Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 10 Oct 3

Ahh Virtual Lördags Godis on a Monday!

Mr. J

1. Matthew Brodie

Nice work from London based photographer Matthew Brodie.
See more work Matthew HERE

2. Mark Steinmetz

Mark Steinmetz resides in Athens, Georgia.

Recent Exhibitions
2007 Permanent Collection, The Museum of Modern Art
2007-8 Girls on the Verge: Portraits of Adolescence, The Art Institute of Chicago
2008 Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, Portland, OR
2009 Modern Wing Inaugural Exhibition, The Art Institute of Chicago
2009 Faces, Charles Hartman Fine Art, Portland, OR
2009 The Tree, James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai, China

See More Work by Mark HERE

3. Nicholas Alan Cope

Raised in Maryland, Nicholas moved to Los Angeles in 2004
and attended Art Center College of Design. Since graduating
Nicholas has worked for a number of commercial and editorial
clients while also working on personal projects.

See more work by Cope HERE

4. Marianna Ignataki

Marianna Ignataki is a visual artist. Her work mostly consists of color pencil drawings on paper.
She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and studied Fine Arts at the Saint-Etienne Fine Art School in France. She has also lived for a while in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany. She currently lives and works in Beijing, China.
Marianna Ignataki has shown her work in several solo and group exhibitions around Europe. Her last solo show 'Sphinx' took place this past Spring at Fake Space gallery in Beijing.
She has also done freelance illustration work for Eegoo Culture - O2 Creative Institution, Pixology studio Beijing and Designers United.
She is currently presenting a series of scarves which she designed for the ‘Dragon' project of the National Museum of China in collaboration with Eegoo Culture - O2 Creative Institution. The opening of the 15 participating artists and designers group show, which will include original artworks and objects created, will take place at the National Museum of China, Beijing in November.

See more work by Marianna HERE

5. Jo Metson Scott

Sometimes things happen for a reason and there is no explanation for it at all as to why. Is this fate? Do you even believe in that malarkey. Hell knows, all we know is that Jo Metson Scott is a little super star in the making. We were contacted by Jo and asked if we would be interested in featuring, after a cup of tea, a small nap then a jog round the block we realised that this was a no brainier. Actually we tell lies, we knew instantly we had to post about it.

Back in 2006 JMS collaborated with set designer Nicola Yeoman and the rest is what they call history. Arrgh that’s what we say but this is what the jargon says.

Through a mutual process of experimentation, shared interests and admiration of each other’s practices, Metson Scott and Yeoman’s partnership began in 2006 when they created a displaced pirate ship crashing through an open copse in an unknown British woodland. The success of this working relationship developed into an ongoing series over the following years. ‘And Then…’ explores notions of childlike fantasies, escapism, and Neverland make-believe worlds that are created in times of play and adventure. The images capture elaborate dens and temporary spaces that exist for only a short time, using a few props, found items or the fauna around the locale.

This series of photographs contain open-ended narratives, leaving room for the viewer’s own imagination or interpretation; the outcome can be as innocent or as macabre as you would wish it to be. ‘And Then…’ deals with displacement, things that are not quite as they should be, for example sea-bound ships or UFO’s in woodland, and driverless horse drawn carriages charging through an open field. They appear ghostly when seen through a supernatural mist or fog.

The landscapes within the ‘And Then…’ series are as important as the structures themselves, a fallen branch within the woods can take on the role of the bow of a ship, or the wing of a plane. It is the shapes created in nature that feed this project.

Jo Metson Scott’s website [click here]

6. Brendan Danielsson


Born, 1974 – Springfield, MO.
Lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

See more work by Brendan Danielsson HERE

7. Mariana Garcia

1986, the year i was born.
Mty, Mexico is my hometown.

After getting a degree in graphic design, I developed an aesthetic eye and decided to become a photographer.
My work —a mixture of portrait, fashion, reportage and constantly growing in other disciplines, such as architecture— has been named as artsy shots.
I like to think photography affords me a closeness to the present in an unusual way. What i adore mostly about being a photographer is when i can create a mood of nostalgia, romanticism, something from the "good old days".

I'm currently also working on a side project entitled Porcelaine Project
(A Photography and Retouching Studio) founded in 2010 by my lovely friend and partner, the photographer Cecy Young and myself.

Feel free to contact me:
(T) 811 555 6225

See more work by Mariana HERE

8. Grain & Gram Website

The New Gentleman’s Journal is how Grain&Gram best describe what this site is about. Think of jobs that your Dad or Granddad might have done many years ago, like working as a blacksmith, carpenter, craftsman, tailor or printmaker.

Grain&Gram is essentially a magazine that delivers a rare insight into the lives of a select few chaps who make a living with skills passed on through generations. Each ‘dusty gent’ has a feature length interview, some bloody nice photographs of themselves looking proper and working in a shed/studio of some kind way out in a blazing hot forest somewhere in the USA.

This really is a beautiful site, with a very simple and clean colour palette, great little touches with icons and type, and overall great content that has all been thought out to really capture the scene of each gent.

Check out Grain & Gram Website HERE

9. Marcelo Gomes

Brazilian photographer Marcelo Gomes left behind a degree in Political Science to work at Index Magazine in New York and later assist Mark Borthwick. Now flying solo, Marcelo’s first bookLove and Before, Green and After has just been published and his colourful, almost voyeuristic work has appeared in New York Magazine and the latest Urban Outfitters catalog.

Name: Marcelo Gomes
Year of birth: 1979
Nationality: Brazilian
Based In: New York and Sao Paulo

10. Dylan Coulter

Photographer based in Brooklyn, New York
See more work by Dylan HERE