Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top 10 April 2

Kids, no fooling around here...Got good stuff for you guys this week.
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1. Daniel Shea - Plume

Shea On Shea:
I am a photographer and teacher based in Chicago, IL. I am a founding member of Dreamboats Collective, a photography collective and agency. For print, commission and editorial inquiries please contact me directly. To help fund the second trip to photograph Plume, I am continuing this print sale.

Plume, 2009-ongoing:

Plume is a photographic exploration of Southeast Ohio and its unusually dense concentration of coal-fired power plants. It serves as a follow-up to the work I made in 2007 in Appalachia, Removing Mountains, which focused on mountaintop removal, a particularly pervasive form of coal mining. Plume follows this coal up river to Ohio, where it is being burned to generate electricity.

Plume is a work in progress. To help fund the second leg of the trip, I am continuing this print sale.

Plume was funded through a print sale fund-raising effort. I would not have been able to make this work without the generous support of the following people: Zachary Allen, Caitlin Arnold, Alis Atwell, Jake Berry, Ramsey Beyer, Toby Blyth, Timothy Briner, Erin Chrest, Matthew Cox, Chris DiPietro, Sahadeva Hammari, Peter Hoffman, Ben Horns, Cesar Llacuna, Kurt Mars, Shawn May, David Schalliol, Bryan Schutmaat, Brian and Martina Shea, Patrick Sheehan, Christopher Simpson, Martial Soucaze-Guillous, George Slade, Rafael Soldi, Mel Trittin, Katherine Zeltner, Jin Zhu. Thank you!

See more work by Daniel HERE

2. A Love Letter For You - Stephen Powers

See more work by Espo HERE

3. Théo Génnitsakis

Théo Gennitsakis is now Creative Director for LA SURPRISE Paris.
See Théo's Portfolio HERE

4. Dido Fontana

Born in Italy in the early 70s Dido Fontana grew up surrounded by his dad’s camera and art works, doing himself art with different media, readying the big giants, lifting weights and looking at every kind of imagery. In this way in his mind increased an extraordinary heterogenic plethora of images you now can find in his photos which represent not only a figure and where there’s no message but a world. His soul is baroque and his eye is damned and voyeuristic but his style is raw and sexual, fashion and anti-fashion at the same time. But first of all it is direct and pure, without alternations or embellishments.

See more work by Dido's HERE

5. Old Spice I Flex

More insane, awesome Old Spice work from Wieden + Kennedy. This time, we get a bodybuilder who punches, kicks, blocks and generally destroys odor—and everything else in his path—in the service of Odor Blocker Body Wash. This guy's on something, and it's not a horse. Plus, he has these crazy talking abdominals. Two more ads after the jump.

6. Ambi Pur's "Pink Flowers Room Spray"

Really cool ambient for Ambi Pur's "Pink Flowers Room Spray".
Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany
Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Michael Ohanian
Art Director: Nicole Grözinger
Artist: Sarah Illenberger

7. IMAKETHINGS aka Andrew Groves

About IMAKETHINGS: I am IMAKETHINGS aka Andrew Groves, a freelance illustrator creating graphic works for a wide range of clients and projects. With a particular interest in the natural world, I aim to invent characters that explore the grotesque beauty of it's many beasts and creatures and the folklore that surrounds them.

I am currently based in the UK creating work for clients such as Foundation Skateboards, Snowboarder Magazine, Orange and Panasonic to name but a few. I am also constantly involved in self initiated projects and schemes as well as creating work for exhibitions and shows worldwide.

I'm currently available for commissions and always interested in hearing about new projects and collaborations.

You can contact me here:
And you can also find me in these places: Twitter, Society6, YCN and Flickr.
See more work by IMAKETHINGS HERE

8. AFOL A Blocumentary

Passion combines with creativity in this documentary that features a selection of AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) from the Pacific NorthWest.
Directed by Jess Gibson

9. Megan Breukelman

Megan on Megan:
My name is megan breukelman. i am sixteen years old. i have found myself enchanted with the world of photography since i was very young, and am now a self taught photographer. i have been published in a national magazine, and as well online several times. i have always liked to say i am an amateur photographer and a professional dreamer. i photograph weddings, portraits, events, and nature; among other things. feel free to contact me if interested in a shoot. i don’t like to be confined to a studio, so my shoots tend to be on-location of your choice. art has nothing to do with age!

Check out more photos by Megan HERE

10. The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Produced By: FITC, Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Lunch, and Tool