Sunday, July 29, 2012

1. Ugo Gattoni

Art Director / Illustrator
Freelance, 23 years, Paris

2. Alex Kisilevich

Alex Kisilevich born Toronto, Canada.

3. Namsa Leuba

Namsa Leuba was born to a Guinean mother and an Helvetian father. She grew up on the shores of Neuchatel’s lake in Switzerland. In 2011, Namsa Leuba graduated from ECAL/ University of art and design Lausanne, obtaining a BA in photography.

For 2 years her research focused on African identity through Western eyes.

In 2010, the jury of the festival of photography Planche(s) Contact of Deauville, chaired by Bettina Rheims, awarded her the prize of the students of photography schools. She subsequently obtained an artist residency in Deauville and an exhibition. Her work has been published in Numéro magazine and the photographs taken during her diploma "Ya Kala Ben" have been exhibited at the Lausanne contemporary art complex (elac) in 2011.

For this work, Namsa Leuba was awarded the ECAL prize, the BCV prize meant to reward a student of the Photo Unit who stands out through the quality of their work, and the Elinchrom prize, awarded to a student of the Photographic Unit who has produced excellent work during the attainment of their diploma.

Namsa was awarded the Hyeres PhotoGlobal Prize 2012 for wich she received a scholarship to study for one year at the school of visual art in New York (USA).

In 2012, she received a 3 months artist residency at l'Atelier vaudois du 700e de la Cité International des Arts in Paris (FR).

4. Peter Crawley

Peter Crawley studied and continues to work in the field of Product Design. He also creates
Stitched Illustrations. The illustrations are created by hand piercing various stocks of
paper with a pin and then stitching the paper with a needle and cotton thread. The first
piece was inspired by a road trip across America, and the desire to illustrate the journey.

The illustrations have been used commercially by world leading brands, publications and
advertising agencies.
Illustrations are held in private collections in the UK, Europe and North America.
Peter’s work has been featured in leading art and design publications and exhibitions.

Peter is represented in the UK by Jules Beazley

Identity by Studio Parris Wakefield
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5. Daniel Fuller

About the artist:

As a photographer and a internationally renowned professional surfer Daniel Fuller has traveled the world and simultaneously observed and experienced with a unique perspective how the mind perceives and how the body projects through rapidly transforming visual realities within often physically life threatening situations. For his exhibition Night for Day Fuller has created images of an invisible world in a reversal of the day for night film technique to a night for day method where the moon acts as a reflector of the sun creating the resemblance of daylight and a vision of nocturnal consciousness.

Fuller shot the photographs for his Night for Day body of work between midnight and 5 am during the brightest full moon at waters edge in Hawaii and Mexico. Fuller’s long night time exposures capture the hauntingly beautiful locations such as “Insanities,” “Keiki’s,” “Three tables,” “Hanakapi’a i,” “Monster Mush,” and “Playa Las Viudas.” The choices of these spots were based on the predicted effects that the tones of the sand and the clarity and depths of water would have on the eventual exposure to moonlight. All of the work is an extension of time during which images build themselves according to the movements of natural forces. Clouds, water, and sand shift with wind to perform painterly strokes of light set against the constants of the horizon and the immovable rock formations. Here the unreality of day is built out of darkness.

Inspired by the tradition of theatrical pictorial innovation present in the landscape and seascape photography of Ansel Adams, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Andreas Gursky -Fuller has positioned his photographic practice against the notion of the decisive moment and instead creates the opportunity for the photograph to demonstrate a drawn out convergence of natural forces. The performance of creating these photos presents continuity with his surfing where stamina, projection through space and time set up an existential relationship to the resulting image. Fuller performs so nature can perform its self-painting process.

The photos become capacitors of time where light’s ability to describe perceptual space is accumulated and stored within 2 dimensions reflecting a movement toward a transcendental abstract space. Day for Night: Night for Day.

In filmmaking the Day for Night process is defined by scenes that are shot out doors during the very bright light of day using blue filters and underexposure to create the illusion of darkness or moonlight. Daniel Fuller inverts this process and sets conditions where the appearance of a nocturnal world is made through the accumulation of light and the sustained capturing of natural movement. Fuller’s photographs suggest the creation of a different human eye capable of night vision that sees the haunting appearance of the unimagined and the un-seeable. Unlike the macro unreachable phenomenon of the images of the nebula as recorded by the Hubble or the micro world as seen through an electron microscope Fuller’s pictures illuminate our one to one state of being that is all around us. Like the dark matter within Natures nocturnal architecture our perception of existence would not work with out this missing link. Fuller’s Night for Day photographs create a visual ignition point for conceptualizing that missing link.

6. Channel 4 Paralympic Games - Meet The Superhuman

7. Claudia Rogge

Claudia Rogge lives and works in Düsseldorf.

8. Adidas - David Beckham Pops Up

The surprise of a lifetime was unveiled at Westfield Stratford City as adidas brought astonished shoppers face to face with global icon David Beckham.

9. Cloudy

We are so excited to present the short film "Cloudy", an art piece with the purpose to transcend its viewers to a relaxed and joyous state. It will be premiering on i am OTHER via Pharrell Williams’ brand new cultural movement, an entertainment based portal online. Read on to be transported to the clouds!

This short is an exploration into the Clouds. The idea of clouds singing and performing their duties in a joyful manner show us that everything in our world has a role and a purpose.
A sweet visual soundscape that takes the viewer through a personal journey into the sky. Sing, dance and relax as you follow a sweet cast of clouds and raindrops through an entrancing adventure you'll wish to take over and over again.

Check out more work at Friends With You

10. Estela Cuadro

Estela A. Cuadro born May 22, 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
visual artist, illustrator & graphic designer.