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1. Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi

Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi on Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi
I studied photography at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (CITM), where I worked as lighting teacher. I’ve tought for more than 10 years at several schools from Barcelona (IDEP, CEV, GrisArt, CREA Formación), and also in Vocational Training Centres (Centro de Tecnologías avanzadas de Zaragoza, CTA) and Community Centres (Can Basté, Pati Llimona, etc). In 2003 I founded CitizenPixel, a company specialised in production of advertising images, in which I had the chance to work for important companies such as Audi, Burberry, Mayoral or Industrias Cosmic, in cooperation with the main advertising agencies (Contrapunto, BBDO, CP Interactive).

Currently, my career as a photographer has two main aspects: On one hand, I work as trainer and I research on new digital postproduction techniques, and on the other hand I work as independent photographer (author photography and to order).
I’m the coordinator of Arte/Facto (, an on-line training school where I teach digital postproduction.

See more work by Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi HERE

2. Sebastian Schramm

3. Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner is an art photographer, who often uses scientific phenomena tocreate his images, being it sound waves, that make color “dance”,flour balloons, that look like cotton blossoms, when they burst orstrange materials and liquids. Helives near Zurich, Switzerland where he runs a photo studio.

4. JetBlue Election Protection 2012

What are you gonna do if your guy -- whoever he may be -- doesn't win the Presidential Election? The country is obviously going to the dogs, so why not leave? JetBlue and Mullen nicely echo the "I'm moving to _____" sentiment with the Election Protection campaign, which promises customers a free flight if their candidate doesn't win.

Visit the site, select your Presidential choice, and enter for a chance to win a ticket to one of the airline's 21 destinations. The site also has a real-time map showing where Americans want to escape to, and after the election results are in, 1,006 tickets will be given away. The brand is also on a canvassing tour around the country, out to encourage people to vote.

Of course, the point is to get customers to go out and vote -- but we have to wonder, how many people are going to vote for the "other guy" just for the free flight?

5. Effelle

Filippo Del Vita and Laura Garcia Serventi met while studying at the prestigious Center for Contemporary Photography "Fondazione Studio Marangoni" in Florence.

Filippo born and raised in Italy had been early introduced to photography by his grandfather and Laura, Argentinean, became interested in the medium when attending the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

Ever since they met, a profound collaboration grew between them.

Their Italian years were mostly devoted to art. Their work has been selected by numerous awards and exhibited at the Triennale of Milan, the Contemporary Art Fair Artissima, the Biennale in Reus Spain, the Fotofestiwal in Poland, the Lodz Festival in Lithuania and the Italian Foundation of Photography just to mention a few. Meanwhile they also started working on fashion and still life projects and their work is regularly used for advertising and published in American and International magazines.

They live and work between Milan and New York where they founded Effelle Photography.

6. Boris Pelcer

Based in USA, Boris Pelcer is a designer & artist working in a variety of mediums, including, but not limited to - drawing, painting, illustration, lettering & typography. He creates to inspire a sense of curiosity, joy & encourage moments of insight.

Originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Boris emigrated to USA with his family in search of a better life. Since then, he has received his BFA in Illustration from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. He has worked as a Senior Apparel Graphic Designer at Brew City Brand Apparel, where he had the opportunity to work with great clients such as Urban Outfitters, Spencer's, Zumiez, Hot Topic, Harley Davidson, Miller Brewing Co., Target & Kohl's. He has also been awarded by Society of Illustrators.

Boris thought Figure Drawing for Illustrators & Illustration Seminar at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Currently, Boris teaches Graphic Design & Typography at University of Idaho: College of Art & Architecture. Meanwhile he is pursuing his MFA to further discover authentic methods of visual expression.

7. Damien Vignaux aka Elroy

Damien Vignaux is a Germany based Photographer and director. He’s influenced by pop culture, music and films, and he likes to experiment with a variety of media in his work, which often has a timeless quality.

8. John Kilar

25 year old photographer, John Kilar, uses his camera to document the culture and environment that directly surrounds him. He currently lives in Venice Beach, California.

9. Stefan Zsaitsits

Stefan Zsaitsits was born in 1981 in Hainburg/Donau in Lower Austria where he currently lives and works as a painter and fine artist. He attended the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and after graduating in 2006 he quickly began garnering critical praise and attention for his beautifully haunting and enigmatic work.

10. John Woo - He Wear It

John on John:
My name is John Woo, not the “Face off” director. I am a designer and illustrator. But I quite sure we have many things in common. We both love art, grow up in Hong Kong. I studied design in local school, and most of times, I study by myself.