Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top 10 July 16

On And On, Does Anybody Know What We Are Looking For...Another Hero, Another Mindless Crime
Behind The Curtain, In The Pantomime...


Mr. J

1. Justice - New Lands

Directed by Canada

Produced by Canada / Partizan

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2. Nathan Walsh

"Perhaps the first thing to say about Nathan Walsh's astonishing photorealist cityscapes is that, for all the seeming influence of photography in their making, it is, paradoxically, their distance from that medium which makes them into interesting paintings. Walking the streets, making complex perspectival drawings that subtly adjust space to make a good picture, a knowledge of art history, Bonnington in particular - Walsh uses all these means to arrive at something much richer and more thoughtful." Nicholas Usherwood 2007 Galleries Magazine

3. AXE: Susan Glenn

Agency:BBH New York
Director:Ringan Ledwidge
Production Company:Rattling Stick
Chief Creative Officer:John Patroulis

4. Basilio Silva

Silva on Silva 
I'm from Colombia and currently based in Paris. I started shooting as a photojournalist and somewhere along the way I´ve switched into fashion.

5. Moises Mahiques

Quatretonda, Valencia, 1976

2001 Licenciado en Bellas Artes, Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos, Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia.

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6. Kurt Stallaert

Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert will make you feel like you’re looking at something wrong. His latest collection of photographs focuses on two worlds that normally never come together: bodybuilding and kids. Juxtaposing these two very different themes, the children in the photographs look like they could spin into a roid rage at any moment and probably kick your ass while at it. Like if one of those TLC pageant shows went very very wrong. It feels off, but you can’t look away.

7. Joram Roukes

Roukes' large scaled oil paintings refer to the moral dillemas one may find himself in, viewing todays western society. Through experience by participation Joram Roukes reflects not necessarily an opinion on society's flaws or faux in his work, but rather observes and reports on typical western phenomena, leaving judgement up to the viewer, who thereby, establish their own position in these matters.

8. Le Miroir

Le Miroir tells the story of a man - in the sense of the human being - which passes from childhood to the status of "old man", the time to freshen up.

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9. MNDR - C.L.U.B

‘Interactive’ music video that plays out like an iPhone text exchange, pulling in facebook information to create personalised posts and texts. As the story unfolds, you join MNDR onstage at a show in New York. The video above shows the non interactive version, do it yourself here.

Offa Fourclops.


10. CranioDsgn

CranioDsgn on CranioDsgn
I´m a graphic designer & illustrator, based in Valencia, Spain.

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