Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 10 May 20

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1. 'Rome' Project: A Chrome Interactive Video

Daniele Luppi & Danger Mouse's Rome collaboration project arrives next week, and to stir enthusiasm the duo have offered fans the power of flight via the Google Chrome-interactive "Three Dreams of Black" video, featuring Norah Jones. 
The awesome interactive film (check it out here - use Chrome!), which allows the user to infect the city with a blast of nature and beyond before taking flight over an Easter-egg-filled desertscape, brings together much of the team behind the remarkable Google/Arcade Fire HTML5 project from last August to test out the possibilities of WebGL, a new technology for the browser.
According to Ro.Me, “WebGL is a context of the HTML5 canvas element that enables hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in the web browser without a plug-in. In other words, it enables your browser to show some really beautiful visuals.”
The site also features a model viewer that allows users to take part in the demo mode testing of various characters featured in the video. The site explains further: “On this page, you’ll find a WebGL model viewer featuring several of the “3 Dreams of Black” creatures. You’ll also find 8 demos created by our development team, a link to the code base, and some links to resources on the web that will be useful for getting started in WebGL programming.”
Love that apocalyptic cityscape in the beginning. Interesting Mario 1up mushroom and Reddit nod towards the end, as well as recent updates including Megaman and many other gaming notables. There’s plenty of little hidden gems for you to explore and find at the end of the video (even a flying city?):

Go to Rome HERE

2. Michael Nager

Michael Nager is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany.

3. Always With Honor

Always With Honor is the collective work of Elsa, Tyler and Zoe. Their mission is to create work that simplifies, synthesizes and clarifies. Zoe is a dog.

See more work by AWH HERE

4. Winston Chmielinski

Winston Chmielinski:

I apply pigment to dust and people still ask why the paint’s falling apart. The intention was never to create something solid, but built upon my own body I guess it misled; one can imagine these, then, as the quilted skins of others, a slick parachuted sheen against a picture perfect sky, set afire simply for yellows and reds and ash-rimmed circles of blue.

See more work HERE

5. Stephen Tamiesie

Commercial, architectural, editorial, fine-art, documentary photographer - Portland, Oregon - Pacific Northwest.

See more work by Stephen HERE

6. Ryan Todd

Ryan Todd is a London-based artist and designer. Working on a diverse range of personal and commercial projects, his focus is on producing ideas-led images which exercise forms of creative thinking and wit.
In tandem with his own work, Ryan also co-runs the independent publishing collective, Duke Press. This has become a platform for collaboration through creative printmaking and book-binding.
All threads of Ryan’s work are practiced as a member of OPEN, a studio space in East London which was established as a framework for support, criticism and creative dialogue.

See more work HERE

7. Vincent Morisset - Web

Visit site HERE

8. Maarit Hohteri

Maarit on Maarit:
I photograph to remember my life and people who are important. I take pictures of people close to me, I try to record the feelings and perceptions that my friends have about life. My photographs are observations on what happens around me, and by taking pictures I try to preserve moments that exist at any particular time. For me, taking photographs is one way to create a sense of continuity and meaning in this world. It is an attempt to make a seemingly fractured life in to a whole; a story with a past, present and future.

See more work by Maarit HERE

Thursday, May 19, 2011

9. Who Made Who - Every Minute, Alone.

WhoMadeWho - every minute alone taken from the upcoming album "knee deep" 

10. David Bellemere

David on David:
After having a couple problems with people who tried to impersonate me, I decided to make this official website.
If you receive an email from another address other than:
I am not the one you are in contact with.
You can see my work on the website of Blanpied Rubini:
// David Bellemere