Monday, September 5, 2011

Top 10 Sep 5

It's still Monday and here comes a late night edition of Top 10.
Hall till godo.

Mr. J

1. Oh Yeah Studio


About Oh Yeah Studio:
our aim is to seduce, inspire and create emotional responses to all visual projects. A design solution should of course also be innovative and communicative. We work widely within the design disciplines, our services range from:

• Brand identity
• Art direction
• Web design

See more kick ass work by Oh Yeah HERE

2. Rob Sato

Born in Sacramento, California
EDUCATION B.F.A. California College of Arts & Craft.

See more work by Rob HERE

3. Wiley - Numbers In Action

Artist - Wiley
Track - Numbers In Action
Label - Big Dada
Directors - Us 
Production - Academy
Producer - Liz Kessler
Production Manager - Kerry Smart
DOP - Marcus Domleo
1st AD - James Dyer
Focus Puller - Dave Litchfield
Electrician - Dave Coote
Set Desinger - Fred Rigby
Art Dep - Stephany Pollard, Jason Devine
Art Dep Assistant - Scott Taylor, Omar Fahmi
Edit - Ed Chesseman (Final Cut)
TK - Denny (Rushes)
Post - Run
Make Up - Jess Blackman

4. Sølve Sundsbø

Sølve Sundsbø is one of the great innovators in contemporary image-making. His capacity for visual experimentation has brought him enduring respect within the industry. His advertising clients include Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermès, H&M, Levis, Nike and Yves Saint Laurent. Sundsbø has also created editorials for Another, Dazed and Confused, i-D, Interview, Italian Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Numero, NYTimes, Visionaire and V. He has directed short films for Nike, Gucci and SHOWstudio.

Sølve Sundsbø was born and raised in Norway, and has lived in London since 1995. His photographs have been included in important fashion photography exhibitions including the Festival de Hyères and The Archaeology of Elegance.

See more work by Sølve HERE

5. Mateusz Kolek

There isn’t much in the way of information about illustrator Mateusz Kolek at his website. What you will find however are some really nice illustrations that speak more about his abilities than words could manage.

6. Sophie Delaporte

About Sophie:
Born in Paris, Sophie Delaporte studied photography and film at the ENSLL art school in Paris.

After graduating, she moved to London and started to work for the English press. Her first publications appeared in i-D magazine, with whom she collaborates since a long time.

She currently lives and works between Paris and New York. Her work has been shown in four solo exhibitions at Marion Meyer Gallery in Paris, Scream Gallery in London and at Sous les Etoiles in NY. Also widely in group exhibitions and internatinal art fairs as Art Chicago, Bâle Miami, Photo london,”Work on Paper” NY and Art Paris.

Sophie recently worked for clients as Le Bon Marché, Hermès, Dior,
John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier and Astier de Villatte.

Her pictures are regularly featured in numerous books and publications as Italian Vogue, Uomo Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Chinese Vogue, i-D magazine, Another Magazine.

See more work by Sophie HERE

7. Sony Internet TV. Television Redefined

Sony has launched “Television Redefined”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to build awareness and understanding of IPTVs and build on Sony’s Qriocity streaming service for films, TV and music. Sony teleports viewers through time reminiscing on years past through the spirit of technology. In 1960, when TVs were assumed to be large living room fixtures, Sony opened the door to personal television use. In 1968, Sony helped define the vibrant color TV viewing experience with Trinitron color TVs. Today, more than 40 years later, Sony continues to innovate with access to endless entertainment choices through the internet, 3DTV technology, and seamless search across the entire internet, TV and your DVR with Google TV features, and new designs featuring Gorilla Glass.

Director: Steve Scott
Animation / 3D: Johnny Green 
The Television Redefined campaign was developed at by Grey London.
Narrator is actor Christian Slater. Music is by UK dance act Magnetic Man.

8. Lana Del Ray - Video Games

One of the best and most addictive new voice of 2011, Lana Del Rey will most definitively become a new music icon. Self-proclaimed “gangster Nancy Sinatra” accompanied by minimal arrangement of harp and cinematic strings, the NYC singer-songwriter makes “Video Games” a classic with a so peculiar low-brow video that fast grips our interested, not only by the her unprecedented natural beauty but by the appealing video selection used to make the clip. Listen and be amazed!

9. Dylan DeRose - Cat Fanciers Association

Photographer Dylan DeRose’s Cat Fanciers Association series proves that not only do dog owners look like their pets but cat owners do as well.

10. Ed Bing Lee - Delectable

Artist Statement
The Picnic series marked my first foray into the world of fiber art. The series dating from the mid 1980's, juxtaposed selected passages from two of George Seurat's monumental paintings, namely Sunday on the Grande Jatte and Bathers at Asnieres, with contemporary food images selected from advertising art. Some 10 years later, I turned again to the food images, visualizing them three dimensionally. However, the transition from earlier pieces to sculptural forms was not an immediate one, I moved gradually through several series, including framed pieces of historical miniatures, bas-relief of Orchids, the Earthcrust series and the current series, titled Meditations on the Chawan.
My initial attraction to the process of knotting was its immediacy and the fact that little specialized equipment is required, which allows for great latitude in approach as to design, concept and technique. In the Picnic series the work is akin to making a tapestry. The image is created by vertical clove hitch over a fixed "warp", guided by a cartoon. I thought the process of creating an image of multicolor knots is not unlike Seurat's pointillism. In three dimensional or sculptural work, the knotting process is most forgiving and the work can progress in many directions simultaneously. The distinction of warp and filling is interchangeable. Shaping is possible in a variety of ways: by adding or dropping ends, by using different tensions, by using different knots or by using a different material. It is in the Chawan series that I sought to revitalize my work habits by revisiting these possibilities.
In the end, I continually return to art history for visual and conceptual stimulation. For me it is the perfect jumping off point for work in a technique that knows no boundaries.

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