Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 10 Sep 17

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Top 10!
With a couple of nuggets from the past week, hope you like!


1. Douglas Lee

New York City based Designer Illustrator, Douglas Lee, grew up in Los Angeles, before moving to New York. A child of the 70’s -80s, he admits the decade still profoundly inspires him, hence his retro, flashy and hyperrealist style.
Also working heavily in motion he has clients including Robin Thicke, XLR8R, WAD, Ghostly International, MTV, and film director Roman Coppola.

See more of Douglas portfolio HERE

2. Alain Delorme

Born in 1979. Lives and works in Paris
Graduated from the Gobelins, l'école de l'image, Paris.
Master of photography at Paris VIII University.

See Alain's portfolio HERE

3. Kristina Collantes

Kristina is an illustrator currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

phone: (619) 947-8728

Clients & Publications:
GQ Magazine, The Flaming Lips, Hi-Fructose, Threadless, Conde Nast Publications
De'Longhi (Artista Series), NIDO Magazine, Family Time Records, Victionary
Five To Nine Magazine, Engrave Your Book, Mao Mao Publications, Rogue Magazine, Folktale Records.

See more of Kristina's portfolio HERE

4. Roya Hamburger

Roya Hamburger on Roya Hamburger


1989 Willem de Kooning Academy of arts, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Advertising and design.

1990 - present
Freelance Illustrator/artist and designer.
Activities include the production of illustration and graphic designs for advertising agencies, publishers and art institutions.
Since 2002 I have internationalized my client base and cater clients from the United States, Australia, England and Germany among others.

Working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My works are mainly digital productions.

Represented byUnit CMA, Amsterdam


Alex Steinweiss, Andy Warhol, Rinzen, OHGUSHI. Sarah Kay (Holy Hobby), Charles M. Schulz (Snoopy), Andy Warhol. Japanese design and art, Indian and Persian miniatures and design from the sixty and seventies (especially interior design from those eras). Native art from around the world, in which you recognize original shapes and patterns.


As a child my favourite activity was drawing. Drawing was something in which I excelled. I wanted nothing more then turn this talent into my profession.
At the age of seventeen I was admitted to art school and skipped the first year due to the level of my work. At the same time I held a day-job working part time at a graphic design company. Soon the company clients asked for my illustrations for their publications.

This kicked-off my career as an artist and a freelancer. At the age of eighteen I made illustrations for the FNV magazine and the Flair, a major Belgian ladies magazine. Because I noticed strong demand for my work, I decided to postpone my education to develop my skills as a working professional.

Soon my work got noticed and I catered to the artistic needs of clients such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Elle, M, Avant Garde, ABN-AMRO, Bruna, British Airways, Man Power, Dutch Railways, Postbank, Deloitte and Touche, Peter Stuyvesant and Martini. Since 2002 I have more international clientele and my work appears in various international publications.

When working for publishers and advertising agencies objectives always revolves around communicating a message. This is exactly where my passion and skills overlap. When it comes to commissioned work, the main point is “telling another’s story” After sixteen years being a professional in commissioned work, its time for me to tell my own story as well with chosen subjects and communicating in my own way. I have this long-time dream to create work that “broadens consciousness”, with an idealistic flavour, using graphic design, illustration and animation as vehicles.

In my work I am always looking for the best possible balance between composition, shape and atmosphere to carry out a certain message. I seek to integrate different images into one by using both graphics and realistic images. So my work gets more depth by merging 2D and 3D. I therefore feel more like a designer then an illustrator per-se.

See more work by Roya HERE

5. Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

This film explores playful uses for the increasingly ubiquitous ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit the world.

We use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, we play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation.

Read more at the Dentsu London blog:​blog/​2010/​09/​14/​light-painting/​
and at the BERG blog:​blog/​2010/​09/​14/​magic-ipad-light-painting/​

6. Andreas Scheiger

Andi on Andi

I am dedicated to eye candy and visual ramblings of all sorts and I am especially fascinated by vintage photography, typography, etching and engraving. I drew, painted and assembled the things shown here merely because it had to be done and someone has to do it after all (exception: set "Collected Finds").

I have a blog set up at that is updated irregularly with some works and findings that are not shown here.

For detailed artwork views have a look at:

Please check out my Art Prints & Objects Shop.

See more work by Andi HERE

Thursday, September 16, 2010

7. Tabio Slide Show

Tabio Slide Show is a content you can enjoy by "sliding", 
just like you would slide along the floor in socks, 
an experience that most people have relished at least once.

Check out the site HERE

8. Otto Snoek

Otto on Otto 

Although I was born and raised in Rotterdam, a traditional working-class harbour town, I ended up alienated in my hometown. Floods of new, immigrant faces arrived, creating big changes in a town that was already in a process of endless reconstruction – an inherited neurosis from the memorable and disastrous bombardment of the city’s centre and harbours.
These rather turbulent local developments fit remarkably well with popular cultural recreation in Dutch society. The growing commercialization of leisure has far-reaching consequences for the public space. Rotterdam grabbed its chance, and now claims to be the town of festivals, hoping to generate widespread public attention.
All this made me reconsider my attitude towards photography. This dawning of a new era, a new Rotterdam, demanded a new approach. And I felt I had to decide fast.
So for a decade now, I’ve found myself surveying the border between social criticism and compassion, trying to make visible the ambivalent relationship between the promise and the letdown of our modern way of urban life.

See more work by Otto HERE

9. Antoine+Manuel

Associates since 1993, Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz are two graphic designers who, in the late 1990s, participated in creating the graphic design equivalent of French touch, a term primarily denoting French electronic musicians of the same generation.

See more work by Antoine+Manuel HERE

10. Johan Rosenmunthe

Johan Rosenmunthe (1982, Copenhagen, Denmark) finished his study of photography at Fatamorgana in 2006. His recent solo exhibitions include two of the well-respected galleries in Denmark, Tom Christoffersen & Falkener Project. Rosenmunthe’s work is represented in the collection of the Danish Arts Agency, which he also recently received a grant from. He is included in several international group exhibitions and publications, and the co-founder of photographic collective Løber Nøgen. Rosenmunthe is currently living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark.

See more works by Johan HERE