Thursday, October 8, 2009

2. Mark Khaisman - Tapeworks

Artist Biography:
Mark Khaisman, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, is now living in Philadelphia area. He holds masters degree in architecture from Moscow State Academy of Architecture (1981), the leading Russian architectural school. Since his student’s years Mark was occupied with conceptual art and architecture. He participated in conceptual architecture exhibitions in Milan, Frankfurt-on-Main, and Paris and was featured in various international publications, including “Architectural Design” London, 1989. He took part in a number of national and international art shows while living in Russia. Mark worked as an architect, an art director in seven animation films, and a stained glass designer. In 2005 Mark’s fine art works were featured in Fleisher Ollman Gallery and was called “the remarkable and unlike anything I have ever seen” by Edith Newhall in Philadelphia Inquirer Review.

Check out More of Mark's tape art HERE

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