Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 10 Feb 13

Here comes more of the good times,


Mr. J

1. Hattie Stewart

I'm Hattie Stewart, I'm an illustrator living in london. I do all sorts of things for all sort of people.

2. Nadia Wicker

Nadia Wicker is a photographer and makeup artist from France.

Ursides is a series of self-portraits created that relies on makeup, rather than Photoshop, for its fireworks effect. Wicker is secretive about her exact method.

Her work has been exhibited in Paris.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

3. Asger Carlsen

Asger Carlsen born 1973 in Denmark
Lives and Works in New York, NY

4. Luis Toledo

Life, identity, reality, status quo, intention and purpose.
From very young, the look of Luis Toledo explored the inquisitive reality, analyzing the hidden meaning of every image, dissecting the mystery of beauty.
That´s how, as a meticulous collector, he would gather grain by grain, illustrations, textures, and fragments from where he created and built his images.
Tangled, powerful and ethereal, each work gathers deep meanings.
His dedication naturally walked towards visual communication, developing into his actual work as a graphic designer in a first place, for the music industry (even though this is an environment in which his talent resist to limit itself ).
In the digital collage, he finds his favorite discipline, which lets him put together in a more effective way, each atom of color to create a vast universe.

Death, spirituality, necessity, beginning and end.
Death is just one more step in which we abandon the skin to continue our existence with another form. The liberating end. Another aspect of life, so vital and necessary as life itself.
The mirror that our eye escapes from, but nevertheless, charges against without remedy in these images.
The other side becomes visible, evident, melted with the reality from which was never separated.
Skulls, skeletons, insects, fungus, bodies with no face and solitaries expressions, abstract and geometric forms, all in an unmaterialized arsenal.
The reality ( material ) is obvious, monotonous and predictable. It is easy than to understand the fascination of the author for the none-material and spiritual part of life and how they are related and represented.

Time, past, present and future and eternity.
The definitive illusion follows its path in a clock-time rhythm.
We run desperate after each second trying to stop it, trap it, take it, use it. “ Time is gold” they say, but in reality is only a measure like weight or height. Your life is not the time that has been until the moment, of course not. It is necessary that we are conscious of the present moment, taste it, enjoy it.
This is an idea that is developed in each work with fraction complexity inviting the spectator to stop and appreciate with care each detail.
An attention call for the consumer society, and even more, for the constant images designed to use ans throw. Something that the author calls out : “ hurry kills”.
The brief instant becomes the key of eternity.
The use if images and aesthetics picked up from the past, mixed with abstract and contemporary forms, transport us into a un-timed territory; and in here, present, past and future mix in a symbolic reality.

5. Marc Thirouin

Marc Thirouin is a french photographer. His work often requires him to split time between Paris and Oslo. He is involved in different projects, from art to fashion and advertising. His photos reflect his inner world, a mellow and strange world, inspired by the different places he has lived. The contrast between these two cultures allows him to create his images with an equal amount of ideas and aesthetics. Most of all they invite us on an emotional voyage. Before becoming a photographer Marc worked during seven years as an Art Director in different well-known agencies in Paris.

6. Niki & The Dove - The Fox

WINTR kicks it up for Niki and The Dove with this amazing video. Apparently done completely in CG, it does have the feel of your latest trendy DSLR-footage with CG combined hipster thingie.

WINTR is kind of new on the motion graphics playground, which makes the quality of the piece even more impressive. There seems to be an obvious trend of classical motion graphics houses venturing into live-action, while smaller web-based studios push their techniques to easily compete with the big players. Watch, everyone, how every new technology levels the playing field.

7. Matthieu Gafsou

Matthieu Gafsou lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. After university education (master's degree in history and film aesthetics, philosophy and literature), he studied photography at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey (2006-2008).
Since 2006 he participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Europe and the United States. 
He received in the 2009 the famous "Prix de la fondation HSBC pour la photographie" and was selected in 2010 in the exhibition reGeneration2, organized by the Musée de l'Elysée (Switzerland), which presents photographers of tomorrow's coming from the whole world. He has published Surfaces, Actes Sud, in 2009.

8. Sachin Teng

My name is Sachin Teng. I'm an artist living and working
in New York City. I attended Pratt Institute for my BFA in
Communication Design with a focus in Illustration. Though I'm
an illustrator I think more like a designer. Art is a means of
visual communication, a kind of aesthetic discourse. They can
tell you whatever they want, to buy a new flavor of gum, to
go to war, go to a concert, convert to a new religion or even
to stop smoking. Art is the original subliminal message. Very
Obi Wan Kanobi. I secretly write fortune cookies.

9. Ultra-Violent Lego Captain America

With all the rumors, stills, trailers, teasers for trailers and even teasers for this weekend’s Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming superhero blockbuster “The Avengers,” Marvel has an even better grasp on keeping the attention of addicts than Avon Barksdale in “The Wire.” Here it is, Friday afternoon with at least another day and half before we get another glimpse of Tony Stark going toe-to-toe with Loki, and we’re all starting to get the shakes.

But fear not, true believers, the ambitious animators over at Forest Fire Films have us covered with “Lego Captain America,” an over-the-top, stop-go short that features the Sentinel of Liberty cold shooting Nazis in the face. From the detail on the custom Lego figures, to the seamless (albeit gory) effects, this short delivers more than enough action to get you through to game day.

10. Jirka Vinse - Disney Characters

Illustrations by Jirka Vinse. Jirka is a Finnish graphic design student based in Bournemouth, UK. Passionate about all kinds of visuals. Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Digital Art, Illustration and all that jazz.