Friday, October 29, 2010

Top 10 Oct 29

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Mr. J

1. Simon Duhamel

Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema, video games and pop culture, Simon Duhamel's photography registers in a modern approach to digital photography. Both photographer and retoucher, Duhamel knows how to create unique scenes and ambiances for each of his realizations, providing each project with a distinct visual signature.

Early 2009, Simon co-founded Made of Stills, his brand new headquarters. He now adds direction of photography to his set of skills, shooting several stop motion animations and videoclips and continues his breakthrough in the world of advertising.


2. Philippe Baudelocque

Philippe Baudelocque                                                                          
Born in 1974


3. Casey Weldon

Casey was born August 27th, 1979, in beautiful Long Beach California. He spent his childhood in the then undeveloped eucalyptus groves of Yorba Linda and the labyrinth hills of Valencia, skinning knees, capturing flags, and drawing comic books.
After a hazy stint in high school, he went on to study at the Art Center College of Design where he graduated with honors in 2004.

He moved to Las Vegas, which was great. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it. He had some shows, made some friends and met a girl.
He now lives in Brooklyn, NY with said girl.

See Casey's Portfolio
See Casey's Blog

4. EXPO Water city

Director Martin de Thurah
Dop Kasper Tuxen, Martin de Thurah
Edit Adam Nielsen
Producer Malene Dyhring / Bacon

Part of the Danish pavillion
EXPO Shanghai 2010 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

5. Martien Mulder

Dutch-born Martien Mulder combines portraiture, fashion, landscape and still life photography. She lives in New York and her pictures have appeared in magazines such as Purple, 10 Magazine, French Vogue and Fantastic Man, and exhibitions have been staged in New York, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Martien discovered her love for photography as a teenager. Her first pictures date from her high school years, when friends would pose willingly in her home-made studio. After her art history studies, with a major in contemporary photography, she decided to take her own pictures more seriously.

By composing handmade books of her photographs, she established a visual language that connected to the magazine world. She started travelling the globe, wherever assignments would lead her, and created personal work at the same time. She has always been interested in the relationship between people and their environment.

The variety of her subjects asked for a strong consistency in style and approach. Martien creates stories that are truly minimalist. People seem to be at ease in front of her, and static objects are brought to life by her quietly focused attention. The essence of any subject is revealed without force. Her pictures are “pure”, “personal” and “universal”, and therefor find their way into magazines, advertising campaigns and galleries.

Up until today her handmade books are a very specific way to present her work. The books are visual stories that reflect a personal experience. With a focus on the natural and the real, Martien is always looking for the things that are delicately abstract. As a stylist once said of her work: “It has a rare and lovely lightheartedness. She is one of the few photographers out there who is doing work that does not undermine one’s self esteem, the way so many fashion or beauty images do. Her work is calmly reassuring.”

See Martien's Portfolio HERE
Martien is reped by Walter Schupfer

6. Maricor Maricar

Maricor Maricar on Maricor Maricar:   
We also have an unusual obsession with paper and patterns, like geeking out with gachapon toys and enjoy getting crafty with embroidery and fimo.      
If you have a project you'd like to discuss please email us at We're available for freelance or contract. Also if you are interested in any of our illustrations or sewn artworks we are now pleased to say that we can take commissions!

See more work by Maricor Maricar HERE

7. Oil & water do not mix poster

he ‘oil & water do not mix’ poster created by british designer anthony burrill may look like another graphic poster, but the unique design is actually printed using spilt oil from the gulf of mexico. the project was organized by happiness brussels, who will donate all proceeds from the posters sold to the coalition to restore coastal louisiana.
the posters are being sold for 150 euros each in a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered prints. the oil was picked up on the beaches of grand isle, louisiana and printed using silk-screening at purple monkey design in new orleans, louisiana. the printers simply used the slurry of dirt and oil as they would normal paint. the end result is a rich brown tone that is a direct reminder of the oil spill disaster.

8. Kim Rugg

"Some people like taking their time," says artist Kim Rugg, whose artistic achievements are measured in millimeters, used X-ACTO blades and picas. We spent the afternoon with Rugg in her London home and studio talking about her work re-imagining newspapers, comics, stamps and cereal boxes using their existing form while rearranging their content. Kim finds inspiration from the mundane and common objects around us. Her wicked knife skills and tenacious attention to detail have created a body of work that is as impressive as it is curious.

9. Dominic wilcox

Dominic wilcox: speed creating
The newest project from UK-based designer dominic wilcox  is entitled 'speed creating',  in which he designed something creative each day over a period of 30 days. at home, in the studio,  on the train... wherever he was, wilcox made something out of materials he had around him.  this just a look at some of the objects he created over the 30 day period.

10. Mumdance ft. Esser - Dont Forget Me Now

Official video for the Mumdance track 'Don't Forget Me Now' (ft. Esser).
Director: Ben Reed
Art Director: Cyrus Mirza-Shafa
Assistance: Dermott John
Taken from the 'Mum Decent' EP, on Mad Decent.