Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top 10 April 30

10 more people kicking butt at what they do.
Have a look and get inspired.

Mr. J

1. Simon Davidson

Born in New Zealand, raised in Sydney, Simon Davidson discovered photography at the age of 25. 
His early years of photography were spent in the darkroom developing film and printing black and white images. Moving to New York in the late nineties to assist fashion photographers, Simon returned to Australia in the new millennium to further assist before dabbling in fashion photography himself. A chance excursion to a street drag racing meet one cold winter evening changed the direction of his work.
He has been photographing Australian custom car culture as a personal endeavour for the last decade. This project has allowed him a healthy editorial career in the V8 car scene leading to an advertising career. While the cars are central to the project, the people and the characters are a rich source of subject.

2. Tape Generations - Johan Rijpma

Large groups of tape rolls go through a long process of development and degeneration. The extremely slow paced life of these objects is being revealed within an isolated space where everything starts from a symmetric composition. From this orderly state deviations and differences in behaviour slowly become visible through the force of gravity. Resulting in unpredictable shapes and movements that somehow feel familiar.

By Johan Rijpma

3. Körner Union

Körner Union is Sami Benhadj, Tarik Hayward and Guy Meldem.

4. Ewa Mos

Ewa on Ewa:
My name is Ewa Mos for friends Moscva.
I'm freelance illustrator/graphic designer 
UK based.

In illustrations also in photography I like catching strange things.
I love skulls,hearts and skulls!That's right. 
My all illustrations are hand-drawing and colorized in digital way.

I love to join photo&illustration together
worked for many dj's,events agencies,clubs-making posters and logos
collaborated with Don't Panic,MISBHAVE,DesignWars,SUPERSWEET,wall-over,BOLO mgz,SOME mgz,DIM MAK

You are more than welcome to have a look for my portfolio.

Ewa Mos


5. Luis Sanchis

We shine our spotlight on the work of Spanish photographer Luis Sanchis. His cinematic images possess a magnetic quality that draws you in and moves you, leaving you with a sense of wonder and emotional bliss.

6. Jo Peel - Things Change

A 3 week painting condensed into a 3 minute animation. This is a short story told on a big wall at Village Underground in Shoreditch, London

7. Elizabeth G. Browne

Elizabeth G. Browne
B. 1987
Los Angeles, Ca

8. Oslo, August 31st

One day in the life of Anders, a young recovering drug addict, who takes a brief leave from his treatment center to interview for a job and catch up with old friends in Oslo.

Directed by Joachim Trier

9. Old Spice - I Can Do Anything

When you smell like a champion, the only thing standing in the way of success is all of the other things it takes to be a champion besides smell.

10. Melanie Pullen - Crime Scene

See more work by Melanie Pullen HERE

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