Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 June 18

Here we go.
This week i got a Le book special, visited Le Book in New York and below you can see my 10 favorite things i saw at the show.

Hope you like.

Mr. J

1. Alex Prager

1979 Born in Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Los Angeles
Represented by True Management

2. Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen brings together illustration and animation in a wonderfully bizarre manner. We at B/D are totally digging his “slightly moving illustrations”!

To see these wonderful images in action visit Agent Pekka

3. Alistair Taylor Young

Alistair Taylor Young is represented by Tristan Godefroy

4. ilovedust

ilovedust are a multi-disciplinary design boutique specializing in brand identity and graphic design, and illustration. From co-lab vinyl toys and custom-made fixed gear bikes to complete branding and graphic solutions, they are perfectionists in everything we do. Renowned for their crafted approach, attention to detail and unique narratives, their influences and skill sets are drawn from a worldwide arena. A few parts British, a few parts elsewhere, their diverse working techniques, styles and expertise blend seamlessly together to create a portfolio of acclaimed work. Located on the south coat of England, their studio is a converted butcher's workshop just a stone's throw from the beach. This unique coastal location provides a fresh vantage point which helps the team create global award-winning work whilst breathing in some crisp sea air.

ilovedust are represented by Bernstein & Andriulli

5. Scheltens & Abbenes

Having worked together on various projects (and having been a couple for many years), photographer Maurice Scheltens (1972) and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes (1970) have decided to consolidate their professional collaboration. We are delighted to introduce to you: Scheltens & Abbenes.

Scheltens & Abbenes are the sum total of the unique talent of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist/stylist. Technical perfection added to individual handicraft, strong pictorial clarity in addition to tailor-made styling. Combining their distinct but partly overlapping fields of expertise, Scheltens & Abbenes create commissioned photographs for cultural institutions and large companies (Vitra, Nike, Hermes, Viktor & Rolf) and editorials for magazines (Fantastic Man, Wallpaper, Another Magazine).

The specialty of Scheltens & Abbenes is to meticulously arrange objects - chairs, glassware, shirts, perfume bottles - into configurations that have a strong two-dimensional or graphic character. A good example is a series of photograps for the magazine Fantastic Man. Here, they arranged a collection of knitted sweaters in such a way that the patterns and straight lines conjure up the 1920's tradition of Russian constructivism, thus combining the lavish richness of fashion with the puritanical strictness of Modernism.

Essential to their work is the process in the studio where they construct their settings. A laborious process, in which Scheltens & Abbenes continuously move things around, painstakingly join pieces together and adjust little details. During this series of steps they take numerous Polaroids and study them together intensively in order to arrive at the right composition. Scheltens & Abbenes take absolute liberty with their objects. Instead of presenting the objects as plain sellable products, they often manipulate and utilize them as building blocks for new compositions. The autonomous artistic quality of the photograph always has to prevail.

In some photographs Scheltens & Abbenes reduce their objects to clean geometric lines, showing an understanding that the settings will ultimately only exist as a two-dimensional image. This can be seen for instance in the work for Hermes, in which a collection of orange packing boxes is placed in straight alignments, creating sharp rectangular shapes and figures In other works their focus is more on arranging objects in such a way that they form an entirely new object altogether. These new objects could be surreal creatures made from clothing or cosmopolitan tower blocks made from perfume bottles.

A recent development in Scheltens & Abbenes's practice is their movement towards the world of design. What started with a one-off project for Droog Design - the making of a photogram tablecloth in 2005 - seems to be getting more important in their joint undertaking. During a work period at the Grafische Werkplaats in Amsterdam they made a silk-screened folding screen and most recently they realized a collaborative projects with the Dutch designer couple Scholten & Baijings and design manufacturer Vitra.

Scheltens & Abbenes deliberately choose to operate both in the field of applied and autonomous art and use them as breeding ground for one another. By the same logic, they will also continue their individual practices, Maurice Scheltens as a still-life photographer, Liesbeth Abbenes as an artist making wall tapestries.

See more work by Scheltens & Abbenes HERE

6. Legs

See more work at

7. Emil Larsson

The ability to take small bits and pieces of everyday life and make it beautiful, seems natural for Emil Larsson. Starting from still life leading to origin of composition.

Emil Larsson is represented by Adamsky

8. Pietari Posti

Pietari Posti was born in Helsinki, Finland, and now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. After graduating from Lahti Polytechnic BA in Graphic Design (2005) Pietari worked for few months as a graphic designer before moving to Barcelona in late 2005 where he started pursuing his professional illustrator career. Pietari has exhibited in numerous group shows allover the world, including the Now Showing Exhibition- Exploring the Lost "Art" of the Film Poster in Cosh Gallery London (2008) along with other contemporary graphic artist and illustrators. Pietari's work has been featured in the 3x3 Professional Illustration Annual (2007) , PRINT Magazine European Design Annual (2007) and American Illustration 27 & 28. Since 2005 his work has been published internationally in publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, Wired Magazine and Paste Magazine. Pietari´s work has been utilized in advertising, merchandise and apparel such as T-shirts, wallets and furniture.

Pietari Posti is represented by Agent Pekka

9. Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a he and not a she. He lives and works in Leytonstone in east London - the birth place of Alfred Hitchcock and David Beckham. He enjoys climbing trees, idling the hours away in second-hand bookshops, drinking 'Blue Vanilla' flavoured Slush Puppies, making chocolate rice crispy cup cakes, knitting tea cosies and oh yes, drawing with great skill.

Billie Jean is represented by Agency Rush

10. Ingela P Arrhenius

Ingela on Ingela:
I'am a Sweden- based illustrator. I have a quite naive style and love the design of the 50's and 60's. This is my place where I show my work and things that I like.

Represented by Snyder and the Swedes