Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 10 April 15 but meant for 17

Well i know it's not Friday fun just yet, but i'm off to Amsterdam today to meet little Miss Lina Stigsson (Below) a great friend and great tattoo artist. Check out her Tat-skills HERE. After a day in Amsterdam i'm off to a full on British wedding, and from what i've seen in movies they seem like a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of headache.

1. Teppei Kaneuji

Here is Teppei Kaneuji Teenage fanclub creatures, pastic figure, hot melt adhesive.

Check out more weirdness HERE

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2. Mr Bingo Drawes Hair

Great hair from great people and one hairy monster.

Check out Mr Bingo's portfolio HERE

3. Jeremy Fish - The Ambush

A 4:20 min long mover of Jeremy Fish drawing a lake and pipe smoking gnomes.

Check Jeremy paint HERE

4. A picture and the story behind it

On this site you get a picture and the story behind the pictures (Recorded over a phone conversation) told by the Photographer (Sort of).

Check out the site HERE

5. Tom Hines

Lovely Pictures from Tom Hines.

Check his portfolio out HERE

6. Fifty People One Question

50 people answering the same question, sweet movies now from Brooklyn and London

Check the two existing films out HERE

7. Michael Ciervo

Check out more paintings by Michael Ciervo HERE

8. Anvil - The story of Anvil

Wow this movie looks like a riot. Metal meets American Movie.

Check the trailer out HERE

9. Kickers teams up with Modern Toss

This year Kickers teamed up with the guys from Modern Toss and created "Random Bandits" - A twisted take on the world that'll make you feel good.

Anyway Check out Kickers - "Random Bandits" Viral HERE

10. Commune

Great design from Japan.

Check Commune out HERE