Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top 10 July 18

Happy Monday chaps and ladies,
hope this top 10 finds you well.

Just a quick note... I'm off to Sweden for 2 weeks for a little break,
will be back with Inspiration on the 8th of August.

Take care.

Mr. J

1. Laura Laine

Laura Laine is a Helsinki based illustrator.
She has studied fashion design at University of Art and Design Helsinki, but during her studies focused on fashion illustration. After completing her studies she has been working full-time as a freelance illustrator and is also teaching fashion illustration at the university.

See more work by Laura HERE

2. Jenny van Sommers

Jenny van Sommers failed art school in Sydney, Australia. She then moved to London in 1995 where she has won numerous awards including the Golden Lion at Cannes. She lives and works in SE1 in London with frequent visits to the US and France. Editorial clients include Another Magazine, Nowness, TEN, and Vogue (English, French, Italian), advertising clients include Apple, Audi, Hermes, and Nike. Her favourite artists include George Condo, Kurt Schwitters and Sarah Lucas.

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3. Jared Andrew Schorr

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4. Kenny Powers: MFCEO

client: KSWISS
product: Tubes
agency: 72andSunny
agency location: Los Angeles
creative director: Matt Murphy, Barton Corley
executive creative director: Glenn Cole
copywriter: Matt Heath
art director: Natalie Flemming
director of integrated production: Rebekah Jefferis
producer: Danielle Tarris
production company: Caviar
production company location: Los Angeles
executive producer: Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson
producer: BP Cooper
director: Jody Hill
dp: Jimmy Lindsey
production designer: Clayton Hartley
editorial company: Final Cut
editorial company location: Santa Monica
editor: Matt Murphy, Graham Turner
assistant editor: Doug Scott
producer: Jennifer Miller
executive producer: Saima Awan
post production company: animalwest
post production company location: Venice
vfx producer: Leslie Sorrentino
lead 3d artist: Samm Hodges
vfx supervisor/lead flame artist/lead compositor: Alex Frisch
di colorist: Allan Stallard
producer: Amy Kersnick
executive producer: Leslie Sorrentino

5. Geoffrey Chadsey

Represented by:

Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, NY
and James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA.

“Chadsey’s source images seem to be harvested from random Flickr pages or hook-up websites––the imperfect bodies, ordinary furniture, and flat lighting are all the stuff of private worlds made public online. It is with a deft hand and a peculiar vision that the artist manages to construct works imbued with such memorably freakish integrity.”
Glen Helfand, (Critic’s Picks 1.11)

“Resolutely unglamorous, Chadsey's young men, no hunks, preen and pose, sometimes grotesquely transformed by superimpositions that seem to be materialized projections of their fantasies…. These drawings in water-soluble colored pencil on mylar are skillfully delineated, visually powerful, and, even these days, disturbing and provocative.”
DeWitt Chang, Huffington Post “This Month’s Top Exhibitions” (1.11)

“In contrast to the easy surrealism that many of his contemporaries practice, Chadsey goes to the limits of representation to describe the convergence of identities that we suspect marks every individual today.”
Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle (2.11)

See more work by Geoffrey HERE

6. Jonathan Leder

Jonathan Leder was born and raised in New York City during the 70's. 
Tel 347 599 0158

See more work by Jonathan HERE

7. Nikoloz Bionika

Nikoloz On Nikoloz:
I am Are Nikoloz Bionika 28 years old. I am self-taught painter and designer from Tbilisi, focusing on Design , Paint, Illustration and Photography.

I am also the author of the blog about contemporary art and design:

8. Felix Krüger

Felix Krüger is currently living in Hamburg where his work focuses on people, lifestyle and fashion. His images are the result of precise preparation to capture the uniqueness of a moment in a snapshot.

See more work by Felix HERE

9. Flavio Melchiorre

Flavio Melchiorre (a.k.a. IDRO51), is an italian artist, award-winning designer, illustrator, painter and founder of Idro51 Creative Design Studio with a degrees in GraphicDesign and over ten years of experiences in typography, advertising and fashion industry. He developed his distinctive personal style "Hypnotic Art" finding inspiration in his own life experiences, in people he met and places he visited, he brings his art to life, combining free-hand drawings with chromatic and iconographic effects, reaching unique results. "From a single drawing, many different digital elaborations can derive. Endless, potential evolutions".

See more work by Flavio Melchiorre HERE

10. Medusa, Anamorph - Ninja1 & Mach 505

"Turn thou from their sight, Risk no glance. The sight of Gorgon, if she cometh, would bring thee night from which were no returning."
- Dante, "Inferno", Canto IX, vv. 51-57
Remember how Perseus had to look at the Gorgon Medusa's image reflected in the mirroring shield given to him by Athena to avoid being turned into stone? Well, also our Medusa can be seen only from a certain viewpoint. Have a look for yourself, you'll be petrified.
This challenging anamorph was created in the factory/urban lab which hosted Sub Urb Art.

For more work by  Ninja1 & Mach 505 check out