Morning Madness post (a weekly ritual of ours, in case you weren’t unaware), this post isn’t specifically about the camera but rather about the gadgets remarkable packaging.
Now, what we don’t know is whether this is genuine or merely a very clever viral video to attract attention to the camera -- either way, its ingenious and definitely worth a minute of your time.

Check out the video HERE

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