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1. Carlo Van De Roer

Carlo is originally from New Zealand, He currently lives and works in New York City.
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2. Tavis Coburn

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3. Brea Souders

Brea Souders was born in Frederick, Maryland, and studied photography at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Her work has been exhibited and screened at institutions such as Abrons Arts Center, Jack the Pelican Presents, and Affirmation Arts in New York City; the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the American University Museum / Katzen Art Center, Washington, D.C; and at festivals including the New York Photo Festival; PhotoIreland in Dublin; the Singapore International Photography Festival, and Head On in Sydney, Australia. Her work has been supported by the Camac Art Centre and Fondation Ténot, Marnay-sur-Seine, France; The Millay Colony of the Arts, Austerlitz, NY and the Camera Club of New York. 

Brea’s art and editorial work has appeared in publications including New York Magazine, Paste, Vogue Paris, Real Simple Magazine and Dear Dave. Some of her editorial and commercial clients include Time Inc, New York Magazine, Canteen, Warner Brothers Records, Feltrinelli Publishing House, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology. 

She is based in New York City.

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4. Naho Kubota

Naho Kubota 
b. Iida, Japan Lives and works in New York City 

Art Work, Advertising and Editorial Clients: 
New Museum INABA/C-lab (ColumbiaLaboratory for ArchitectualBroadcasting)
Barclays Capital,
Fujitsu McGuire,
MP creative,
Kipton Art 

Vogue Japan (Japan)
Brutus (Japan)
Volume (US)
Kenchiku Note (Japan)
A+U (Japan)
BOB (Korea)
Corduroy (US)
Pomp (US)
Stimulus and Respond (UK)
Visula (US)
Hub (UK)
Cool (Japan)

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5. Katsuyo Aoki

Currently, I use ceramics as my material in my method of expression, incorporating various decorative styles, patterns, and symbolic forms as my principal axis in creating my works. The decorative styles and forms I allude to and incorporate in my works each contain a story based on historical backgrounds and ideas, myths, and allegories. 
Their existence in the present age makes us feel many things,; adoration, some sort of romantic emotions, a sense of unfruitfulness and languor from their excessiveness and vulgarity. And on the other hand, they make us feel tranquility and awe that can almost be described as religious, as well as an image as an object of worship. By citing such images, I feel I am able to express an - atmosphere- that is a part of the complex world in this age. In fact, the several decorative styles and forms I cite simultaneously hold divine and vulgar meaning in the present age, having an irrational quality that contradict each other, which I feel express an important aspect in the contemporary age in which we live. Also, the technique of ceramics has a tradition that has been a part of the history of decoration over a long time, and I feel the delicateness and fragile tension of the substantial material well express my concept.

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6. Patrina Hicks

Stark, minimal still life and portraiture by photographer Patrina Hicks.

7. Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth’s work offers a distinctly sexual and playful version of fashion and beauty photography. In addition to her career as fashion photographer, filmmaker and video director, her work has been collected in numerous books and two photo-novellas. Von Unwerth’s first book, Snaps,  was published in 1994 followed by Wicked  (1998), Couples  (1999) and Omahyra & Boyd (2005). Her photo-novella Revenge was published in 2003 accompanied by exhibitions in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Moscow. Her most recent book Fraulein was published in December of 2009 by Taschen and accompanied by exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Berlin. Her photographs have been widely exhibited internationally including in Archaeology of Elegance (20012), Fashioning Fiction,  exhibited at MoMA/Queens in 2004, and The Model as Muse, exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2009). 

After a decade as a fashion model, von Unwerth brought a first-hand knowledge of the kinetic energy of fashion photo shoots to the creation of her own photographs. Her sensual campaigns for Guess? in the early 1990s launched von Unwerth’s commercial career, and subsequently she has created campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, MAC Cosmetics, Baccarat, Bebe, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Cliquot, Absolut, H&M, Diesel, Chanel, Miu Miu and Blumarine as well as a series of advertisements for HBO’s Sex and the City  both the series and the feature film. Von Unwerth has also ventured into directing short films for Azzedine Alaïa and Katherine Hamnett, music videos for artists such as Duran Duran and commercials for Clinique, Revlon, Victoria’s Secret, Cacharel and Baccardi.

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8. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Bad Things That Could Happen LCC/Pick Me Up Campfire Scene Sherbet Christmas Card 2010 Future Lab - Happy Holidays

'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared'
Directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling
Set Designer Andy Baker
Puppets and Props Becky Sloan
Additional Props Andy Baker Rose Blake Daniel Britt Michael Knight Azusa Nakagawa Tom McCaughan Baker Terry
Original song by Joseph Pelling Baker Terry Becky Sloan
Cinematography Hugo Donkin Thomas Bolwell
Sound Production Andrew Kinnear
Animation Andy Baker Daniel Britt Nicos Livesey Joseph Pelling

Thanks Jaguar Shoes Charlene Man Jessica Williams

9. Sarah Elizabeth Blais

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10. Toro y Moi - How I Know

Album: Underneath the Pine
Label: Carpark
Director: Jordan Kim
Executive Producers: Stephen Buchanan, Jamie Kohn Rabineau
Producer: Jonathan Montepare
DP: Chris Saul
Cast: Kyle Mooney, Daniel Franzese, Ashkahn Shahparnia, Bebe Zeva, Rebecca Coleman
Costume: Natalie Toren Production
Designer: Todd Fjelsted
Choreographer: Mecca Andrews
Title Design: Ashkahn Shahparnia
Animation/FX: Cris Shapan, Michael Wingate, Laura Darlington, Jordan Kim Thanks: Julia Vickerman, Trent Wolbe, Jeffrey Max