Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top 10 Feb 12

This week has been a good week and I started a new blog.
(Do not worry, it will not effect this blog :)

It's called Kill-Fuck-Marry  after the classic teen time-passing game of the same name.
The rules are simple, you get three characters and you have to make up your mind 
which one you would Kill, Fuck or Marry.

I have grand plans to turn this into a Facebook connect game. Three of your facebook friends are randomly selected for you to play Kill, Fuck, Marry on. It will de-friend the person you choose to kill, poke the person you want to do the dirty with and last but not least, your relationship status changes to "now in a relationship with ......." the person you choose to marry. Call me if you make FB apps. This is solid gold.

I also stumbled across the new Onitsuka Tiger 'Made of japan' campaign, awesome work
done by some really good friends of mine at Amsterdam Worldwide   
They had a great write up in Designboom about the campaign - definitely worth checking out.

That's it for this week, good luck everyone on Sunday!
Stay classy internet.

/Mr J

1. Puma viral offers football fans romantic get - out on Valentine's Day

LONDON - Puma has launched a Valentine's Day-themed viral campaign by Droga5 that allows football fans to dedicate a pub chorus singing 'Truly Madly Deeply' by Australian pop band Savage Garden to their other halves.

This year several FA Cup matches clash with Valentine's Day on Sunday, so Puma intends the viral to "soften the blow with fans' loved ones" when they go off to watch a game.  

Fans can send the video by visiting, from where they can send a personalised video to someone either via Facebook or email.  

A dedicated 'Puma Hardchorus' website shows a group of football fans standing in formation in a pub, singing the 1997 hit in a terrace style.  

The viral forms part of Puma's global Love = Football campaign, which has seen international footballers such as Egypt striker Mohamed Zidan sporting a love-heart-shaped logo.

Sweetest Valentines Ad so far!

2. Shauna Richardson

Thoughts by Shauna:
When I entered into art education I thought I would first get to the bottom of what art was, then study and practice it. What followed was an obsessive three year attempt to find an answer to the question ‘What is art?’ During this time I devoured books explored theories and attempted to push the boundaries of those theories. ‘Anything Can Be Art’ is one popular theory. This concept has permitted artists to produce a rich bank of wide ranging work including audio pieces, gestures, text, actions, the void. Traditional craft was as far removed from my practice as it was possible to be but I never did stop questioning. Crochet? Realism? Highly accessible themes?

See more work by Shauna HERE

3. Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

I'm on a horse!

4. Ricardo Fumanal

Ricardo Fumanal was born in Huesca in 1984 and moved to London after cultivating his youthful spirit in Barcelona and Madrid.  

Fumanal’s artistic training began at the Lleida Secondary School of Arts, where he specialised in graphic and advertising design. He later moved to Barcelona, where he worked as a graphic designer while extending his studies in printing techniques and illustration. After collaborating with a number of studios and art directors, he focused on producing illustrations in varying media and formats. These include work for or magazines such as Dazed&Confused, German Glamour, El País/EP3, Marie Claire, Hercules, Metal, Apartamento, Wallpaper*, Nylon Guys, and a great many covers for literary review Leer.  

His clients include the Barcelona City Council or fashion brands Pull& Bear and Mango (Fumanal developed an expanded dynamic illustration project used as a backdrop for Mango ’s Spring/Summer 2008 catwalk show).  

During his period in Barcelona, Ricardo Fumanal managed the implementation of Arxiu_Dossiers , an innovative documentation centre focusing on the work of contemporary artists selected by a committee of experts as being representative of the city’s creative environment. The initiative was hosted by the Santa Mònica Art Centre ( CASM ), which also commissioned a set of mural illustrations carried out on-site by the artist.  

Ricardo Fumanal’s interests range from photography for fashion and advertising to the Fine Arts. Thus, his main professional activity as an illustrator draws from a broad array of techniques and languages. His current artistic outlook is expanding from the realm of manual drawing (marker, pencil and ink on paper) into moving images.  

Indeed, his scope of action is located in a non-place where speed and stillness exist side by side, implying that his current work arises from a fragmented, multifaceted and versatile gaze. His images follow a diagrammatic procedure that provides for their reinterpretation as collage and subsequent analogical postproduction. His compositional identity is thus defined by simplicity and a confrontation between figures and background, resorting to a network of references, icons and spontaneously topical items, all tangled with resources, recollections and pre-generational links.

Check out more work by Ricardo HERE

5. Wrangler Bluebell SS10 Website

The popular denim brand Wrangler has unveiled their new website for the 2010 Spring/Summer Collection of Blue Bell, a premium sub-label. Focusing on interactive design, the site allows users to direct the model’s actions by clicking and dragging. Inspired by vintage denims, classic 1950s styling and Western Americana, the collection predominantly consists of jeans, chinos, shirts and jackets. 
Experience this unique interactive interface HERE

6. Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy. Watch the "Making of" HERE
Directed by: Arev Manoukian 

7. Augusto Giovanetti

Augusto Giovanetti is an illustrator based in Uruguay. 
Check out more work by Mr Prrr HERE

8. Markus Leitsch - Furr

In his installations, Austrian artist Markus Leitsch is dealing with the mutual transformation and dependence of human being and technology, the desire for perfection and immortality we project on technology, as well as the monstrosities, resulting from it.

Markus Leitsch used often skin in its artworks and regarding this material as casing protection, exchange and captivity appear in an ambivalent relationship. The two male hide figures are self-portraits of the artist reproducing the mould of his body and which he uses as a “Suit” or second skin. 

See more work by Markus HERE

9. Vincent Fournier - Space Project

Vincent Fournier’s images reflect his fascination for the space age through an archive of the most significant space complexes from all over the world including, The Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre of the Russian Federation, the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, the Guiana Space Centre, the Atacama Desert Observatories in Chile, among others. From the global village to the space odyssey and more recently the underworld project, his photographs are allegories and criticism for our dream of a science fiction utopia.

See more work by Vincent HERE

10. Luckybits - Birdbox

Luckybits (durrell bishop and tom hulbert) have developed an app and product  that mixes the iPhone together with a physical object. 'birdbox' is a birdhouse and free app which turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a nesting box cuckoo alarm clock.  the alarm gently wakens you with the sound and sight of nesting birds.  when you touch the clock face, it reveals the interior of the birdbox.   

Get your Birdbox HERE