Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 10 Nov 28

Hope this little list can spread some light upon your Monday morning and prepare you for yet another work week of curveballs and responsibilities.

Go bananas, in fact... Go brown bananas.

Mr. J 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

MGMT - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Taken from the album Late Night Tales - MGMT
Info at

Directed by Ned Wenlock
Character animation by Rodney Selby
Produced by Georgiana Taylor.

2. Melanie Rodriguez

Paris based photographer Melanie Rodriguez has been shooting ever since she discovered the dark room, back in high school. With an unique style, her portfolio of work includes everything from artistic pictures of children to elegant fashion shoots. Her work has been featured in publications such as Codigo 0640, Psychologie Magazine and Papier Maché, and she says this about her inspirations:”- Lots of things, photographers like Paolo roversi, Sally Mann, Francesca Woodman, Guy Bourdin and so much more… And of course life, and my daughter, i love to take picture with her, she’s very inspiring.”

See more work by Melanie HERE

3. Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick fine art. Painting, collage, drawing, and video work.

See more work by Matthew HERE

4. Garmonique

Moscow based artist Garmonique shows off conceptual photography with solitude atmosphere.

5. Lina Ekstrand

About Lina Ekstrand:
I am a freelance illustrator based in Sweden, working artistically and conceptually with strategic communication. I love challenging projects where I can make the most of my drawing skills, but I´m equally happy in front of a computer or working with scissors and paper. Feel free to get in touch, I´d love to hear from you!
See more work from Lina HERE

6. Sandy Kim

sandy kim photographycrack baby crack, show me youre real. smack baby smack is that how u feel? suk baby sukkkkk.

See more work by Sandra HERE

7. Silence Television

About Silence Television: 
Gianmarco Magnani's Portfolio
Digital illustration - Giclée Print on Fine Art Cotton Paper
Each series are composed by 4 prints and the title of each print is the corresponding number

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8. Frieke Janssens

Titled “The beauty of an ugly addiction”, photographer Frieke Janssens confronts viewers with questions about the general smoking ban introduced in Belgium some months ago. Surrealistic, melancholic and theatrical but especially controversial pictures of smoking kids are used to visualise the contradiction of the unhealthy cigarette and the immense attraction of smoking.

The children, aged four to nine, are shameless posing while enjoying their cigarette or cigarillo. So why kids? By portraying adults as children all the attention went to the smoking. An adult would draw to much attention to the portrayed person. Thus these portraits evoke question such as: is the smoking ban the right way to get rid of an absurd addiction and are smokers treated like little kids who can’t make the difference between good and bad? While Frieke doesn’t give answers, the portraits are strong enough to start your thinking process!

Frieke got the idea after seeing a youtube movie in which a two year old Indonesian boy smokes up to 40 cigarettes a day. It struck her that the reactions on this youthfull smoker were culturally stipulated: Americans reacted shocked while Indonesians and the parents of the little boy saw the smoking habit as something normal.

See more work by Frieke HERE

9. Ross McEwan

The Illustration and Graphic Design Graduate Ross McEwan recieved acclaim with the "Computer Arts Graduate Showcase" award as one of the top 6 illustrators in 2010, as well as selection for the "AOI Images 35 Annual" . Over his first year since graduating in 2010 Ross has recieved work for clients In Music, Fashion, Publishing and Editorial as well as founding and Self Directing the Art for Dark Walls Collective.

See more work by Ross HERE

10. Kate Bellm

Kate Bellm was born in London ('87) Working between Berlin and London.

See Kates portfolio HERE
and follow her tumblr HERE