Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 10 March 6

This week I like the first 80% of Slumdog Millionaire.... and this stuff...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

1. New Project Jenny, Project Jan (Feat. Fujiya & Miyagi) Video - "Pins And Needles"

Emily Wilder directed this clip for Brooklyn duo Project Jenny, Project Jan's collab cut with whisper-kraut lovers/tourmates Fujiya & Miyagi, from their collab EP The Colours F&M dominate the proceedings, and their video conceit of choice holds sway here, too. Teaming up with F&M is a nice indie-circuit profile bump for PJ/PJ so it's maybe a little surprising they chose not to pop up in this video, but then again the guys got enough face time as perennial Where's Fluffy flash-gig spoilers Are You Randy in Nick & Norah's and whoops I know a lot about Nick & Norah's plot detail.

Check out the video Here

2. Nice Skate Dude

Check out a couple of more skates like this Here

3. Barking up the owl tree

Illustrator/designer Alberto Cerriteno has updated his portfolio which reflects that he is now focused primarily on his unique illustration style.

Check out the rest of his portfolio Here

4. Good new music

Wavves - Wavvves:
One-man noise-pop project Nathan Williams has quickly moved from homemade cassettes to online buzz, and he delivers on his first widely released LP, which recalls No Age's basement punk but feels more insular, self-contained, and unsettling.

Check it out Here

5. Hudson River Plane Landing

Here's a takeoff to touchdown re-creation of the USAir flight that made an emergency landing in the Hudson river, with ATC radio transmissions. It's amazing how cool-headed the pilots and FAA people remain during the event.

Check it out the video Here

6. The Crevasse - Making of 3D Street Art

Check out the making of the 3D street painting Here

7. Nice embroidery Kate!!!

Check out more of Kate O'Connor's embroidery skills Here

8. So what’s up with the kids these days?

This winter VBS traveled to the UK's donk belt, a stretch of economically devastated post-industrial wasteland situated around the genre's focal points of Burnley, Wigan, and Blackpool. While donk is completely unheard of even 30 miles to the north or south, within this swath it has achieved a Beatlemania level of popularity. We followed Bolton, England's Blackout Crew--a donk "boy band" of sorts who rose to prominence through a series of often extremely hilarious Youtube videos--on a brief tour across the countryside. Every show was packed beyond capacity with "donkeys" choking back pills and dancing more intensely than anything we've ever seen. It was pandemonium.

See the Donk-umentary Here

9. Crayon art by Christian Faur

Artist Christian Faur uses thousands of differently-coloured, hand cast crayons to create his amazing, pixellated works.

Check out more
crayon art by Christian Faur Here

10. One in 8 Million - The New York Times

New York is a city of characters. On the subway and in its street,
from the intensity of Midtown to the intimacy of the neighborhood blocks,is a 305-square-mile parade of people with something to say.
This is a collection of a few of their passions and problems,
relationships and routines, vocations and obsessions.
A new story will be added weekly.

Check out the stories Here