Monday, February 20, 2012

Top 10 Feb 20

Rather late then not at all.
Here comes this weeks edition of creative inspiration.

Hope you like.

Mr. J

1. Jacob Sutton

Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer
A Night-time Snowboarding Short Lights Up the Last of the Winter Snow

Fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton swaps the studio for the slopes of Tignes in the Rhône-Alpes region of south-eastern France, with a luminous after hours short starring Artec pro snowboarder William Hughes. The electrifying film sees Hughes light up the snow-covered French hills in a bespoke L.E.D.-enveloped suit courtesy of designer and electronics whizz John Spatcher. “I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness,” says Sutton of his costume choice. “I've always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.” Sutton, who has created work for the likes of Hermès, Burberry and The New York Times, spent three nights on a skidoo with his trusty Red Epic camera at temperatures of -25C to snap Hughes carving effortlessly through the deep snow, even enlisting his own father to help maintain the temperamental suit throughout the demanding shoot. “Filming in the suit was the most surreal thing I’ve done in 20 years of snowboarding,” says Hughes of the charged salopettes. “Luckily there was plenty of vin rouge to keep me warm, and Jacob’s enthusiasm kept everyone going through the cold nights.”

Visit our Facebook page to read interviews with filmmaker Jacob Sutton, snowboarder William Hughes, and the rest of the team behind the L.E.D Surfing film.

See mor work by Jacob Sutton HERE

2. John Clang

Artist Statement:
The mundane and the commonplace attract me—I always profess an affinity for subject matters closely related to my daily life. I often dwell upon urban and contemporary themes and landscapes; be it the city or its inhabitants. Intrigued by subtle changes in my environment, I find a corresponding shift in my feelings and thoughts. Hence, my images are a poetic reflection of myself in response to the nuanced changes in my environment.

In series like Silhouette/Urban Intervention (Black Tape), Strangers, Time, Out of Context, Beijing/NYC, Remembering Strangers, My Twilight Window and Self-reflection, I grapple with issues of estrangement and intimacy in an urban space; the displacement of familiar urban objects, views and perspectives; as well as our sense of identity and place in this world.

The deeply personal also occupies my work, specifically the themes of memory, identity and longing as a son living overseas for years and separated from my family back home. In series like Erasure and Guilt, I respectively explore the fears when contemplating the death of a loved one, and the guilt of disappointing our loved ones. Explorations of identity can also take a turn for the playful and provocative—as evidenced in lighter series like Beon Sleeps and Me and Friends.

Ultimately, a good photograph is one that brings us face to face with our own existence. It pulls the stranger standing next to us into the intimate radius of our life. It collapses the beauty and strangeness around us into one. It connects. A good photograph does all these.

See more work by John Clang HERE

3. Jamie Nelson

Jamie Nelson is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer with work shown in numerous international publications, ad campaigns and billboards.
Nelson recently participated in a New Museum / Chandelier Art Exhibit in New York as well as a collective exhibit in Rome.

4. Andrei Varga

Name Andrei Varga
Born 22.12.1984 Targu-Mures Romania.
Fine arts.LocationCluj-Napoca, Romania

2008- 2010- Master Degree ( MA), University of Art and Design,
Cluj- Napoca, Romania
Area(s) of Specialization: Fine Arts
2004-2008 University degree ( BA), issued by the University of Art
and Design,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Area(s) of Specialization: Fine Arts
2006-2007 Socrates/Erasmus Mobility, Palermo, Italy
1999-2003 High School Leaving Certificate issued by The Fine Arts High School,
Targu-Mures, Romania
2006 International painting Competition “Poszt”, (National Theatre Meeting in Pecs) Pecsi Gallery, Pecs, Hungary – 1st Prize

5. Everything is a Remix

Remixing is a folk art but the techniques are the same ones used at any level of creation: copy, transform, and combine. You could even say that everything is a remix.
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An exploration of the remix techniques involved in producing films. Part Two of a four-part series.

An additional supplement to this video can be seen here:

Creativity isn't magic. Part three of this four-part series explores how innovations truly happen.

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6. Buenos Aires - Inception Park

Directed by Fernando Livschitz

7. Erik Ravelo

I'm Erik Ravelo. Habana, Cuba. 1978. Creative Director.

8. Vasare Nar

Hi my name is Vasare Nar I’m freelance Illustrator/ Artists. This site contains illustrations and patterns that I’ve created recently.

I’m always interested in collaborations and commissions. If you would like to work with me please get in touch at or+447842927758

9. Game Over

For more pleasure, if you don't have good speakers, use Headphones!

This is an Independent short film made for Pix' n Love Editions.
I thought this movie as a visual and sound experiment guided by the rhythm which imposes the sound to the pictures.
Everything goes always faster quite as we change television channels.
The challenge was to create the rhythm with static shot.

Sounds recorded with a zoom H4N, and fostex Fr2-le + shoeps mk4.
Shot on 7D.

Many thanks to :
Pix'n Love, Marin Queyraud, Emilie Bonin, Gilles Marc, Antoine Domanec, Nicolas Gruber, Lucile Lhermitte, Julie Arabeyre, Gilles Larroze, Leo et Ja Gualino, Olivier Obame, Guy La tannerie, Lucie, Bernard, Elsa Masseron...

Directed by Gioacchino Petronicce.
HD, STEREO, 1:34

10. Dee Dee Kid

About is the creative output and online portfolio of Niklas Coskan.
I’m a 21 years old boy from Berlin, Germany.

I LOVE to draw, to doodle, to scribble, to illustrate, to talk,
to hear music, to skate, to party and to live my LIFE…

I HATE especially nothing.

Since I finished my A-Level in 2009
I work as an freelanced Illustrator/Designer.
I’ll start my design study in winter 2010.
I’m always interested in new projects/collabs/jobs/etc.

So feel free to contact me.