Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 10 Midsommar 2009

Got a stellar midsommar top 10 for you guys this week.
Small internet croquettes full of ones and zeros.
Yours truly Mr. J

1. Are Mokkelbost - ION Poster

Absolutely insane paper collages from Norwegian Are Mokkelbost

Check out more work HERE

2. Immersion: Porn by Robbie Cooper

In a film of startling power and unsettling intimacy - produced exclusively for - video artist and photographer Robbie Cooper shoots back at active porn aficionados lost in ecstatic release and hears how their passion developed. Be aware that this is not easy titillation and some of you may find the footage shocking. But the film does throw up any number of questions about voyeurism and exhibitionism and makes clear the incredible nakedness of the solo sex act.

Check out video HERE

3. Project Natal for XBOX 360

Xbox introduces controller-free gaming and entertainment. Get off the couch and get in the game - no controller required!

Check out product demo HERE

4. Dinosaur Jr - Over It

The official video for Over It, from the album Farm, out on Jagjaguwar in the US on June 23 and PIAS in the UK & Europe June 22!

Directed by Mark Locke
Director of Photography Mike Manzoori, SNEAKYDOGFILMS
Produced by Brian Schwartz, Mark Locke, Mike Manzoori and Amy Abrams

Check out the music video HERE

5. Amazing Mobile App Lets You See The World ‘Through Online Eyes’

While the tech blogosphere goes iPhone 3.0 crazy today, here’s a reminder that there’s a lot to be excited about elsewhere in the mobile world too.

Layar is a new ‘Augmented Reality Browser’ for Android phones. Forget everything you’re used to about searching the internet, Layar throws that all away. By holding your phone in front of you and looking through its camera lens you can actually see the world ‘through the eyes of the internet’.

Imagine you want to know which houses in your area are for sale – just hold up your phone and Layar will point out which ones around you are on the market and how much they are. Phoning the estate agent is just a touch of the screen away.

Created by Dutch firm Sprxmobile, Layar offers a range of different ‘layers’ of information that can be displayed. This could be really useful for all sorts of applications from tourist guides to browsing shop stock without having to bother going inside.

Layar is due to launch today in the Netherlands on the Android App Store. Releases in other countries, including the UK, USA and Germany are planned for later in the year. Sprxmobile will be working with commercial partners in each country to ensure plenty of local data is available on launch.

Check out the demo video HERE

(Apple C'ed Apple V'ed from

6. La comunidad - MTV

Here is two new MTV commercials from one of my favorite ad shops La Comunidad, funny and evil all in one.

Check out mtv - bird spot HERE
Check out mtv - model spot HERE

7. Deidre But-Husaim

Deidre But-Husaim visual artist, Adelaide Australia.

A most see portfolio, check it out HERE

8. Lucid Viewer

The Lucid Viewer engine is a Papervision project for working and compositing immersive environments. It has the capacity to incorporate interactive objects in immersive video or image scenes. Pretty awesome.

Check it out HERE

9. DC Shoes & Subaru’s Understanding Of Viral

Ken Block is a person with two passions. His shoe label (DC Shoes) from which he is the co-founder and his professional racing career as a rally driver. In order to promote his favorite racing sport to the world, the unknown rally sport called Gymkhana, he created a highly viral video to show cast his own brand, his favorite sport and his sponsor: Subaru.

The results are amazing. According to several sources, the video was viewed over 10 million times on his website since the launch in november 2008. Recently, a follow up has been released which caught the attention of over 3.000.000 viewers in 2 weeks of time on only YouTube on the official video. Click to see the reasons why this video became an viral success.

There are several elements why this video exploded to a pearl everyone wanted to show their friends. First of all, the video is 100% WOMMA compliant with the message shown in the first few seconds of the movie:

Warning! The following is a product advertisment. You are going to be bombarded with visuals of great looking products, and then entertained by motorsports eye candy. Do not resist the temptation to purchase the products when prompted to do so. Enjoy!

By being honest to your viewers - “We’ll give you great entertainment, but mind that it is an advertisement asset” - the video took away the inner conflict among viewers to not spread commercial videos. It is known that videos that show to much of its advertisement information, viewers won’t spread. You wouldn’t send a commercial video to your friends, unless its really really funny.

Next to the honesty mentioned above, the video is simply highly entertaining. A beautiful car, slow motion shots, explosives and speed are elements that catch the attention of the viewer. Everyone loves to watch eyecandy. Which makes it a strong branded entertainment video, which people love to watch. Even if it lasts for over seven minutes.

Watch the video HERE

(Apple C'edApple V'ed from

10. Dutchess Says - Black Flag

Video for 'Black Flag' by Duchess Says released on Back Yard Recordings on 25th May 2009 as part of the Begging The 3 Ts EP.

Video directed by Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Watch the kick ass video HERE