Friday, April 15, 2011

Top 10 April 15

Thanks for stopping by, you are the best... hope you like this weeks Top 10!
And as a belated holiday bonus, I'll pop this short film in as a virtual thank you for your visit:

By the way if you think it is sick to use The Muppet's kid friendly song Mah Nà Mah Nà in this short film, well, what can I say... It actually first was used in the Italian soft porn mockumentary "Sweden: Heaven and Hell".

Sweden Heaven and Hell Version
The Muppets Version

Take care and have a great weekend.

Mr. J

1. Hedi Slimane - Diary

Hedi Slimane, a fashion designer and cultural photographer, recently took some striking black and white portraits at Coachella, and his photo-diary form the event is certainly worth a look.  The collection includes spontaneous shots, stark, intimate portraits and some scattered still life photographs.
The forty-year-old French designer was awarded the International Designer of the Year by the CFDA in 2002 and boasts a strong website with a photography blog holding over 1200 images.

check out her photo diary HERE

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2. Elisabeth Moch

Elisabeth Moch draws with passion.
She lives and works as an illustrator
in Berlin.

See more work by Elisabeth HERE

3. Devin Mcgrath

The Artist currently known as Devin McGrath is a modest man. Eschewing such terms as “genius” and “one-man cultural zeitgeist”, he has forged an artistic career that is the envy of his entire family. Compared by some critics to those elephants who have been trained to hold a paintbrush, his style is unmistakable and inimitable. With the artistic impulse flowing through his veins like hepatitis, Devin McGrath’s illustrations tell us of a man, with a keen eye; perhaps even two keen eyes and a skilled hand. It is, paradoxically, with this freakish and presumably hideous hand covered in eyes that he searches for the inherent beauty in everyday circumstance.

McGrath has been described by Margaret Thatcher as “that guy hiding in my garden”, and by the us government as a “person of interest”. High praise indeed for someone so new to the
illustration scene. Devin McGrath currently has two children, and wants $500, 000, or else...

See more work by Devin Mcgrath HERE

4. Tin & Ed

Tin & Ed is a Melbourne based graphic design studio creating work in a broad range of media. Our work encompasses traditional design projects as well as commissioned illustration, sculpture and installation. We have worked for a variety of clients of all sizes and enjoy working collaboratively with people with different backgrounds and ideas.
Our commissioned illustrations and installations have been used for print and digital advertising campaigns and editorials within Australia and internationally. Working with various agencies we have also created a range of installations for different events and launches. Our work has been commissioned for large scale murals as well as prints for fashion labels.
Coming from a background in graphic design, we enjoy working on traditional design projects in both print and web. we have created publications, identities, posters, signage and websites for arts organisations, architects, dance companies, retail stores and businesses of all sizes.
Studio Projects
we have taken part in solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney and our exhibition Holy-grams was shown as part of the 2010 Melbourne Arts Festival. We regularly collaborate with other artist and designers, and our studio projects are used as an experimental space to help inform our commissions and design work.
If you would like to commission us for a project, please email us (at)
See more work by Tin & Ed HERE

5. Edible Poster By Anna Garforth

Great type + great food, a marriage of two favorites that look so good you don’t want to ruin by eating. Anna Garforth  created this tasty poster using biscuits. After seeing this, I want to dice up some cookie dough with an Exacto so bad. Okay, now I’m hungry. 
Check out the rest of Anna’s  experimental work here.

6. Rudi De Wet

Rudi De Wet
→ Feel free to contact me anytime for commissions, collaborations or any inquiries.
→ Email me:
→ Call me directly: +27.713.404.618
→ Twitter. LinkedIn. The Loop. Skype: mr.drdewet. Bèhance.
→ For other illustration inquiries please contact The Jacky Winter Group
→ AU: 03.8060.9745⎜US: +1.646.797.2761⎜UK: +44.20.8144.9874  

See more work by Rudi De Wet HERE

7. Kristof Luyckx

Kristof Luyckx on Kristof Luyckx:
I'm a freelance illustrator / director / animator / designer. I live in Ghent (Belgium) and make tv-idents, program titles, commercials, illustrations, character design, logo's, shortfilm, and music videos. I worked on projects for Knack Magazine, Canvas, Woestijnvis, Vtm, Jim, MTV, Studio Brussel, Het Parool, WWF, Coca-Cola, Vrij Nederland, De Standaard.

See more work by Kristof HERE

8. tUnE-yArDs Bizness

Director, Producer: Mimi Cave
Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone (
Choreographer: Sonia Reiter
Editor: Ashley Rodholm
Production Design: Miriam Lakes, Adrian Elliot
Wardrobe: Rachel Marcus, Chris Mozsary
Hair&Makeup: Lorenzo Diaz, Kat Steinmetz
Assistant Director: Micah Gendron
Production Manager: Michael Macdonald
Production Company: Autofuss (
Color: SPY

9. Inge Jacobsen

Inge on Inge:
I'm currently studying Photography at Kingston University. I did my first year in Fine Art at Kingston before deciding that photography was the direction I wanted to go in. I would still consider myself a fine artist and artist such as John Baldessari have influenced some of my most recent pieces. I like to work over images either by hand or with Photoshop, I use my photography as a base to work on. I also enjoy stitching onto commercial magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. I like the idea of having something mass produced become unique and handmade. The Harper's Bazaar took just under two months too create, and I plan on starting a Vogue piece in the near future.

See more work by Inge Jacobsen HERE

10. David Black

Print magazine named David as a Top New Visual Artist under 30, he was included in The Art Directors Club of New York “Young Gun’s 5” show and book in 2007, and in 2008 David was nominated for best individual portrait by The NY Photo Festival. His work has appeared in American Photography 22, and he is a frequent contributor to T: The NY Times Style Magazine, Interview, and Stop Smiling, to name a few. David is also a talented director & cinematographer, and as such has worked with Au Revoir Simone, Devendra Banhart, Dallas Acid, The Virgins, Hearts Revolution, Sundance Channel, and MTV. In his spare time, David is a visiting instructor at Pratt Institute and The San Francisco Art Institute. He currently splits his time between NYC & LA.