Sunday, September 11, 2011

Top 10 Sep 12

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1. Johnny Kelly + Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly and Johnny Kelly are two brothers from Dublin, Ireland who work separately and sometimes together also. For example, here is a comic they made together.

Michael lives and works in Tralee, Ireland.
Email Michael or telephone +353 (0) 877937471
See also Michael's Flickr page.

Johnny lives and works in London, UK.
Email Johnny or telephone +44 (0) 7930436653
Download a PDF of Johnny's Illustration work here.
Johnny is represented by Nexus Productions for direction and animation work. Contact them on +44 (0) 2077497500.

See more work HERE

2. Daniels: Battles - “My Machines”

The new video for My Machines (featuring Gary Numan) taken from Battles' album Gloss Drop, out now.

Directed by Daniels, this video is a collaboration between Battles, Warp Records and The Creators Project's The Studio, which produces and distributes works from artists representing a cross-section of creative disciplines.

3. Rafa Zubiria

See more work by Rafa HERE

4. Laura Flippen

Currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.
She received her BFA in Fine Art from the California College
of the Arts. Loves to travel, and is available for projects
anywhere in the world.

See more work by Laura HERE

5. Akatre

T. 09 50 42 49 19
c/o Mains d'Œuvres
1, rue Charles Garnier
93 400 Saint-Ouen
Commercial representation
by Costume 3 pièces

See more work by Akatre HERE

6. Tom French

“Born in 1982, Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Tom began his studies at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to graduate from the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design achieving a first class BA Honors in 2005.

His works are predominantly figurative. He carefully combines detailed photorealism with strong elements of abstraction and surrealism, focusing on the reflection of the conscious and subconscious mind. French’s work often treads the fine line between the beautiful and unsettling, combining technically tight, classical charcoal drawings with carefree, loose and ostensibly unfinished abstract forms. By fusing the technical with lively abstraction French brings life and movement to his compositions. His work seamlessly merges the use of academic tradition with contemporary urban realism.”

See more work by tom on his BLOG

7. Coni Dietrich

Photographer: Coni Dietrich
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

8. - Drunk Vs Mega Drunk

Bus company Movia, which runs a late night bus mostly for clubbers and party folk, tapped agency Bocca to create an interactive video. At first glance, everyone looks pretty and poised -- what you think you look like when you're drunk. But on mouse over, the video changes to what you really look and act like with a few under the table.

Check out the website HERE

9. Anton Kusters - Yakuza

893-Yakuza is a personal visual account of the life inside an inaccessible subculture: a traditional Japanese crime family that controls the streets of Kabukicho, in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

Through many months of delicate preparations and negotiations by my brother Malik, our fixer Taka-san, and myself, we became the only westerners ever to be granted this kind of access to that closed world.

With a mix of photography, film, writing and graphic design, I try to share not only their extremely complex relationship to Japanese society, and also to show the personal struggle that each family member faces: being forced to live in two different worlds at the same time; worlds that often have conflicting morals and values… It turns out not to be a simple ‘black’ versus ‘white’ relationship, but most definitely one with many shades of grey.

Preparations started in 2008, and access was granted in april 2009, for two years. The project is now at full speed, with all elements of the story being produced as we speak. in 2011 and 2012, several magazine issues, a photo book, a documentary feature film, and a large exhibition will become reality.

See more fromAnton Kusters Yakuza project HERE

10. Advertising, YouTube and 12 videos to prove the experience

Advertising is everywhere: on the TV, on the radio, on websites. But when you approach one of the biggest video communitys and break the rules, things get interesting. Advertising on YouTube promises interaction and experience, two things that really makes you wonder what’s going on. As you will see in the following 12 YouTube videos, how different brands chose to approach their audience.
Everyone knows YouTube, the biggest online community, where you can upload and watch videos. The big screen on the middle of the page, the right sidebar from where you ca chose different videos, and design that viewers have gotten used to. But there are some that break the rules. When you are a brand and 80% of your market is on YouTube, what do you do to get their attention? Nothing easier, you break the rules! You surprise them!
This collection represents 12 entitys that chose to break the rules to create a beautiful experience, by taking advantage of the YouTube platform and developing mind blowing awesomeness, under the form of advertising.
See them all at wabbaly