Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top 10 Nov 6

Welcome back friends and family!
I've had a week of flu behind me, so I haven't done as much surfing as I normal do, but think I have a decent top 10 down to show you this week despite the germs.

Also, I have some good news, I made a illustration for a book called "The Book Of Conversations" back in 2007 and yesterday the book was finally released. The book has some amazing illustrators and photographers (yours truly included), each having their own spread in the book in which to pose a question that sparks conversation. A few of those talented people have already been featured here on top 10 in the past.

For more information about the book click HERE

Take care and enjoy the list.
/Mr. J

1. Eric Testroete - Papercraft Self Portrait

Eric Testroete made this as his costume for Halloween 2009. It was kind of inspired by big-head mode seen in videogames. Eric really wanted to get the faceted geosphere look with wireframe.

For a step bu step guide how Eric Testroete made the head check out his site HERE

2. Stephen Floyd

You don't have to know Stephen Floyd to understand his drawings. If you're easily offended, though, knowing that he's an incredibly kind, amiable fellow might soften the blow. Floyd's drawings, like something from a high school economics student with a wandering mind, can seem innocent and inappropriate at the same time. But underneath the running gags, an intelligent, satirical study of our social and political climate is brewing.

Check out more work by Stephen Floyd HERE

3. Fly Advertising From Jung von Matt

4. Antonio Santin

Beautiful oil paintings by Spanish artist Antonio Satin. Antonio Satin was born in Madrid (Spain) but now lives and works in Berlin.

Make sure to see more of his work HERE

5. Christian Weber

Christian Weber (b. 1971) is a visual artist born in Cincinnati, Ohio. A few years after his birth his family moved to Florida where he started taking photographs at the age of fourteen. He later graduated from the Southeast Center for Photograpahic Studies which in turn propelled him to New York City into a career in the arts.

Creating assured images, Weber demonstrates a raw elegance that is at once provisional and precise. His celebrated portraits, architecture, and landscapes reveal a talent equally open to the verve and beauty of contemporary life. His photographs appear regularly in such publications as Life, Details, The New York Times Magazine, and Interview.

Check out Christians Portfolio HERE

6. Raquel Aparicio

Spanish illustrator Raquel Aparicio blows us away time and time again with her delicate drawings and rich, but not overwhelming, color palette. Unlike other artists who have a single, trademark style, Aparicio uses a variety of techniques and styles that makes her work appear to be created by many different hands. For instance, in the series “Russian Fairy Tales,” some pieces are painted in what appears to be the Japanese style, while in others she makes her own twist on traditional folk art.

Though at first glance Aparicio’s work appears wholly sweet, you’ll notice when you look deeper that there is an almost sinister-like quality to many of of her images. Scissors with teeth, women strumming roaches like violins, and insane Cookie Monsters are just a few examples of the darker side of the images created by this woman who also, at times, illustrates children’s books and items for the New York Times.

Check out her portfolio HERE

7. Tokyo Fashion Week

film credits
Art Director: takahisa nakajima
Nail Artist: Kanako Miura
Fashion Designer: Akira Noda
Illustrator: Aki Miyajima
Photographer: Sachie Abiko
Movie Production: Robot Communications inc.
Sound Creator: n/a

8. John Copeland

California, 1976
Lives and works in New York.

Check out John's recent work HERE

9. Bottle Bank Arcade - The Fun Theory

10. Nicolas Tavitian

Fashion meets illustration, nice work by Nicolas Tavitian.
Check out Nicolas portfolio HERE