Sunday, January 15, 2012

1. Une Fille Comme Les Autres

Matthew Frost and Jalouse Magazine have created "Une Fille Comme Les Autres" a clever and hilarious spoof video which lays out the successful formula for the classic viral lookbook video and absolutely hits the nail on the head.

2. Direct TV by Grey New York

3. Brad Woofin

Born a son of the maritimes in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1970. Brad headed west in 1991 and eventually studied printmaking and painting at The Evergreen State College. Brad now lives in Montréal.

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4. Soul Plasticity by Sonia & Mark Whitesnow

Sonia and Mark on Sonia and Mark:
We are young artists, the couple, from Kirov, Russian Federation, both 25 years old.
Our strong intention is to do everything we do in our artwork with open heart, great efforts and professionalism. All our life we've been studying the principles of image processing, and photography.
Creativity comes from our hearts, sometimes our works are electrified, we live each day consciously and very attentive to each moment of our life, keeping delicate attitude to life, to every part of life, to each other. We can say we transfer our vision of being to our artworks. Everything is mutual and together, we are two parts of the whole.

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5. Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf is a German Illustrator with a refreshing love of colours, shapes and compositions. She became interested in Illustration during her studies in Fashion Design. Back then she did commissioned work for Maxi and Kid’s Wear Magazine. Peggy moved to London in 2006 and has since worked on Post Card Designs forBoss Print, Illustrations for Spiderlilly and the magazine Ameera.

6. Russell Nachman

Russell Nachman (American, 1966) use of allegory serves his critical, and sometimes harsh, look at his roots as well as our culture at large. Known for his watercolors of discarded Utopian dreams Russell's work now enters a new chapter in his expanding narrative, depicting figures that can be seen as one step farther down the road of disillusionment. Nachman uses the trappings of Black Metal culture to portray a harlequin for our time. The Black Metal tradition is one of contradictions, steeped in rebellion and hedonism, yet seeking absurdly antiquated notions of purity and truth. Nachman's modern day jesters, seen as buffoons of Black Metal, become unwitting relaters of an unspoken truth -- the folly behind all our masks.
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7. vacuum-sealed Couples by Hal

Tokyo-based artist photographer hal has created the 'flesh love' series. his body of work explores the concept of worldly love through couples. in 'flesh love', hal pulls the lovers so near to one another that they transform into a single being - a vacuum-sealed pack of love.
The artist wraps blankets the models with a plastic sheet in which he removes the air from to bond the lover together. Hal is able to capture several photos in the few moments the couple is sealed within
the plastic encasement. the series is now available in a book compilation and an ipad application.

'I go to kabukicho in shinjuku, underground bars in shibuya and many other places which are full of activity like luscious night time bee-hives. when i see a couple of interest i will begin to negotiate. i’m sure that many people initially think of my proposal as unusual or even look through me like i am completely invisible, but i always push forward with my challenge to them. 
The models appear from all walks of life and individually have included musicians, dancers, strippers, laborers, restaurant and bar managers, photographers, businessmen and women, unsettled and unemployed, et al.' - photographer hal

8. Steingrim Veum

"I like rationality, mathematics, tactility. The brain is our most important organ. It is also our most important sexual organ. It fascinates me because I do not understand it. I do not understand sexuality. In many ways it is so silly. Pornography is very silly. I think it is silly that I find it arousing. I like to look at my drawings as a way of making fun of myself. I think it is important to laugh at your mirror. I like laughter." - Steingrim Veum

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9. Sacha Goldberger - Before and After Shots of Joggers

Last summer, Sacha Goldberger decided he would take on a very interesting project. He assembled a team who helped him create an outdoor studio at Bois de Boulogne, a park located near Paris that's 2 1/2 times the size of New York's Central Park. He stopped joggers, asking them for a favor - would they sprint for him and then pose right after for his camera? Many obliged. Out of breath, these joggers showed an overwhelming amount of fatigue on their faces.

Goldberger then asked these same people to come into his professional studio exactly one week later. Using the same light, he asked them to pose the same way they had before.

"I wanted to show the difference between our natural and brute side versus how we represent ourselves to society," Goldberger tells us. "The difference was very surprising."

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10. Rippled - All India Radio

Over 6 months in the making and almost 3 years on from 'Lucky' their first light painting collaboration Darcy Prendergast and the creative team at OH YEAH WOW have again paired with the beautiful music of ALL INDIA RADIO to bring you their latest music video, 'Rippled'. Painstakingly animated frame by frame, the piece is all shot in camera, by real people, in the real world, using long exposure techniques... We hope you enjoy.

All India Radio- The Silent Surf, out now at:

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