Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 10 May 21

Here it is, this weeks Top 10... Didn't think i could make it due to a major hangover from my wife's birthday, but woke up very early and felt ill, so took this time to recover in front of computer, hope it's not to sloppy.

Another thing that might be a bit sloppy is Harmony Korine's Thrash Humpers, still can't wait to see it though.

Take care and enjoy.
Mr. J

1. Nike - Write The Future

Here is the new full length Nike Football commercial for their upcoming Write The Future campaign totally gave me chills. The spot was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who you might also know as the director of movies like Babel and 21 Grams as well as the producer of football movie Rudo y Cursi. The story follows several of the biggest football stars out there, though I could only name Ronaldo, going through the “what if’s?” and potential outcomes of the matches they’re playing.

Watching it I was totally riveted and actually got a little emotional, it definitely hit all the right buttons for me. Iñárritu’s direction is spot and the team he worked with should absolutely be commended for creating such a rad commercial that nearly feels like a short film. I love when Wayne Rooney’s kick gets intercepted and all of England rejects him, tearing down his posters, the stock market crashes and all hell breaks loose… and he knows he has to make up for it quickly in order to divert disaster.

2. Vincent Fournier

Vincent Fournier has updated his portfolio with more amazing sparse and atmospheric photos.
Check it out HERE

3. Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley OBE RA (born 30 August 1950) is an English sculptor. His best known works include the Angel of the North, a public sculpture in Gateshead commissioned in 1995 and erected in February 1998, Another Place on Crosby Beach near Liverpool, and Event Horizon, a multi-part site installation which premiered in London in 2007, and in 2010 around Madison Square in New York City.

See more work by Antony HERE

4. Kenji Aoki

Kenji Aoki Born in Tokyo in 1968, Kenji Aoki Spent his formative years training and learning about design at the Kuwasawa Design School, which he chose for its Bauhaus-style philosofy of education. Having taken a comprehensive approach to design, it was photagraphy that made the strongest impact on him. Aoki-credits this to having learned the lessons of using a camera as a tool of "EXPRESSION". rather than on of "RE-CREATION". For Aoki-, it was NOT the sculptures of Rodin in museums, nor the view from the top of Everest that inspired him. It was "a normal coffee cup at home". An ordinary object that could be found anywherebecame the source for Aoki-photagraphy, as he quickly realized that he could change his view of an object to see something new, finally allowing him to become a person of "EXPRESSION".

See more work by Kenji HERE or HERE

5. Craig Ward

Currently employed as a Senior Designer and Art Director by Grey New York. For all comissions in London, New York, Paris and Sydney, contact Debut Art in the first instance.

See more work HERE

6. John Christenson - Nuzzles

Nuzzles® are custom designed handmade wooden name puzzles, each with its own unique typographic style. Every puzzle is crafted from a single block of wood, and the letterforms interlock with each other in a way that creates a sense of harmony and integrity.

About The artist:

John Christenson has 9 years of professional experience. He specializes in a variety of print materials and websites. He also has an expertise in developing identity and brand systems and incorporating them into print and web applications. John's affinity for wood working is melded with his graphic design experience to create sleek furniture and dimensional works of art.

John earned a B.F.A. in graphic design and a B.F.A. in industrial design from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he graduated with honors and distinction.

See more work by John HERE

7. The Black Keys - Tighten Up

The Black Keys "Tighten Up"

The Black Keys | MySpace Music Videos

It’s good (and lucrative) to be the Black Keys: Their mostly self-produced album Brothers came out yesterday, last week they joined Vampire Weekend and Beck & Bat For Lashes on the new Twilight soundtrack, and last Friday they played an open-bar Microsoft KIN secret show where their headshots and things like “The Black Keys Are In The Spot” were plastered all over the walls of a souped-up downtown NYC car club turned concert hall. (The room was weird, though it was weirder when I told a friend “that girl has a Liv Tyler thing going on” and he replied “probably because it is Liv Tyler.” She looked great!) All measures of success to some degree or another for a couple of Ohio basement blues-rock dudes done good. Thankfully they’re keeping their wits, or at least their wit, about them, offering up another one of these comedically oriented Brothers music videos: Frank the dinosaur sang this song in the promo, though he settled in properly for the bikini-clad “Next Girl” video, so this one focus on Dan and Patrick, and more girls, and a playground like-father-like-son scenario. Blood and Danger Mouse’s production are both involved, in their own ways. Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero

8. Lui Ferreyra

Artist Statment:
When we behold a single object, we temporarily forget that it is inextricably connected to everything else in the universe. Whether something is perceived as 'isolated' or 'integrated', is a result of a mental process. When we focus inwardly, we divide things up into smaller parts, when we focus outwardly, we bundle them together. We can do this endlessly in either direction.

See more3 work by Lui HERE

9. Mimi Kirchner

Mimi Kirchner is a Boston-based doll-maker and fiber artist. Her creations are made from mostly vintage and recycled materials.

See more work by Mimi HERE

10. Empire Strikes Back 1950