Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 10 March 25

Happy Friday dear readers.
This week has been a great one...we have a man stabbed to death by an Ice Cream, a porno portrait of Quintin Tarantiono, a cat with aids, spooky people holding little children and a lots more.
It has been a solid week and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

All the best.

Mr. J

1. Frederik Heyman

Frederik Heyman
Antwerp, Belgium
+32 485 61 71 01

See more work by Frederik HERE

2. Berto Martinez

This young master of elegance lives in Barcelona where he sketches international stars and the small hype world (David Bowie, Britney Spears, Madonna) for magazines around the world: Frau Magazine, Composite Magazine and Casa Brutus (Japan), Vanidad, El Paris, Cosmo Girl USA or Woman. His style goes from the haute couture’s world to that of Punk. As Rene Gruau’s and Vouge Magazine’s great illustrators worthy heir, he became stylists chronicler for the PaperChic collective exhibition about fashion in Barcelona in 2003. 

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3. AIDES Smutley

So you know that expression that's sometimes said about a person who just can't get enough sex? Yea. You know. How they like to "fuck everything that moves? Well that's the kind of guy Smutley the Cat turns out to be in this French AIDS awareness video for the non-profit AIDES.
Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Niklas Rissler and Kevin O'Grady at againstallodds through Passion Pictures, the video brings us along on a ride with Smutley as he gets himself off by stuffing himself inside everything from a turtle to a dolphin to a fish to an elephant and more.
Eschewing fear tactics, the agency decided to take the humor route with its messaging which is exactly what this cartoon cat, Smutley delivers on. Along with the video, a series of comic strips was commissioned with the intent of motivating people to wear condoms when having sex. Six visuals were created by Goodby and brought to life by illustrators. Nathan Fox showed how wearing rubber gives a person an advantage in dating life regardless of how scary one might look. Cristiano Siqueria, a Brazilian illustrator, showed how condoms open all kinds of doors - and legs.
And in a much more vivid, street-art style, he reminded those who like it rough that there is an easy way to stay safe. Finally, Mike Kazaleh, a veteran of animated cartoons who collaborated on The Simpsons and Futurama, gives us a laugh with a deadpan use of case-by-case storytelling. All of those visuals link back to an upcoming website,, that will offer practical tools and tips for talking about condoms with partners.

(Stolen from Adrant)

4. Sagaki Keita

1984 Born in Ishikawa, Japan
2006 Graduated from in Art education, Fukushima University
2008 Completed master program in Art education, Fukushima University
Lives and Works in Tokyo

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5. Marc Laroche

All of the Black and White Hair series can be bought as a print.
Please contact Marc Laroche for further details.

See more hair and photos by Marc HERE 

6. Julien Brisson - Plastic Bionic

Creative Director and Graphic Designer, Plasticbionic - Julien Brisson, Nantes - France.

I am currently freelancing for agencies and clients worldwide.

I recently lived in Madrid working as Art Director at Serial Cut™ and I worked five years at Fly Designers in Nantes.
My areas of expertise include Art direction, Illustration, Graphic design, Web Design, Concept development, Typography, 3D.

Represented by Costume 3 Pieces and member of The Keystone Design Union™ KDU

See more work by Julien HERE

7. Blommers / Schumm


Recht Boomssloot 7-3
1011 CR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
t +31 204280001

8. Pica Pic - Handheld Games

Brace yourself. You're about to be guided to the best website in the history of the universe, and if you dare doubt it, your universe may very well be ripped to shreds. Every so often, a new and improved reason for surviving emerges on the world wide web, and it's safe to say that Pica-Pic fits the bill. For all intents and purposes, it's a drop-dead gorgeous portal for accessing retro handheld games -- the very vessels that carried you through your childhood. Simply toggle through the myriad options with your left / right arrow keys, and then mouse over each game to learn of the keyboard controls. Venture on down to the source link if you're looking to occupy yourself for the next week month. Now, if only they'd build an app for porting this to the mobile side...

Spend your Friday HERE
Made by Hipopotam Studio

9. Morgan Herrin

Untitled, 2010 (knight) is the product of the combination of two subjects: 15th centuryplate armor, and geological cave structure. Studied separately, these two subjectsare completely unrelated. The man made geometric precision of plate armor is formally opposite of the flowing, organic stalactites and stalagmites. Seen together, these two parts present a striking contrast in form and create a theme of time and the effects of nature. The pose of the figure and the general composition are references to the classical sculpture "The Dying Gaul" of Roman antiquity. Rendered entirely in laminated construction-grade 2 by 4's, the material itself irreverently contradicts this classical allusion, and at the same time draws attention to our own culture's reliance on the fast, cheap, and impermanent.
- Morgan Herrin

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10. jaime martínez (Must see personal website to view photo-animation)

 You think these pictures are cool wait until you see the AWESOME gif version!!!
Check it out HERE

I was born in Monterrey Mexico (1978) and I'm currently living in Mexico City.
In 2010 I worked for NEET Recordings and traveled as tour photographer with M.I.A.
Upcoming projects:
-Taking photos at SXSW, Austin Tx (March)
-Going to Spain (June)

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