Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top 10 Sep 4

Yet another Friday has reached the internet and i am glad to say I found 10 new post for this weeks blog.
Even though some days it feels like I've reached the end of the internet, I'm glad to say that if you lift and turn on every single kilobyte out there, there is always new exciting work worth checking out, even if it is located on a far far sever in distant internet.

So For this week again a link you to a best of the decade list by This week it is Top 50 music videos, Check it out HERE.

hope you like it.
All the best.


1. Learn Something Every Day

Great site with a fact and a little doodle for every day. Both cute and wistful.
pure genius.

Check out the site HERE

2. Ivan Ebel

Ivan Ebel is born in 1983, Ivan Ebel, creates in 2001 with four other artists, the Collectif Doux-Jesus, with whom he exhibits several times. Harsh, funny, cruel, his paintings are the reflection of the world as he sees it. Ivan Ebel has always endeavoured to describe human condition, often exaggerating and metaphorizing, spewing on the canvas what is showed to us but no longer moves us. Thus he attempts to breathe new emotion into subjects, which have become frightfully banal.

Check out more work by Ivan HERE

3. Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum

Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum (what a name!) creates meta-knitted sculptural installations that emphasize an overwhelming array color patterns using mostly knitted fabric and blankets. These bursting animated forms engulf and transform a space into a heavenly spectrum and in their geometric abstraction suggest a homey environment that you would only find in happy induced dreams. The costumes are inventive, creating imaginative and quirky characters that seem innocent enough to cuddle with but with a guarded stance that can be quite intimidating.

A few words from the artist about her interests, influences, and process:

“I’m really into crocheted/knit materials. I use to go to thrift stores a lot and would always see these amazing psychedelic blankets for like 99 cents languishing in these bins. They were so beautiful and so underappreciated. A lot of women put a lot of time and love into those blankets. I started buying crocheted blankets and scarves and hats and pillows and sewing them into these crazy large “metablankets” . I also collect unfinished blankets and blanket pieces (granny squares) and reconfigure them.

What really attracted me to the blankets was not the knitting, although I appreciate the time and skill of it for sure. I’m a terrible knitter myself. It was the insane color combinations, some by choice and some by necessity, that really attracted me. Particularly the junction between the psychedelic creativity of color choice and the “mundane-ness” of a…blanket. Above all else I’m interested in color.

Color is all we see and use to understand our surroundings. And it is attached to so much feeling/emotion. My work is very primary/primal. I work with color, the tactile, archetypes of form and landscape, mythology. My process is intuitive and based in an exploration of anything that interests me in conjunction with an exploration of the materials I’m working with. I really like to make things."

Applebaum lives and works in San Francisco and currently has a show at Receiver Gallery in San Francisco. She also has a show coming up in December at Pool Gallery in Berlin. She’ll have a piece at Mission17 in San Francisco and a collaborative piece at Ever Gold.

Check out More of her work HERE

4. Mi-Zo

Photographer duo, Zoren Gold and Minori, have started their collaboration in 2000 their shared curiosity of mixing each of their different skills took them on a journey of discovering the new venue of photographic image making. Their approach to the photography is not only about capturing the moment of physical reality, but it is to unveil their freedom of individual / alternative reality. The fascination of what is possible in image making had lead them to experiment with improvising different mediums as well as keeping the spontaneity to unlock their fantasy.

Wow now that was a mouthful.

Check out their portfolio HERE

5. Bobby Neel Adams Age-Map

Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (child and adult) are spliced together. In this fusion a jump-of-time is established at the tear.

Check out more pictures like this HERE


It's hard to keep up with the kids these days, one day your the shit and the next your that old dude wearing a 20 year old Sonic Youth tee that the kids laugh at!
Well this site can help you keep track on the 99 most popular emerging songs in the world, check it out, learn a couple of bands remember a couple of tunes and your fit to go to the next student party. Good luck.

Check out HERE

7. Ryan T. Riss / Craptical

Amazing drawings of poop and other crap, check out more work by Ryan HERE

8. Old Spice - Different Scents for Different Gents

Ok, I got a soft side for silly adverts and I really like this.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin
Art Director: Craig Allen
Copywriter: Eric Kallman
Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Director: Tom Kuntz

9. Biel Capllonch

There's something strange going on in this series by photographer Biel Capllonch – something that involves missing persons, enigmatic clues and stray body parts. We're in the midst of a good old-fashioned murder mystery, a detective thriller in which the all-male cast investigates a string of crime scenes, and makes some creepy discoveries along the way. And yet these guys seem rather more concerned with looking chic than solving the case. Far from being your average grizzled cops, all crumpled shirts, eye bags and stained coffee mugs, they are each perfectly coiffed, impeccably clad models striking classic catalogue poses - making the whole thing all the more delightfully weird.

Check out Biel Capllonch's portfolio HERE

10. Richard Wilkinson

3 posters illustrated by Richard Wilkinson for Saatchi & Saatchi in Germany as part of a speculative campaign for Head & Shoulders.

Check out more beautiful work done by Mr. Wilkinson HERE