Monday, May 7, 2012

Top 10 May 7

A bit late for Monday Inspiration, but due to pre arranged Wedding Anniversary celebrations,
this as good as it goes forn this week.

So shut up and check it out :)

Mr. J

1. BlinkyTM

A story about a boy, his robot and the consequences of his anger at the disintegration of his parents marriage.
Alex is looking for the normal loving family life that he hasn't got - his parents are too busy fighting with each other to worry about the effect on him. Modern technology comes to the rescue in the form of Blinky, a robot designed to be a companion/assistant but ultimately becomes more a best friend and surrogate family member.

Not getting the love he is looking for from Blinky, Alex soon becomes bored with Blinky and starts treating him badly, making conflicting demands of him that ultimately result in a failure of his software. On reboot, only one demand remains intact.

Blinky was originally around to be Alex's best friend and obey his every desire - he should have been more careful of what he wished for. It came true.

Directed and Written by Ruairi Robinson

2. Still Life Objects Turned Into Intriguing Erotic Images

Amsterdam-based photographers Blommers and Niels Schumm both studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and started working together in 1998. They operate in a zone between fashion, art and photography, with shifting perspectives, where images move back and forth between different meanings. In this shoot for Baron Magazine, Blommers & Schumm made normal objects appear erotic. ‘It’s nice that people think they are perverts, looking at these boring still lifes,’ they write.

Their photographs have been published in magazines such as Fantastic Man, Gentle Woman, Another Magazine, Purple, Interview, ID, Dazed & Confused and NY Times Magazine. They are represented by mini-title.

3. Daniel Franke - soundsculpture

Daniel Franke has created an amazing new kind of art. He calls it a sound sculpture. It is based on the recorded motion data of a dancer shot with three depth cameras, a complex procedure that resulted in a beautifully moving digital body, consisting of 22,000 points. The closer we look, the more abstract the sculpture becomes.

4. Yougo Jeberg

† Yougo Jeberg Born near Paris (France), lives and works in NYC -

5. Jerome Corgier

My rep in USA :
I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I do Paper graphic typography for edition, advertising, luxe, and many other.
I need 1 day for 1 letter or one word, and 3 days for more.
You can see my typographic work in my blog http://atelierpariri.blogspot.com , and see my corporate design in
I'm very serious, safe and nice!
You can also contact my rep in France

6. Kate Rentz

Kate Rentz is a photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. | 323.572.3537 | tumblr.

7. Grant Coghill

About Grant Coghill
I am an Illustrator and graphic designer for print, editorial, music, apparel and skateboard/snowboard design. I am currently available for freelance work. Contact me on this website for work or general inquiries.

See more work by Grant HERE

8. Jing Wei

Jing Wei is a Chinese-born illustrator and printmaker. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and works out of a studio in Greenpoint. Please feel free to email her with commissions and hellos.

9. Olimpia Zagnoli

OZ was born in 1984. OZ is an illustrator. OZ lives in Milan. OZ loves New York. OZ listens to T.Rex. OZ eats Popcorn. OZ reads Peanuts. OZ drives a Yellow Fiat. OZ means Olimpia Zagnoli.

10. Lisa Hedge

If you'd like to work together, take some photographs,
draw something, drive somewhere, eat pho, down au laits,
or just say hello – I'd love to talk.

Here is a a selection of clients and brands I've been involved with
in both New York and California:

Warby Parker, J.Crew, Marweather, Paddle 8, Mighty Fine Inc,
Rolex, Nokia, Fountainebeau, J. Christopher Capital,
Estée Lauder (Prescriptives, M·A·C Cosmetics, M·A·C AIDS Fund, La Mer, Aramis)
Loreal (Shu Uemura, Kiehl's), The French Culinary Institute, Disney Couture
CTS: Creative Thriftshop, KaiKai KiKi, LACMA & PS1 Volunteer

See more more work by Lisa Hedge HERE