Thursday, September 9, 2010

9. Stina Persson

Stina Persson has lived, studied and worked in Tokyo, New York, Florence and Lund, Sweden, where she was born. Her distintive style has elevated her to major success within the fashion art world, exhibiting throughout Europe. She states that her work is about "finding the right balance between the edgy and the elegant, the raw and the beautiful." To achieve this, she uses ink, watercolor and gouache paint, as well as Mexican cut paper. Stina now lives and works in Stockholm.

On September 9th, Stina's new show, Perfectly Flawed, opens.  The show marks Stina's attempt to move away from the air-brushed and digitally altered images we see in the fashion world.  The attempt to make everyone look perfect in fashion has impacted Stina's own work and illustrations.  She will present her pieces in their natural state, without any scanning or retouching at Gallery Hanahou.

See more work by Stina Persson HERE

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