Friday, March 5, 2010

Top 10 March 5

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Here comes another Top 1o list full of golden nuggets.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

1. Volumeone

See more work by Volumeone HERE

2. Stephen Eichhorn

Artist Stephen Eichhorn uses a variety of materials that he meticulously cuts out and repossesses to form beautiful and elaborate collages and sculptures.

See more work by Stephen HERE

3. Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya was born in Russia (Moscow); prior to moving to the UK in 2004 she was interested in diverse creative practices ranging from Textile Painting, Origami and Collage to more traditional Fine Art practices. Following an MA in Graphic Communication (2006, University of Hertfordshire) she continued to experiment and explore ways of bringing together all the things she likes most: typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. She has swiftly earned an international reputation for her innovative paper illustrations and continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world.

See more work by Yulia HERE

4. Tavis Coburn Illustrates the BAFTA Nominees

See more work by Tavis HERE

5. WK Interact "Never Sleeps"

See more work by WK Interact HERE

6. Niki Pilkington

Fashion Illustrator Niki Pilkington draws girls you probably went to art school with.
See more of Niki's work HERE

7. OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - State Farm Ad

Directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs.
Produced by Shirley Moyers.

8. Paco Peregrín

Paco Peregrín was born in Almeria, Spain.
- He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Seville University and extends his formation in image and new means of expression in recognized centres of prestige such as International Center Of Photography (NYC), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London), CAAC, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, CAF, UCM, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, EFTI, etc. which were directed by personalities of international stature.
- He began his photographic career after some years dedicated to the painting, the theatre, the design and the communication.
- Peregrín works as a photographer and art director for clients like Nike, Diesel, Adidas, Lee, Vögele, Gant, Mazda, Toyota, Levi's, EMI Music, Cosmopolitan TV, Jacinto Usán, Maria Barros, Cosentino, Paramita, Carlsberg, Antonio García, etc.
- He publishes for recognized magazines as Glamour, Zink (USA), Rolling Stone, Neo2 (Spain), Eyemazing (the Netherlands), Vision (China), Vanity Fair (Italy), Edelweiss (Switzerland), Vanidad (Spain), Hint (USA), FHM (Spain), Flux (UK), DT (Spain), Zero (Spain) Inspire (Slovakia), The Red Flag (Germany), Avenue Illustrated (Spain) or Tendencias (Spain).
- Nowadays he resides in Madrid and Receives Numerous Recognitions. He has won a Gold Lux 2008 award (first place in the National Professional Photography Awards in Spain) in the 'Fashion and Beauty' category. His work is part of important artistic collections in the world of the image. His exhibitions are numerous in galleries and museums.
- He is one of the talents of the Spanish photography with major personality. His work is defined by a marked character of hybridization of styles where come together the latest fashion trends and the most personal conceptual reflections, always providing to his images with a sensual, elegant and mysterious, even perturbing character, trying to interrelate the point of view of the traditional spectator of works of art with the most generic public of the mass-media.

See more of Paco's work HERE

9. Shen Plum

Canadian illustrator and designer Shen Plum manages to make the cutest, cuddliest little creatures pretty creepy. There are zombie bunnies with blood dripping from their fangs, critters in gas-masks, wolves spewing lightning but it's all balanced with the genuinely sweet. Plum's illustrations are super detailed and a little abstract. - Lots of hair and pretty ladies.

See more work by Shen HERE

10. Nobody Beats The Drum - Grindin'

The Making Of:

Director: Rogier van der Zwaag
Music: Grindin' by Nobody Beats The Drum