Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 10 May 1

Here comes another top 10 list of random things I've bumped into on my web journey of discovery.
I hope you like it as much as i do.


/ Jon Moon


1. Sierra Games Now Online

On-Line Systems, had been established in 1979 by Ken and Roberta Williams in Los Angeles, California. First game was huge step in computer entertainment market - Mystery House was first game game mixing text and pictures. Next successful game was The Wizard and the Princess. Williams earned enough money to move out of Los Angeles to Sierra Nevada mountain range. Around year 1981 On-Line systems changed name to Sierra On-Line. In year 1983 Sierra developed another successful game - King's Quest was first 3D adventure game. In year 1988 Sierra changed name to Sierra On-Line Inc. and was announced on NASDAQ. In early '90 years of XX century Sierra bought several game development companies, such as Dynamix or Impressions Games. In year 1996 Ken Williams resigned from being Sierra chairman and company was sold to CUC International. In December 1997 CUC International merged with HFS Incorporated under new name of Cendant Corporation, and Sierra become part of Cendant Software. After financial scandal in year 1998 Sierra was taken over be Vivendi games. Also in this year Sierra split up to five divisions: Sierra Attractions, Sierra Home, Sierra Sports, Sierra Studios and Dynamix. On 19th February 2002 Sierra On-Line changed name to Sierra Entertainment. Since 2006 all Vivendi games are published under Sierra label.

Play the classic Sierra games HERE

2. Samuel François

Samuel François makes his first marks by intervening in a rough way on urban space. Active member of the “Inkunstruction”collective created in 2000, he became the witness of the cultural changes related to urban space. His productions question its representations, codes and rules. They are translated using various mediums and take shape in the form of innumerable supports, mainly by the means of installations,which skilfully mix objects and paintings. A joyful manipulator of symbols, his goal is above all to preach a transitory art of which spontaneity and decasualization of the images are the bases of the work. In the majority of his work, Samuel questions its decorative position, hugely declined today amongst our society, this one including contemporary creation.He establishes a playfully formal unit there,where the decoration can be perceived like a fundamental part of the work. Hence making this simple remark :graffiti,such as he practised it at the beginnings in urban spaces,is a decorative element in its own rights for the uninitiated public.The graff then becomes a purely aesthetic unit stripped of its primary function :the signature, a name as a name,which adapts itself to a chosen territory. Its references are as numerous for the subjects - friends,animals,objects - as for the forms - bands,patterns various,colours mainly resulting from architecture and textile.The artist therefore pays more attention to the image than its direction,without omitting it nevertheless.He likes to short-circuit his habits by using accidents to his advantage. Spontaneity forms an integral part of the final result,reflecting an unconscious mark left by a population on its environment.It is then a question of not repeating oneself,even if it means to blur the tracks. By proposing well thought installations for spaces, which welcome them,Samuel François leaves a rigid yoke,which would like to impose a stylistic autograph - a schematized representation- on the detriment of creativity. And paradoxically,it is there that his work finds its identity,that of perpetually moulting lava,ready to spit its layers of paint.It is by aligning his rhythm with that of the city that the artist renews himself. Here, he sows coloured paper balls in the way of a graffiti laid out along the walls.Here,he exits the urban territory to tackle the rural one :where the city is exhausted by its speed, the countryside shows creative gravity, with the image of its pastoral posts with painted stripes,ready-made supports for the mycosis flora.Or how to reinvent the camouflage motif.Samuel François likes to play,and doesn’t take himself to seriously :whether it’s games of hide-andseek (when he installs a pair of legs,the feet in the air,emerging from ground) or when he disperses puddles of detergent products, amusing himself with the multicoloured reflections of the liquids...It is certainly this playful and naive aspect,not to say childish – he loves felt-tips -,which amuses the spectator so much. Urban space within the gallery, while losing yourself by the woods,let yourself get caught up in the game of colour.

Check out Samuel François Portfolio HERE

3. Passion Pit - The Reeling

"For the lead video off Passion Pit's eagerly anticipated debut LP, 3 of our creatives banded together into a multi-headed directing beast. A beast we now call Hydra.

Inspired by the worn away layers of street art, advertising, and flyers plastered around downtown New York, they set out to create a world of distressed, animated paper. Think: Cases of spray glue, 2 video projectors, a couple of workhorse color copiers, untold reams of paper, 2 mannequins, 4 mexican wrestling masks, a stage full of carboard Moogs, and one 1971 Charger, covered in 3000 sheets of torn flyers.

The video, shot on the new handheld Canon 5d DSLR, was edited, tracked and composited in a normal post workflow. Then, every other frame, some 4305 of them, were printed out, crumpled up, spray mounted in stacks, and then reshot on homemade animation stands. A month of long nights, razor cuts, toxic fumes, and a terrabyte of stills later, we came out with this.

Enjoy. We had a blast making it." - Humble

Video directed by the Humble collective. Passion Pit appear courtesy of Frenchkiss Records and Columbia UK.

Check out the video HERE

4. Last Nights Party

Sex, drugs and famous people!

Check out the party pictures HERE

5. L.A. Bike Scene

Los Angeles has it all. From fearless racers to tall bike riders, the L.A. Bike Scene is the biggest party and the craziest ride you've ever been on.
P.S. Check out the tache-fashions in this film, it's pretty awesome.

See the movie HERE

6. Grooveshark

Here is an other music site that enables you to search free music and make your own play list and poke about.

Check it out HERE

7. We Are Wizards

Harry Potter fans get their own close-up: A magically energetic documentary, profiling some of the power players in their community. Featuring the one and only Brad Neely!

Check ot the the documentary at hulu HERE

8. PhotoRemix

PhotoRemix is a project were Photographers are invited to have their work remixed by the Commando Group . The Pictures above are the first in a series of upcoming remixes.
Photographer: Damien Heinisch

Check out more remixes and random nuggets HERE

9. Nike+ Trash Talk Banner

The Nike+ Challenge Men vs. Women is all about beating the other gender on the running track. We took this spirit to the Web by connecting a Nike+ banner on a website for women with one on a website for men. Thus, we created a direct communication channel, that gave the adversarial sexes a chance to talk things out or just verbally beat the crap out of each other.

Check out the trash talk banner campaign video HERE

10. Flick-To-Twitt

Ever wanted to post a photo on Flickr and announce it right away on Twitter?

That what's allows you to do!

Check out Flick-To-Twitt HERE