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Sunday, November 4, 2012

1. Bryan Schutmaat

​Grays the Mountain Sends
​This project combines portraits, landscapes, and still lifes in a series of photos ​that explores the lives of working people residing in small mountain towns and mining communities in the American ​West. ​Equipped with a large format view camera, and inspired by the poetry of Richard Hugo, I’ve aimed ​to hint at narratives ​and relay the experiences of strangers ​met in settings that spur my own emotions. Ultimately, this body of work ​is a ​meditation on small town life, the landscape, and more importantly, the inner landscapes of common men.

Born 1983, Houston, TX
Currently based in Brooklyn, NY
Available for commissions and is happy to travel wherever.

See more Work by Bryan HERE

2. Andrew Groves

About / Contact
I am Andrew Groves. I live in a barn in the woods where I create images and make objects for client and personal projects. Natural phenomenon, wilderness exploration and adventures are common themes in my work, but I'm willing and able to tackle any subject matter. I'm currently seeking illustration commissions and projects, as well as running Miscellaneous Adventures: a craft project showcasing and selling handmade wooden objects and outdoor accessories.

If you'd like to work on a project with me, you can contact me directly:

+44 (0) 7402 471 738

Or through UNSEEN Agency:
65a Adelaide Avenue
+44 (0) 7876 716 360

You can also find me in these places:
Twitter, Tumblr and Behance.

3. Joakim Saul

See more work by Joakim HERE
+1 646 667 5387

4. Daniel Bolliger - I am a good Socialist

Daniel Bolliger
*1976  lives and works in Zurich / Berlin / London / New York / Los Angeles

5. Daniel Agdag

Artist Daniel Agdag created paper sculptures for his series ‘Sets for a Film I’ll never make’. Each detailed piece is created entirely from cardboard and PVA glue. Hard to imagine me with glue and paper to do such precise work. Agdag shifted his focus to creating individual pieces while he was in the process of preparing for a short film. He describes his process as ‘sketching with cardboard’.

6. Cleo Sullivan

Cleo Sullivan's first photographs were taken of her pony Magic somewhere near the age of 8. Inspired by her mother and grandmother who were both artists, Cleo attended Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where she graduated with a degree in painting. By the age of 24, she was shooting professionally, living and working in both Milan and Paris. Her photographs draw inspiration from her early childhood, they are fanciful and convey a quirky and unique sense of humor. Cleo's work was first shown publicly at a group exposition at the Louvre in 1996. Her photographs have since been shown at the Kodak-sponsored exhibition in Arles, and at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, as part of Minds of the Mode at the International Fashion Festival in Japan and as well as in several group shows in New York. Her whimsical sensibility has since translated perfectly into the world of moving imagery, where she has been directing clever advertisements for clients including Dessange, Mac, Rembrandt, and Mikli. She currently resides in New York with her boyfriend, her two gorgeous sons Rohm and Haven and her Italian Greyhound, Nudie.

7. Shelley Miller

Montreal based artist Shelley Miller challenges the rough and gritty world of graffiti with her cake icing graffiti. Instead of the usual tags and throw ups Miller brings to the streets a delicate floral touch more likely to be found on triple decker wedding cake from the victorian era.

What makes Miller’s work even more interesting is that her pieces don’t just look like cake frosting but actually are cake frosting! This adds another layer of interest as these intensely ornate pieces disappear and melt off the walls almost as fast as they go up. See more of her works below and check out this great blog post documenting one of her more elaborate pieces as it fades away due to the elements.

8. Lisa Wiseman

Lisa Wiseman lives in San Francisco, where she collects photography books and contemporary art. Her photography is about transitions and in-between spaces. As a result, she shoots fashion and portraiture with a fine art eye. Of her work, she says: ‘Through a deliberate use of cropping, I create a narrative that focuses on elements that sometimes go unnoticed. My images often have a cinematic film-still quality, which makes the viewer feel connected yet voyeuristic. I want the viewer to create their own end to the story. I am currently shooting editorial work, fashion, portraiture, and fine art projects.

9. Sensory Overload (Interacting with Autism Project)

Some people with autism have difficulty processing intense, multiple sensory experiences at once. This animation gives the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life.

Created as part of Mark Jonathan Harris' and Marhsa Kinder's "Interacting with Autism." Coming in January 1st 2013, IWA is a three-year transmedia project funded by the federal Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ). University Professor Marsha Kinder, the Executive Director of the Labyrinth Project at USC, and Mark Harris are heading a team of filmmakers and artists working to build an interactive, video intensive website that will focus on the best available treatments for autism.


Director and Animator:
Miguel Jiron

Produced and Developed by:
Scott Mahoy, Creative Director of Interacting with Autism

Special Thanks:
Mark Jonathan Harris, Shelbi Jay Kepler, Mike Patterson, Candace Reckinger, Kathy Smith
For more work, check out my website

10. Guillaume Kayacan

Guillaume Kayacan is a 23 years old photographer based out of Brussels, Belgium. He is represented by Carole Congos, Kaptive. He's focused on talents/music portraits, commercials and editorials. See Behance See Tumblr